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Not part of Scam

Asked: 2012-03-01 by   won't be taken
I wrote a letter of complaint reporting that Mr. Adrian Friedmann, Chief Civil Engineer for Kier Construction on a oil rig off the coast of Australia was part of a scam. I was deadly wrong about him having anything to do with this. I am trying to right a wrong because his job is now in jeperady. Please let me know who to write to get this information off his google site.
Answers Scam & Fake Checks
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 2nd of Mar, 2012 by   Angelfromheaven
So you mean to say, Adrian Friedmann is a legitimate guy? That there is a true Adrian Friedmann working for Kier Construction? Will the real Adrian Friedmann write something here please.
 2nd of Mar, 2012 by   Angelfromheaven
How come you know he's not a scammer? What made you say so?

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