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Questions › Publishers Clearing House sent a package

Publishers Clearing House sent a package

Asked: 2014-01-15 by   Florida Life
I received a package today, from PCH and never ordered anything, or filled anything out. I never even get those junk mail sweepstake envelopes. Anyhow, I had this package on my door step, and didn't open it or the envelope attached to it. I NEVER order online, and I have never ordered anything through a magazine. So I knew something was shady when I got this. I called PCH and this conversation seriously lasted maybe 40 seconds. I said that I received a package, that I have no idea what it is, or why it was sent to me. She asked for my last name, and addy. Then said an e-mail. I just sat on the phone, I didn't know she was asking me a question! She asked if that was my e-mail? I said that it was not. And she then went on to say, that they are microwave covers, and that she took care of it. I asked her, "Took care of what? What am I supposed to do with the package?" She said, "Throw them away." and hung up! WHAT?!?! I'm like, hold on here! How and why did these get sent to me? I checked my bank and nothing was billed. Thinking, maybe some hack scam thing is going on, and my card got charged for random things. Nothing is on it. So, I am still boggled here. How was this item shipped to me, without being paid for? And who the heck did it? I read on another site, that people can just go online and put your name and addy in, and use either their e-mail or make a fake one, and click on items to be sent to you! WTH!? Why in the world would a company send goods out, without being paid for first? Anyhow, I am scared to just toss them like I was told to do. If they will try to bill me for the rest of my life, for darn microwave covers! Anyone else have this happen? It was just so strange for her to talk so quick, and then say, "Throw them away". "It's taken care of."
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 3rd of Feb, 2014 by   Rena Bond
I need to no how to claim my entry for pch gwy no 3080 3027 lisa bond
 5th of Feb, 2014 by   THE HURT ONE
might want to lock your computer and watch the people that come in your house family and friends with wireless computers.

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