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Raza Communications

5219 N. Harlem Ave.
United States - 60656

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1 877 463 4233(US) 12 6
+1 800 550 3501(Canada) 8 3
+44 800 520 0329(UK) 0 0
+1 773 792 8150(Chicago) 1 0
+1 416 746 9797(Toronto) 2 0
+44 207 100 3090(UK London) 1 0
+1 773 792 8291(US) 0 0
+1 416 746 5239(Canada) 1 0
991 Albion Road.
Etobicoke, ON M9V 1A6

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Raza.com Complaints & Reviews

Raza.com / Lost minutes and connectivity issues

Pandherpreet on 2016-03-17
I have used Raza.com for some time had few issues such as loosing minutes I didn't pay much attention but since 3 weeks I have lost cents on ever failed call and I have heard other people talking while j am trying to call my family . I mean seriously you need to improve the service their...

Raza.com / bad software

Reviewer84511 on 2016-02-16
I have been calling to India through raza for over 30 times and it says invalid number or number cannot be recognized. if I enter too slowly or too quickly or at same pace doesn't make a difference. their number recognition software is worst and its more of a hassle and I have moved over to better service.

Raza.com - Texas, Lubbock / Network problem

Reviewer11610 on 2015-12-26
Last week, I had a worst experience with raza calling service and because of their worst network I am in loss of $1000 and lots of mental trauma. I was calling to my family and receiver was able to hear me but I couldn't. I tried several times to different contact number...

Raza Communications - Illinois, Chicago / International Calling

K grant on 2015-09-20
I have been using raza for sometime and from the beginning I have placed numerous complaints with them in regards to loosing 3 to 4 minutes each time I make a call. Before making my call I know how many minutes I have available. My phone has a timer and lets me know how long my call...

Raza.com / spam and fraud

g mon on 2014-10-26
this service is fraud and entirely spam.after I bought a coupon of $5 and charged it to my phone.the call I was able to make was just one and after that the call never reaches.they will start saying that number is wrong or can't identify.it will say before we complete the...

Raza.com / False advertised rate, hidden service fee

hawki on 2014-02-27
Actual charged rate is 20% higher than the advertised rate shown (during purchase).Also there is the service fee $1 (not hidden, but only shows up when you are about the purchase). So for $10 purchase $1 srvc fee - it becomes 30% higher than the advertised rate.So wanted to cancel the...

Raza.com - New York / auto refill

hot_male on 2013-01-02
recently i had purchased this card and found out it's the worst card ever. They have extra hidden fees and charges a lot. Customer service is worst. Now i do not use their cards, i use www.himtel.com card. No hidden fees and extra charges. good customer suppor. guys you must try it

Raza.com - New York / Raza.com plans Auto refill

David243 on 2012-12-30
I was using raza.com and i got plan with auto recharge so we dont have to recharge every time. Today i called for cancel my auto recharge and now they told me that whatever minute u have we be gone. so i ask so why i will loss my minute. so customer service people told me that you have to...

Raza.com - California, Los Angeles / phone calls made using there service are charged to my phone company

Tina1357 on 2012-11-04
There customer service is not available 24/7 and is horrible. I bought a raza plan from them and used it. Somehow I started receiving bills from my phone company At&T for SOME of the long distance phone calls MADE using Raza. THis happened to me for two months. AFter the first month i wa...

Raza.com / Charging extra, poor customer service

loty on 2012-10-17
Raza.com is worst company i ever seen. They rip you off. They promise for lowest rates but charge you extra, hidden charges and rate increase without any notice and when you call, they insult you. Their customer service is very poor and disrespectful especially ramshah. They kept her to...

Raza.com / crooks

modfab@hotmail.com on 2012-09-15
I have been fooled by raza.com. Last month I took a plan from them online for 30 days and gave my credit card info to them. Today, I received a message from them and my bank that they have without authorization auto renewed my plan and charged my card. Upon calling they have refused to...

Talk Mobile Raza.com - Washington, Bellevue / Charged Landline rate on calling Mobile in India

SiddharthMishra on 2012-06-28
I have an account in Raza.com registered on siddharth.mishra@live.com email id. I called to India on a mobile number. Raza.com considered it as a landlines/fixed number and charged me 4cent per minutes. I did complain against it they resolved it by saying that they will recognize the...

Raza.com - Ontario / Money Back Guarantee

Pharm on 2012-05-08
They offer money back Guarantee, and they provide money back too. But then they cancel your account and insult you when you call them. I buy one product about a year ago and then as they were not able to activate it on time, I CANCELLED IT WITHOUT USING IT. And they did it. Now when I wa...

Raza.com - Ontario, Toronto / wrong charges

Asfaqm on 2011-08-10
Please beware of the raza.com scam. They use your information for other marketing purposes. - Also they do false advertisement on their website... ( 1000 min free etc. ) but there are always hidden charges. - Its a Pakistani company, and all their customer representative are rude, with no customer service experience.

Raza.com / Bad customer service

Samir_1 on 2011-01-09
- They claim that they have 24x7 customer service, this is true but if go for customer service assistance you need to wait a long time (mostly more than 15mins). - Most of the time there system is down due to their switch problem or technical upgrades, so you wouldn't be able to call...

Raza.com - Illinois / Dishnnest company

Raza.com is one of those dishonnest prepaid phone companies that give false advertise on their cheap calling prices on their first page. Then, when you enroll and starting using their services, they overcharge you and even calls that do not go through, you are charged for just a ring...

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