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Sprint Complaints & Reviews

Sprint - Oregon, South Beach / PrePaid Phone Card

Jay Sanger on 2016-02-11
I have a prepaid phone card with Sprint for several years and today I tried to make a call and was informed my account had expired. There is still money on this account and I used the card just two days ago and it worked fine. I called the # for service and was told my account was expired and cut-off.

Sprint - Kansas, Overland Park / Deceived into signing phone leases!

Reviewer70566 on 2016-02-01
I am a Sprint customer for the past seven (7) plus years. Last month when my most recent two (2) year contract with Sprint ran out, I tried to purchase three (3) new phones in a Sprint store that were advertised online at a promotional price. (I have proof of this promotion). When the...

Sprint / Wireless service

Reviewer14062 on 2016-01-21
When i was ordering the phone on Nov 27th 2015 they never told me they are leasing the phone and I do not own the phone. They get you to order somehow and later cencellation is a big ordeal. They did not provide the the details of agreed upon rates by email and conveniently increases it...

Sprint - Michigan, Burton / unethical behavior

Reviewer21279 on 2016-01-13
I am the manager at Great Clips, which is located next to one of sprints corporate stores, I am also a customer of sprint. We understand you sell electronics and like to demo them for your customers but, should a young child getting a haircut hear the words "Back that ass up", through the...

Sprint / Billing

Reviewer50476 on 2015-12-26
Sprint gave me a $200 credit on my bill and since we had just upgraded our phones and plan we thought that was the reason we got the credit so we paid the $8 bill they sent us and life went on as normal until the following month when we got a $500 bill because someone decided the credit...

Sprint Wireless - California, Santa Monica / Shady Business Practices

B.Bene on 2015-12-19
I was looking to help my daughter change cellular carriers from AT&T to either T-Mobile or Sprint because she needed unlimited data. On October 12, 2015 I made calls to both carriers and T-Mobile came in slightly higher in monthly charges but a better overall rating in call quality in...

Sprint Communications / Sprint's cut your bill in half program. Sprint stole my prior cell phone!!!

Harlan Idel on 2015-12-16
I tried Sprint's cut you bill in half program which had a 14 day trial period. I turned in my Verizon phone a Galaxy 5 and Sprint was to payoff the amount owed on my Verizon cell phone ($399) and I leased a new Sprint phone. I had problems with their service dropping calls during the 14...

Sprint - Florida, Tampa / Billing

sissyjackie on 2015-12-14
ID #1532 1001 5290 Acc# 503363338 Ext- 24166 Zip- 33543 We have requested over and over again to have the bill mailed to us. They keep sending North Shore Agency collection bills. Never recd mail or email we still owe. As of now just recvd a bill for $136.37. Thanks, Jackie Bland 8322 N. Greenwood Ave. Tampa, Florida 33617 813-784-8510 ttlaverneb4@aol.com

Sprint / Customer Service/Billing

Reviewer43818 on 2015-12-09
I have been a customer for over 15 years. I have also been paying for the insurances on my phones since then. However, I have never used it because it was cheaper to get a new phone rather than get the same phone and pay $150 for deductible. My phone bill has recently sky rocketed due to...

Sprint / Customers

Reviewer80204 on 2015-12-07
I keep receiving phone calls from 614-783-9871. I've finally had enough calls from this number that I decided to look it up. Its out of Columbus, Ohio and they are using Sprint as their cell phone provider. You need to disconnect this number, find and prosecute the...

Sprint - California, Los Angeles / Worst Thing Can Happen

Reviewer23803 on 2015-12-01
 Customer Service is a Challenge.  Customer Service???. There isn’t any…  Customer succk at it, Their worse ever.  Hang Up on You…Throw you in ques. Every time you call. All they do is ask for money  They make you feel disrespected as a Customer. They always right. ...

Sprint - Florida, Port Charlotte / Home phone

Reviewer21953 on 2015-11-05
I have returned to the Sprint store 4 times trying to get the Sprint landline to work. The phone does not work in my condo. Incoming calls go straight to voicemail. For days on end, I have no service at all. Don't buy one of their landline modem phones. I am paying for a phone that does not even work.

Sprint Corporation / The new phones were bad and didn’t work properly

Reviewer76292 on 2015-11-01
Don’t take any phones from Sprint Corporation. I and my wife took two phones and paid for the insurance as well. After one year the seller told us that we could change the phones, if we wanted. We changed the phones and new ones were really bad. They started to lag and switched off after...

Sprint / HTC M8 Phone

Reviewer23441 on 2015-10-22
As of September 15, 2015, I have been back and forth with sprint's customer service regarding the fact that I don't have internet on a regular and reliable basis. Also my calls are dropping left and right and I am always data roaming. My HTC phone apparently cannot stay connected to...

Sprint / Phone Replacement Insurance Policies sold by Sprint

Reviewer64171 on 2015-10-03
When we purchased our 4 iPhones phones through Sprint in Ladera Ranch, California (October 2014 & May 2015) we were told by both the Manager and sales staff that it is advisable to purchase the phone replacement insurance plan offered by Sprint as "If ANYTHING happens to your phone during...

Sprint / No service and no help

Tgny on 2015-08-30
I have been a Sprint customer since they came to NYC. Last week I noticed that I had no service where I live. I have 3 phones all different types of equipment. All had the same problem. I called Sprint Tech support. After being told my call would be answered in less than 30 seconds (10...

Sprint / Refusal to stop service

Reviewer68767 on 2015-08-28
I called Sprint on April 24th, 2015 to have my phone service stopped. I had not used it since March 18th, 2015. After some questions, they said it would be shut off at midnight, April 24th. The bill was due May 4th, which I paid on time. I also received a full bill for June 4th, which I...

Sprint - Ontario, Toronto / IPhone 5s locked to Sprint

Pummel on 2015-07-22
I purchased few months ago from ebay a new IPhone 5s locked to Sprint US. Phone was never activated on Sprint network. Based on Apple DB information the phone was a replacement. I tried to contact Sprint many times to unlock the phone to be used in Canada. It is like talking to the walls, same...

Sprint/Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - Arizona, Phoenix / Device protection

BethTur on 2015-07-17
My Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has been water damaged which is covered under the device protection plan. To date I have paid $195 in device protection for this device alone. I call and file a claim after having to go to a store to get the number. They say my claim is approved and ask me for $50...

Sprint / Unlocking of my iphone

ZahCell on 2015-07-16
I had recently purchased an apple iphone 5 and 4s online from the USA. I'm un able to use the phone as it is sim locked by Sprint!! I have tried to contact them via the live chat and they simply can not assist. Not sure what more to do now, as these phones are worth nothing as i can not use them locally. PLEASE ASSIST!!!

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