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Rainbow Complaints & Reviews

Rainbow - Georgia, Ellenwood / Vacuum Cleaner - Go4it Program/ company is a rip off

Reviewer94785 on 2016-03-02
I was helping a friend by letting them do a demo in my home. Of course I loved the vacuum it self, so I decided to do a program that had going on. I could get mine free if I did a program called Go4it. All I had to do was do 12 demos to couples and sell just 2 in a matter of 6 month...

Rainbow - Alberta, Edmonton / After 48 hours still no response

skrill on 2015-11-17
Got a call that I won a free air purifier at an event which I entered the draw. I answered her questions about allergies, pets, etc. Set up an appointment for delivery where they would set up the machine and advise me on how to use it and also test my air quality at the same time. The date...

Rainbow - Florida, Orlando / Rainmate air purifier

Reviewer73795 on 2015-10-08
A rep from Rainbow, Inc. called to tell me that I won a Rainmate Air purifier (from a sweepstakes completed at the Southern Womans Show) and they wanted to drop it off and show me how to use it, so I made an appt for them to come by my home. When they arrived and found out that I was an...

Rainbow Play Systems / poor service

74vette on 2015-03-26
Purchased a $3000 play system in part due to the lifetime warranty. Well, this year the ramp rotted out, I thought i was covered but the company is citing poor maintenance as a cause of the issue. I cleaned and stains the set every other year for years, the rest of the set is fine...

Rainbow Play Systems/ King Kong Clubhouse - Connecticut, Glastonbury / Product

Sasqi on 2014-09-10
We bought a King Kong Clubhouse about 15 years ago. I can tell you we were sold on the supposed durability and maintenance free spiel that we both heard from the seller, and read from their brochures. To make a long story short, we moved overseas for a few years so we had our play system...

Rainbow Vacuum / Worldwide gameplan

mrs_ashburn on 2012-12-04
If u haven't heard, Rainbow Vacuum system is claimed to be one of the best out there in the market. Im sure it is. The product sells by itself and its demonstrations are super impressive. I have a 1986 Rainbow Vacuum and it is still working til today. The only issue is, ONLY my...

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner - Texas / Exploit new recruits

wronged in Denton on 2012-02-06
Rainbow vacuum cleaner is another company that exploits young job - seekers. They tell the young job applicant they will make lots of money whether they sell the vacuum cleaners or not, and they tell them they don't have to get customers. All the new employee has to do, they say, i...

Rainbow Vacuum - Wyoming / Life time waranty

Kathy Countryman on 2011-10-17
I have a rainbow vacuum cleaner with a promise of a lifetime waranty and it was sold to me by a door to door salesperson back in the 1990's. I contacted rainbow in hawaii and left a message for them to return my call concerning the waranty and replacement parts and did not get a call back. This thing cost me 3500. 00 and is worthless

Rainbow Vacuums - Hawaii, Pearl City / BullShit

Komo Mai on 2011-09-07
A couple of sales guys selling air purifiers/vacuums told my wife if she let them do a demo for her of their air purifier/vacuum she could have a mini air purifier for free and she does not have to purchase anything. After over an hour of trying to sell the air purifier/vacuum they finally...

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners - Nevada, North Las Vegas / Aqua Solutions Rainbow Vacuums Scamming Elderly

Ms Kathi on 2011-09-03
On 11/2/2010 Aqua Solutions & Rainbow Vacuum salesperson, Donna, arrived to demo a Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner to my elderly parents and they were promised free steak knives as a gift. They informed Donna they were under guardianship and should not sign contracts. Donna ignored the guardianship...

Rainbow Vacuum - Texas, Lewisville / overpriced piece of nk

My son was hired by a scam artist named Luke Kay. He promissed him the moon and the stars and everything in between and instead gave him a whole $100 for me buying one of his $3000 dollar shop vacs called a Rainbow. Upon doing some online research I found that there are literally...

Rainbow Air Purifier / Scam

I filled out one of those "contest" drawing boxes calling cards.The type you see in little chick-n-wing in and outs attached to gas stations.I waited for the phone call-came about a week or so later.I won the little "mini" rainbow!I then made an appointment for two gentlemen to come and...

Rainbow Play Systems / Worst customer service ever

Logan G on
We bought a Rainbow System this summer and shortly after it was installed we had a warranty request. We submitted a warranty claim with a photo accordingly to their very cumbersome process and it has been almost 3 months - for 1 board. I still have no idea when we are going to get it. The...

Rainbow Vacuum - Florida, Orlando / Does not pay, Complete scam

First off they are just like Kirby! Rainbow or Kirby! I bet they both claim they know Warren Buffet! They all have the same pitch! I see a few managers on here trying to back this company up. If you dont pull ike 400 to 500 pads you dont even get paid. Its a complete scam! and yes they do...

Rainbow - Ontario, Ottawa / Stealers, Worst job ever

What ever you do even if you guys are desperate for a job. Do not ever work with rex air--rainbow air certified cleaner my ass. First you see the add which says $20.00/hr, gas allowance, choose your own schedule... The first day of training, i walked in to a room with about 15 other...

Rainbow Vacuum - Ontario, Mississauga / Cheaper Online, and Expensive Through Agents!!!!!

Incident occurred a couple of hours ago: May 11, 2010 from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm. I went to the Green Living Show at the DE Centre this year. I signed to win a "Rainmate ". A few weeks later, they called and said that I won the Rainmate and they need to deliver it to me, but they needed a...

Rainbow Play Systems / They don't care after the sale

Kris on
They do not care after the sale..Stay Clear Away From Rainbow Playsets... We spent $3, 700 on our Rainbow Castle in 2003 at their Lake in the Hills, IL. Location We stain our set every year, go over all nuts, bolts, screws. We bring in the tarp, tire & all swings in the garage every...

Rainbow Play Systems / Thieves

Taylor on
I do not have enough bad things to say about this company located in Memphis, TN. Moved a rotten Rainbow playset to my home and when I asked them (prior to the move) if the unit was safe I was told yes. Charged me almost $700 to move it. When I attempted to discuss it the owner of RPS in...

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Lifetime Warranty - Full Of #$%^& / Lifetime Warranty is not free

I purchased a Rainbow Vacuum cleaner in 1996 with the promise of a free Lifetime Warranty. This is not true, there is no free lifetime warranty. You must pay for it. If your dealer goes out of business so does your Lifetime Warranty even if you have been paying for it. I went to an...

Rainbow Play Systems / Scam, scam, scam

Daga on
On November 7, 2007 my husband and I purchased a play set for our children which was their christmas present. It was to be delivered when we moved into our new home. We are almost ready to move into our new home so when I called the company it was sold and the new owner said he has no...

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