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+1 800 221 5473
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+1 859 264 4062

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Sedgwick Claims Management Complaints & Reviews

Sedgwick Claims Management / Workers compensation

Diane Vance on Dec 5, 2016
Patient was injured on job and awarded workers compensation. However, patient is not being fully compensated for a 40 hour work week for several months now. Mileage to doctors appointments and physical therapy also take 3-4 months to be reimbursed for. Business is unable to provide...

Sedgwick CMS / To be paid for my transportation and other things I paid for while under workmen compensation.

Dave Hartwig on Nov 23, 2016
Hi, the company sedgwick cms does not respond to my emails below and it has been months. Can you please let me know if you received my email and what is being done? Thanks, dave From: david hartwig Sent: friday, october 28, 2016 4:03 pm To: 'sedgwick@sedgwick.com' Subject: information...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Work injury claim

Alexis K on Nov 16, 2016
I was injured at my job 9/29/15 where they had me fill out paperwork regarding my injury site, that asks for information I could not possibly know minutes after it happened. So I did my best guess in order to open a claim and be able to see a doctor to be treated. They first suspected a...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Unethical behavior

sdetrick on Nov 8, 2016
DOI: 04/16/16 Claim #301656826950001 Patient: Lynn Everitt Contact at Treating Facility: Sarah Detrick- 316-870-8255 sdetrick@aptclinics.com This patient was evaluated at our facility, Advanced Physical Therapy, on 09/21/16 for a lesion in her ulnar nerve causing pain in her right wrist...

Sedgwick C M S / Sedgwick auto claim

Crystal McKinney on Oct 26, 2016
My husband was rear ended by a rented Budget Truck on 7/8/16. The guy driving the truck didn't have insurance and Budget didn't make him purchase insurance. I was directed to Sedgwick because they handle the claims for Budget and Avis. First of all, it took them 2 weeks to even admit that...

Sedgwick / Medical injury claim

Russ Farnsworth on Sep 30, 2016
I had a spine surgery conducted at UCLA. The surgeon neglected to install the intervertebral body cage that was supposed to be part of my operation. Without that device, my surgery failed and Sedgwick instantly decided that I didn't have a claim. I don't believe that doctors should be able to...

Sedgwick / Short term disability

AmSonn on Sep 14, 2016
My husband was diagnosed with epilepsy 2 years ago. He recently began having seizures through the medication so his doctor suggested going on short term disability to undergo testing to get to the root of the problem. STD began July 5, 2016. The doctor ordered a lot of testing and...

Sedgwick / Workers compensation

RebeccaBrown on Sep 12, 2016
A large box of 27 FULL 39-lb freon tanks opened up in the rear of my van and were rolling around. I pulled over on the highway and two of them rolled out onto the highway. When I went to pick them up, I heard/felt POP in my back. Now they're trying to say that it was pre-existing...

Sedgwick / insurance co. avoiding processing my claim

SMJ01 on Sep 12, 2016
A Sears washing machine repairman came to my house to replace a seal inside the washer with a punctured liner. After doing that, he attempted to adjust the plumbing, broke a valve and caused water to come gushing out, filling the entire bathroom floor and leaking through my wooden floor...

Sedgwick / Workman's comp

kountryangel on Sep 6, 2016
I was injured at work on 9/1 went to the emergency room after work that night as I was manager on duty and was not allowed to leave. I was called by Steven Lowe in the morning of the 2nd. We worked our the details on which doctor to go to. I drove 2 hours to the dr, since it was in the...

Sedgwick CMS / Claims administration

Agne Sakavi on Aug 10, 2016
This is the most awful irresponsible and unprofessional claim management service provider in the market. They do not no how to work, they never pick up the phone, there is always message i will call back or i am in holidays 3 days a week. Accident which they supposed to handle happened 3...

Sedgwick CMS / Poor Customer service Due To lack of Returning Calls

DrummerJim on Aug 9, 2016
I was injured at work and i received 1 call from an adjuster. I tried to return her call and she has never called back. I have called ever possible number to reach someone and NO one answers their phones. I did get 1 call back. This lady isnt sure how i got her number, but she gave me 2...

Sedgwick / Lack of professionalism as well as even attempting to help...

aprcglad aprcglad on Jul 20, 2016
My SUV was parked in a Target parking lot and a shopping cart crashed into the side of my truck causing a crease in my front fender as well as a deep scratch down through the paint down the middle passenger door to about an inch into the rear fender. Sedgwick says they see by video it...

Sedgwick / Short Term Disability

Clover Scott on May 27, 2016
I recently had surgery for omphilitis. After the doctor opened me up, he found a hernia as well. The omphilitis caused bleeding from the navel, so I couldn't work prior to surgery. I have had my doctor fax numerous documents, but Sedgwick still put me through hell and denied my disability...

Sedgwick CMS / Sears Refrigerator Product Liability

Lisa M'Cole on May 27, 2016
Claim number :L1507165073-0001 I had purchased a refrigerator from Sears, the freezer had problems with the ice maker and Sears attempted to fix it over many visits and with many parts. Unfortunately the water feeding the ice maker had been leaking for a very long time and ruined the floor...

Sedgwick / FMLA leave coordination

Nicolas Bennett on May 25, 2016
My wife nearly died, I had to stay home with her while she healed. Within 2 business days of leaving the emergency room, I called and filed my FMLA. I promptly got a letter saying that my FMLA leave had been denied because I waited too long to file the leave. So I figured 'oh well, ' i...

Sedgwick / Disability claim Colorado

Lisa beck on May 17, 2016
As I read the numerous complaints surrounding this company I'm not at all surprised. This company harassed me so often to submit new documentation from my doctor, it was so upsetting. My doctor as well as myself submitted them numerous times. Once it was investigated they found the...

Sedgwick CMS / Poor customer service / rude employee

Therese Miller on May 2, 2016
My husband was hit by an Alamo rental car customer, Sedgewick CMS is "working" on claim. Linda Whitfield the rep from Sedwick is extremely rude and lazy. She hasn't answered calls left daily by my husband and our INS company for over a week. He finally gets her on the phone, he...

Sedgwick Claims Management Service / Workmans comp related

ChrisCarter88 on Apr 18, 2016
I've been dealing with workmans comp through this joke of a company, I got treated and diagnosed and the doctor sent me to physical therapy for it and Sedgwick rejected half of my injury as being on the job AFTER I had already gone through physical therapy for it and now I am going to have...

Sedgwick / Mistreatment

Unsabroso Yo on Mar 18, 2016
there no pros Elisabeth Gurry and Jennifer Brinson are rejecting claims do to personal conflict with claimants Elisabeth Gurry and Jennifer Brinson are rude do not call claimants back and if a claimant complaint they make it their personal business to make sure the claim gets rejected...

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