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United States Postal Service

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District of Columbia
United States - 20260
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Residential customers and small businesses can use this website to learn if mail is being delivered, or if their Post Offices are open.
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USPS Complaints & Reviews

USPS / box delivery service

Reviewer51029 on 2016-01-15
Sent 2 boxes to the same exact address in Puerto Rico from the Watauga USPS office in December 2015. 1 of the boxes made it to its destiny but the second got lost. I ended up submitting a claim which they never responded after 2 attempts, several calls to the Consumers Affairs office in...

USPS - California, Bell Gardens / Tracked my package into their black hole...

Reviewer35054 on 2016-01-12
I mailed a package (tracking #: 9534611127075362428693) on December 28th and it arrived to the Bell Gardens facility on December 29th. The Expected Delivery Day was January 4th, 2016. It is now January 12 and I have not heard anything. I called the three phone numbers I found online during...

USPS / Mail carrier

Reviewer60752 on 2016-01-04
Dear Poster Service, My name is Delores Carson, within the last 3 years I been complaining about not receiving all of my mail. My Identity alone with my husband identity been stolen. The miss handling of my mail from the mail carriers is a privacy violation. Accounts been open in my name...

USPS - Colorado, Colorado Springs / Poor service and most inefficient Post Office

Reviewer55906 on 2015-12-14
Michelle, the "Post Master" at the Dillon, CO Post Office is managing the most poorly run Post Office. Lines are consistently long in this Post Office and are not handled efficiently. Over 85% of the residences this Post Office serves are forced to rent a Post Office box because they...

USPS / Bithday card not deilverd

Reviewer67444 on 2015-09-12
case HQ124483337 I had send my daughter a card for her birthday with a 50 check inside on cash do not trust for good reasons two weeks before her b-day her birthday.. Anniversary the same day, , and she is have a baby . Got the card back about five weeks later, , checked ..had right...

USPS - California, Bell Gardens / Parcel never delivered to our very ill sister who had surgery

Reviewer47421 on 2015-09-02
What's going on with these criminals stealing packages that we put together for our loved ones??? Horrible and terrible. Something needs to be done ... now. These thefts are all inside jobs. They purposely send a package in another direction, calling it an accident. That'...

USPS / Non Delivery - US Customs Declined further shipment

Linda Bartish on 2015-08-24
It is illegal to ship cigarettes into the US from foreign countries. US Customs is stopping all shipments and preventing them from being sent to the customer. In fact it is illegal to ship cigarettes from state to state within the US. Anyone thinking they are going to receive a shipment...

United States Postal Service / lost 2 boxes media mail

Maria e Perez on 2015-08-06
We shipped 6 boxes via USPS media mail. These boxes contained used travel and art books. They are not worth much but if I wanted to trash them there are certainly less expensive ways to do it. 2 of the boxes never arrived. The USPS has given us a run around for two months and says that...

Usps Postal Service - New York, Bronx / falsely delivered

JOKER89 on 2015-08-05
Dear Sir/ Madam: i do not understand that i just an package from the post office. and, today, i supposedly get a package it today, and i check the mailbox. is not there. its have the address and the mailbox number. i file 2- complaint# ca-124157766 and # ca-124157878 so, if no one do not anything, i will file an claim.

USPS - New York, Bronx / Lack Of Service/ Lost Package

JOKER89 on 2015-07-07
Dear sir / madam: I am filing a complaint to united state post offices. That believe i receive the package, the package doesn't have the place that i order " all delight " and do not match of the i suppose that i received. Here is the tracking # 940011020088265922429, and the item i...

United States Postal Service - Texas, Carrollton / SCAM

PurpleOcelot on 2015-06-03
The USPS is running a SCAM to make extra money! I work in a mailroom at my job, and we get a lot of returned envelopes from the USPS marked "no such address". There is NOTHING wrong with these envelopes we mail out, because we have to double check the addresses before we send them out...

North Houston USPS / Non-delivery

kristym_ on 2015-03-19
This USPS location is an absolutely frustrating "situation" to deal with. I do make a lot of purchases online because I live in a small town... and in doing so I am subject to using the United states postal service. But, the term snail mail is taken to the extreme when it comes to...

USPS / Experince/rudness by clerk & Post Master

tinytimzach on 2015-03-12
I live in Templeton California. Templeton is located between San Luis Obispo and Paso Robes. The taxes payer/public, know the Post Service is really trying to revamp their image and Customer Service. On March 5th, my husband was home and notice out in front of our house a generic truck...

USPS / Change of address

Leatrice Smith on 2014-12-27
My daughter and I share the same name with the exception of her having a middle name. She has since moved and when she filled out her change of address, she wrote her full name. On the application you are asked will this be for an individual or entire house, she specified individual. Why...

United States Postal Service / Employees stealing from packages

Speedpitch64 on 2014-12-20
After paying a fortune to have something mailed through them, they take it and their employees unwrap Christmas presents that are inside and take what they want. Yes it happened to me, and all they had to say was well it wasn't insured. REALLY. After paying a lot to mail it they want more money so they won't steal your stuff. What a joke.

United States Postal Service Priority Mail / US Post Office Fails to Deliver

Randall Saul on 2014-12-17
I mailed a letter on a Monday from a Post Office in Indiana to a business about 4 miles away in Highland, Indiana. I used Priority Mail 2-Day with Certified Mail and Restricted Delivery. Certified Mail gives the piece a tracking number. Restricted Delivery requires the person to which the...

Usps Tracking / Does not work

Mailed a package to Houston 3 days ago...according to tracking, it is still in transit from Kansas City to Houston. Hell, I could have used the old Pony Express and gotten it there with more notification. Add into the mix, the lack of assistance from USPS clerks, it makes one understand why they are going bankrupt.

Usps 31st St. Minneapolis, Mn 55408 / Missing parcel deliveries

momschmakel on 2014-07-23
After sending 2 cell phones to zip codes 55407 and 55408 to different recipients, and having neither deliveries made and disappearing, I have come to the conclusion that there are crooks working at these government facilities. Upon calling the 55408 post office, I spoke to the man clerk...

USPS / Lazyness

Jonas-Kahn Garanzuay on 2014-05-28
I had two packages. One heavy. Heavy for me because i had to have operations on my arms and shoulders. The woman behind the desk (Clerk #9) had me move the box, already on her scale, four times because she could not see the label. I looked, and yes, she had two arms. Told her to ship it...

USPS - Texas, Fort Worth / Where do I go from here

Debbie Nixon on 2014-03-17
priority mail was damaged during delivery, torn in two which was a money order for a court payment and I was only sent one half of the money order back and I can not get a refund without the other half. It was told that I would have to pay a fee to get another one. It is so unfair for me...

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