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Specialized Loan Servicing
Repayment Plan
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They didn’t help their customers
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Nissan North America
Llack of service and lack of goodwill on the part of Nissan North America
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trip insurance is a rip off
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Sunl Parts Online
Stolen money

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Member since Oct 29, 2010
Rancho Santa Margarita, California
United States
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Merry Maids - Ripped Me Off [New Complaint]
This company cheats its customers. DO NOT USE THEM! I was charged a lock-out fee by the Merry Maid at 20331 Lake Forest Drive, Suite C14, Lake Forest, CA even though they showed up at my house 3 hours early. I had an 11am-3pm appointment and they showed up at 8am, while I was getting dressed for a morning appointment. I told them to come back at the scheduled time, and they said they would. The...
Childrens BOMC Book of the month club - TOTAL SCAM TOTAL RIP OFF STEALING FROM INNOCENT PEOPLE [Comment in Complaint]
I too am being charged fraudulently by this company. I've never been to their site, never received any books, yet they keep charging me. I called their number and they said they had no account for me (of course not since I never ordered). They claimed they could not look up the credit number to see who was using my card! I disputed with my credit card company and the company charged me again ...


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