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Regions Financial Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Regions (Bank) / Lisa - manager at westside in tupelo

nathan1986 on Dec 5, 2016
I have witnessed this manager being rude to employees, customers, and just plain disrespectful on numerous occasions. I have a friend in that branch and she makes them do things they aren't supposed to do, according to the regions she cuts corners. She plays favorites, makes some do more...

Regions (Bank) / Collections

Dorianne on Jun 23, 2016
Regions stole my money to apply it to my ex-husbands account- $735.07 the first time and less than a month later and before I could close the account and move my auto-pay bills, they stole $409.68 just before my last bill was to be paid... After they knew the account was MY ACCOUNT ONLY...

Regions Bank / Home loan

Larry Hutton on May 23, 2016
This review is in regard to dealings with Regions Bank branch 3720 Norman Bridge Rd. Montgomery AL. Manager Ora Buskey in 2016. Dec, 2015 I had a mortgage with Regions Mortgage. Payments were made as agreed for over twenty years. I contacted Regions Mortgage about refinancing the...

Regions / Horrible Customer Service

Reviewer86177 on Dec 9, 2015
If you live in Birmingham Alabama, don't ever go to the Regions at 193 Main Street in Trussville. There is a woman who works there named Linda Funderburke & treats everyone who she provides service to like they don't have a brain in their head & she even admitted it to me! She...

Regions (Bank) / Customer Service/Professionalism

Reviewer37852 on Dec 5, 2015
SI'm not a Regions customer anymore but my husband is.. There's this one employee in which was a financial advisor now Branch Manager that doesn't keep to the business side.. She's calling my husband off her personal phone and sending text messages all the while flirting with him.. My...

Regions Bank / Online Banking

Reviewer53066 on Oct 19, 2015
Hello, I am writing to you today to inform you of what kind of service that I have receive from you call center, Highly disappointing and upsetting, I been a customer with regions for just about 5 years, and after this, will be no more unless change is made, I scheduled a bill pay on 10/16...

Regions Bank / Missing Money & Misinformation

One Disappointed on Oct 7, 2014
I paid my car note on Sept 30, 2014 with Regional Acceptance. They said they took their money at 3:45. When I called Regions automated service I was told I had 720.00 and then I called a rep to verify this. I had also subtracted and pending transactions cuz I had one more bill to pay. I...

Regions / Unauthorized payment

Kenyaaaaa0809 on Jun 23, 2014
Regions refused to help me get my money back after a company ( which had similar complaints) took money off my account that I didn't authorized. Their core values are ###. I have to go through all this trouble to get my money back. When I do I will be closing my account after 3 year...

Regions Bank / Closing Acounts

Odeni Moreno on May 9, 2014
I've had accounts with the bank since 2010. My accounts have been compromised but we have worked through that. Now that my business and finances are getting better and that I need the historical relationship with the bank, they made the decision to close all my accounts. I understand...

Regions Bank / Misrepresentation

Bob from New Orleans on Feb 26, 2013
Regions Bank WATCH OUT! Misrepresentation of fees on a new debit card has cost me $50-70 valued time attempting to get fully compensated for apology, fees and personal balance returned per letter to Regions Bank CEO Grayson Hall, that I believe was intercepted by an incompetent sub-manager...

Regions Bank checking accnt / Available money

Well i'm experiencing something i have never heard of with this bank that's supposed to put ppl first...Well last month i was traveling the day after xmas stoppedfor gas and my card declined i called regions to see what the issue was they then inform me that because my account...

Regions Bank / Suley triple x rodriguez

While browsing on my face book today I ran into a picture of a naked girl in my news feed. I was absolutely disgusted to see that this woman is a regions employee who is not only posting naked dirty pics of herself on FB, but also feels that large women should be starved!! The entire time...

Regions Bank/ VICE PRESIDENT Davina Hosicki / Harrassment & Poor Service

jazzy22 on Nov 24, 2012
Contrary this is a formal complaint against Region Bank for poor customer service and harassment's. I went to the bank a couple days ago and experience a horrible service. I was making a deposit for the over drawn amount and to keep it open. Unfortunately I had arrive 5 days too late...

Regions Bank-Longview, Texas / Bad customer service and lies

nhudson on Nov 9, 2012
I began banking with Regions 10 years ago. I have seen this bank slowly change. It is now impossible to get to a human being as the ONLY way to call is to use the 800 numbers. Menu choices on and on, but not a choice I need. Answers to questions posted from my bank website bring in...

Regions Bank President / lending background

ppz on Oct 20, 2012
Ed Hawes, President of Regions Bank in Charlotte, NC is from Bank of America. I did business with him in the 1990's at Nations Bank. The day they switched to BofA he cancelled all of my credit lines and put a profitable business doing over 20 million a year under. Then he went after...

Regions Bank / Stealing money from College kids

Robbed by Regions on Aug 31, 2012
Each summer my son, who is enrolled at U of A, comes home. Each time time he returns to school and has his first paycheck, Regions has changed his account from a free student account to a regular account and drained his balance for 'inactive fees" over the summer. This year, today...

Regions Bank / bank polisy

better then on Aug 19, 2012
Regions bank is trying to steal from the people using scott holder and the lady had told me also that they will close my account so I can't file a affadaved and I won't beable to dispute it I told them that I filled one before they closed it and she told me that they realy...

Regions Bank / malicious embezzle ment and violation of civil rights

mwg33312 on May 6, 2012
On 5/2/2012 The regions bank officials in partnership with regions bank employees and regions bank complaint board waived to me saying they are embezzling out of my account and are trying to violate my civil rights by stoping my freedom of speech and freedom of press (news right to be...

Regions Bank / malicious, rudeness ,theft , harassment,

mwg122 on May 5, 2012
Need help the regions bank officials waived on April 2/2012. This is the last time I well tell you. the regions bank officials waived stating they are taking from my account money and credit so they can take it in hand right away keep it in pocket illegally and get more for it illegally...

Regions Bank / Unethical and Miss Rep in Mortgage Application

CatDragon on Mar 30, 2012
This Regions Bank is one that is using unethical and maybe personal issues to recrut possible buyers to them and give them the run around, only to turn them down. In December of 2011 we were told we could get a home through this bank, that we qualified for a mortgage of 130000 and to go...

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