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PepsiCo / cherry pepsi 16 oz. bottle

A&Mmiller on Nov 3, 2016
Bought this Pepsi today for my daughter November 4th 2016. She said this drink taste funny. We looked at the date n it's out of date. October 10th 2016. We purchased this drink n 3 others at Dollar General in Reidsville, NC. We don't live her but I'm out way to Ruffin, NC. We are from...

PepsiCo / Fridge

palace on ganges on Oct 1, 2016
Dear Sir, I am writing this on behalf of my hotel palace on ganges.sir i have two fridge provided by Pepsi company and all this two fridge is not working since 6 months and i already complain regarding this at least 6 times and every time they says that mr sudarshan had stoped for...

PepsiCo / Pepsi

ldygma on Sep 21, 2016
I am not really complaining over any major problem. I have received damaged cans in the past with Pepsi that leaked and never worried about losing a couple of them but this just amazed me. I have a completely empty can with a couple of dents but no evidence of the soda leaking out and the can is completely closed. How does this happen?

Pepsi Cola Product / Soda

Kristi21387 on Aug 26, 2016
Ever since i was a young girl pepsi has been my favorite brand of pop. Its all i drink. I buy a 24 pack of cans every 2 days. But recently i am very disappointed because for the last few months mostly all the cans have been flat and taste funny, also making me sick, as for my son as well...

PepsiCo / Pepsi paytm cashback

Dhuruv on Jul 2, 2016
I had purchased four pepsi softdrink bottle 1.5litre from easy day as on 23/06/2016 with offer of getting paytm cash amounting Rs20 on each bottle. But when we try to use paytm coupon to get paytm cash, then it shows that it was already use by someone else. afterthat we go to Easyday store Hapur...

Pepsi / Unsafe driver

Larry Church on Jun 28, 2016
I live on a small country road in Johnson City, Tn. The road is Cash Hollow Rd. It is a shortcut for the driver to get to the Pepsi plant. I don't know the drivers name or truck number but he comes through around 3:00 PM everyday. Today I was taking my granddaughter to the movie...

PepsiCo / Plastic bottles/lids 16.9 oz.

cathyj1998 on May 9, 2016
Tonight is not the only time I have experienced this issue. It is, however, the first time I have been isolated in the bedroom, unable to drink my pepsi! If I venture out to the kitchen for a bottle opener or to garage for pliers, it will awaken the family. This problem, that the bottle cap...

PepsiCo / Truck driver

Joemomma on May 3, 2016
5:45 am 5/3/2016 truck driver was delivering to 7-11 at Prosperity and rt 236 in Annandale Va. There is a service road. He parked his tractor trailer on the side of the service road that no parking signs every where. Someone parked on the side with out signs and the riad was blocked. I...

PepsiCo / 6 pack 16 ounce caffeine free mountain dew

Cookiemonster24 on Mar 10, 2016
Why did they stop making them. These were the perfect size to put in a cooler to take to work. I have no access to a refrigerator at work. I'm caffeine sensitive and try to stay away from it. Mountain dew has always been my favorite drink. You can get it in the diet but i hate the taste...

PepsiCo / Interview and poor treatment

Indianachat on Mar 9, 2016
It's Scott Jones. I spent a lot of time researching & creating questions and answers for my interview on 3/3/16 In Indianapolis. But I must express that I had difficulty with the instructions on the hands on activity. First- I've never had 2 B attentive 2 details in this field nor was I...

PepsiCo / Accurate deliveries

Jose Pleitez on Jan 26, 2016
I have been a customer for about a year and haft with your product, I have a small pizzeria, there has been a rear delivery where your driver has deliver what I ordered. From missing co2 to paper soda cups, they deliver late...In my opinion, this branch in beaumont, texas has the worse...

PepsiCo / New Diet Pepsi

Reviewer37453 on Dec 12, 2015
Alas! I purchased my first can of Coke after trying so hard to drink the new Diet Pepsi. It couldn't be further from the original recipe. Not only does it have absolutely no "fizz, " the taste is horrible. My family has been complaining for years that I have to stop drinking so much Diet Pepsi so they are the only ones that are very happy!!!

Pepsi / Pepsi perfect - shop.pepsi.com

Reviewer50273 on Nov 4, 2015
I got through at 9:08 and was so excited i thought i was going to get a bottle i clicked pre order and when got to the checkout got a message the item you have selected is unavailable and to go to amazion! your cart is empty i am very pissed how can i be able to click pre order and not be...

PepsiCo / Diet Pepsi, 16.9 Fl.oz.Bottles

Shirley Stauffer on Oct 25, 2015
I am 69 age and I don't know who the muscle man you have working for you but I cannot open the 16.9 bottle without using a bottle opener, I am not disabled, I am not foible, I am strong and have been drinking your products since they came on the market. So who decided to change the...

Pepsi International Mobile Draw / What should i do

Zubair shaz on Oct 19, 2015
I receive a message on from pepsi award as (Your mobile no has won u 500, 000 pounds in pepsi international mobile draw london to claim prize; email your name / email id / cell no to: Ppepsi@live.com Name : zubair hussain Email id : zubair_hussain04@faysalbank.com Cell no: 03452375320

Pepsi / Mountaindew taste and quality issue

Thamilselvam on Oct 14, 2015
I was bought mountain Dew from on of the shop at Penang island . when i drink this the taste not same as mountain dew that i drink . I was check the date of expired - not expired yet . I do not know why the taste become different from other mountain dew . I went to same shop ask them but...

PepsiCo, Inc / Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi

Reviewer47616 on Sep 9, 2015
The taste has changed in the diet wild cherry Pepsi now that it's made with sucralose rather than aspartame and I don't like it. Diet wild cherry Pepsi was the only soda that I drank. Not anymore. Why did you bother making the change? Sucralose isn't any better for you than aspartame. If...

Pepsi / wild cherry diet pepsi/diet pepsi

Reviewer53367 on Sep 5, 2015
Since you changed "the recipe" for wild cherry diet Pepsi & diet Pepsi recently it no longer has any taste. I've been a faithful consumer of diet Pepsi & wild cherry diet Pepsi (my fav) since it came out on the market decades ago! I'm 63 & started drinking diet sodas such...

PepsiCo / Discontinued diet mountain dew

Reviewer25204 on Sep 2, 2015
Some bonehead probably right out of high school, discontinued the 24oz diet mountain dew for the 16.9oz. countrywide not just regionally. You can still get the sugar laden mountain dew but not diet Pepsi products. I live in the Seattle area and it is no where to be found. I now only buy...

Pepsi / Sticking object in bottle

Caroline Lockhart on Jun 24, 2015
I drink Pepsi all the time and the other day I was drinking a bottle and there was something in the bottle .made me sick .This should not have happen .I saved the bottle . I'm really not sure what it was shaped like a bean .I thought it was a worm at first .it was sick to see something in a...

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