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1. (16 mins ago)
Tods Shop UK
Fake product
2. (24 mins ago)
John Kenney Aka Pobama25@yahoo.com
John Kenney Aka Pobama25@yahoo.com
3. (46 mins ago)
The company is a scam and the product is not effective
4. (1 hr 3 mins ago)
They wanted to get money for the fake membership, which I haven’t bought from them
5. (1 hr 27 mins ago)
Triple AAA Roadside Assistance

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Hewlette Packard PC Pavilion Elite e9290f - Horrible quality & Customer Service [New Complaint]
Hewlette Packard's product quality and customer service are shockingly poor, to the point of being criminal. I purchased a high end HP desktop in December of 2009 at a cost of over $1200. Three weeks after purchase the computer "Blue Screened" when exiting sleep, hibernate, and hard boot intermittently, sometimes taking all day and many boot attempts to boot successfully. In the pas...


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