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Sprint Complaints & Reviews

Hello Kitty Team - Florida, Apopka / Sprint cell phones

MD Staples on Oct 14, 2016
Sprint cell phones I've been on the phone with them for over two hours I've been a customer of Nextel since 1997 since spring to go over my services all I've had is headaches for the past two hours I've been on the phone trying to find out about my note 7 that I need to replace it I placed...

Sprint - Kansas, Overland Park / Terrible service!!

Steve on Oct 4, 2016
I'm so disappointed with Sprint!! Do not use them, they are terrible, their phone and customer service are the worst you can imagine! I needed their help and called, they said they need to check something and I was put on hold for like 20 minutes and then disconnected! I called for the...

Sprint / Lack of customer care/service

Kawai'lani on Oct 3, 2016
Single transaction $1k cash sale just turned around and walked out your doors... Walk in and greeted by a clipboard girl asking how she can help me today. I told her I need to purchase the exact model of phone (brand, model, size, and color) outright. I'm told its gonna be a 30 min wait...

Sprint / Want to pay $2,000 for a phone?!?!?! Just go to your local sprint store!!!

KliffSweeney on Sep 16, 2016
Back in the middle of May 2016 my iphone 5s broke due to water damage (my fault) while I was in Florida on vacation. Every experience with Sprint had been great up until today 09/16/2016 when I realized what was happening with my billing. So when my iphone broke I went to the sprint store...

Sprint - Kansas, Overland Park / Iphone

Jose Mayorga on Aug 26, 2016
To Whom it may Concern: I upgraded my daughter's phone December of 2015 from a 5C to a 5S (832-654-2188). This was an upgrade not an insurance claim so phone should have been new. After some time she did not like the phone and we activates an old 5C back to her line until I could get her a...

Sprint - California, Winnetka / Payment arrangement

Teekee on Aug 22, 2016
09-22-16 I called *2 to make a payment arrangement. The machine asked me what day would I like to set up arrangement. I dialed 09-03. The machine lady repeats 09-03 for me to confirm... I confirm. Then I choose to pay past due amount but I agreed to pay 20 dollars more than what was owed...

Sprint - California, Vallejo / Horrible service

Heather75 on Aug 21, 2016
I am a new customer to Sprint, I switched from Verizon on 8/15/16 via the Sprint.com website. I ordered the 2 Samsung S7and S7 edge ( BOGO) With the intention of adding my son's ( who is currently in NY) IPhone 6s Plus that he owns. I was told (via live chat) that Sprint would cover all my...

Sprint - Arkansas, Little Rock / See Below

Debra Yarberry on Aug 4, 2016
On 1 August 2016 I bought Sprint phone from Best Buy Park Plaza In Little Rock, AR. 4 days later received a demand for payment or service would be cut off. It was an unlimited data, talk, & text plan. Despite 2 calls to the store & 1 to their 611, no one would say that service would not be...

Sprint - Utah, Provo / iphone

Clark Powell on Jul 7, 2016
I have been with the Sprint company for many years. Heretofore, they have taken care of me and have had better coverage than other companies. Where I worked part-time I had coverage where no other employees did. I have a business and there was a time that I paid over $700 in one month...

Sprint / Returning phone after canceling services

t fisher on Jun 27, 2016
I canceled service with Sprint and Changed over to T-Mobile I turned the phone into T-Mobile per their request and got a new phone. Since then Sprint is charging me $565.00 so I have been in contact with them (7) times about this and they said I had to return the "free" tablet I rec'd...

Sprint - Texas, Mesquite / Contract buyout promotion

Monet Wilson on Jun 20, 2016
On 04/30/2016, I switched my service from T mobile to Sprint Pcs as a part of a sales promotion being offered by Sprint PCS. I was told by my representative that all I needed was my final bill from T mobile when the final bill came in the total amount was $782.85. I submitted the bill to...

Sprint / Unlocking Request

JamesofMod on May 13, 2016
I repair cell phones and a client brought in a Sprint phone he bought from someone else to get it unlocked. (That is to make the phone available to be used with another carrier.) I called Sprint to have them unlock the phone. I gave them the IMEI number of the phone—this is all that is necessary...

Sprint - New York, Syracuse / Cellular Service

tiredofit2 on May 6, 2016
Verizon is expensive so we thought we could save some money by asking Sprint what they could do for us. We stop at a store and they say yes we can get you service for $20 less a month than you are paying for two phones but get three and add one for your son. So we get upgraded phones and...

Sprint - Georgia, Decatur / Scam/rip off/ false advertisement

Trresa on May 5, 2016
Advertisement states "bring in your phone and we will switch our service to your phone." That did not happen I had to buy the exact phone. I should've left the store then but didn't.I spoke with the store manager today, but there were still issues with the account. He tried to assist me...

Sprint / Scam

DLL5 on May 4, 2016
I too got taken with the half off the bill plan. I was told one amount over the phone what it would be. Then I got a bill that was higher, when I called and spoke to someone who I couldn't understand said of course that there must have been a misunderstanding. Then changed the plan in the...

Sprint / Monthly Plan

Carynmarie12 on Mar 13, 2016
My husband is the name on the account Cassidy Shun. My husband and I were in Best Buy 3/10/16 and he was getting a phone for his mother and the sales person who we talked to said that Sprint had a promotion and we would only be paying $150 per month for three lines 25GB so we were like...

Sprint - Virginia, virginia beach / Sprint plans

Reviewer41493 on Mar 4, 2016
Sprint is a fraud, false advertising company. I switched for the simple fact that once o saw the advertising TV and saw all the discount I could get, cut your bill in half bla bla bla. I fell Right into that trap. I switched and all is well till I got my bill. Of course the first bill i...

Sprint - Kentucky, London / Continued billing for expired phones

paul van wie on Feb 28, 2016
in august of 2014 I was going into alcohol treatment program. I was paying for 2 phones for my children. I could no longer pay for those 2 lines. Sprint said I had a contract until august and October of 2015. they would not work with me to reduce my $25.00 each or $50.00 total per month...

Sprint / Billing, I called and cancelled a line was still billed for that line.

Reviewer74417 on Feb 18, 2016
I cancelled one of my phone lines and was still charged for the line for three to four years. Sprint customer service reps are not always veracious. I did however speak to one lady who was very nice and admitted that Sprint had not abrogated the line even after I called. I canceled my...

Sprint Pcs Cell Phone Service - California, Westminster / Fraud, advising customer of a "better " plan

jjr20 on Feb 16, 2016
Dec 2015 Westminster California authorized Sprint PCS store Upgraded to the iphone forever plan at $5 month for being a loyal sprint user. We have been with Sprint for over 15 years. James the sales rep instructed my husband that to get the best deal he would open 4 lines for flip phones (we...

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Beware the 'home energy audit' Sales Pitch
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