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Orbitz Complaints & Reviews

Orbitz - Illinois, Chicago / Worst experience ever, lost my money!

Tota965j on 2016-01-21
I had booked a flight via Orbitz website. Few minutes later I received a confirmation email from Orbitz confirming the flight. Everything seemed fine. So, when I showed up at the airport I was told that I no longer had a flight. American Airlines told me that Orbitz had switched me to...

Orbitz.com / Orbitz makes offers they can't deliver

Reviewer97347 on 2016-01-02
Orbitz offers some great deals but can't deliver on what they offer. I wasted 5 hours trying to book a flight that after entering everything it states that it cannot complete the booking, try again later. After trying again later and entering all the information again, same result. So I...

Orbitz - Illinois, Chicago / Unethical behavior

dino1964 on 2015-12-29
I booked a flight, hotel, and rental card through Orbitz. I received separate emails for each reservation and mind you I booked this vacation in advance. I fly all the way from Arizona to Florida on 12/29 for a week vacation over the New Years holiday. When I get to my hotel in Florida @...

Orbitz Worldwide, Llc / Airfare booked in wrong passenger name

Christ N on 2015-10-23
I am an Orbitz account holder. I purchased 2 airline tickets on behalf of a friend. Both tickets were purchased on www.orbitz.com. I purchased both tickets by adding my friend's name, gender and date of birth in the appropriate passenger section of the website. Nevertheless, both ticket...

Orbitz - Illinois, Chicago / Hidden Booking Fee

Peter2211 on 2015-10-05
I have been using Orbitz for many years and never pay attention to their booking fee. But on September 14, 2015, I purchased two Delta Airlines ticket via Orbitz and realized Orbitz charged me four separate charge for these two airlines tickets. Two charge for Delta Air tickets and two...

Orbitz / Overnight stay without cancellation option

Reviewer75485 on 2015-09-14
I have looked at many other search engines to save money on stays. They all said the price for non refundable and then price for free cancellation. Orbitz did not until I clicked on cancellation policy and it said 0 if you cancel. Now I do not plan on cancelling but it is a nice cushion if...

Orbitz / misadvertising

SJPJMP on 2015-02-12
Wife and i for our 71st birthday booked a trip to Sealtle with Orbitz, mainly due to a statement that the reservation could be cancled with no penality. A week later we find out my wife has to have major heart surgery and we can't go. Try to cancel on line, could not, even though i...

Orbitz Cruises / The rep booked cruise for the wrong date and refused to help after that

NateCohen on 2014-12-16
Total scam, so better avoid this jerks. I booked the cruise from the company Orbitz Cruises. I provided all required info and asked the rep to book it. The rep booked and provided the confirmation info. I checked info and it turned out that the rep booked cruise for the wrong date. I...

Orbitz.com - Arizona, Phoenix / spam emails

Jeff-smith on 2014-11-04
Orbitz will not stop sending me spam emails. The unsubscribe button in there emails does not work. That is not right! They give me no way to unsubscribe!

Orbitz / online booking

robiedal on 2014-10-30
I booked my ticket online with email address as a required field. Then passenger's name and other pertinent personal info were filled up and entered. They sent me the confirmation with my userid on email. Days passed by, ignoring the userid is on the itenerary as usual practice. But...

Orbitz / flight

Maureen Baron on 2014-10-03
When I purchased my round trip ticket from Orbitz August 9 my arrival time to West Palm was 11:15 am on 11/22. My return flight had me leaving at 5:10 and arriving in Salisbury at 9:29. Both flights had about 4 but under 5 hours travel time. I picked these times on purpose and early so I...

Orbitz / They won't return the money!

Echo216 on 2014-09-14
I booked a hotel with wrong information, so I called the customer service to cancel the reservation. They told me to book a new one with right information and call they back, then they can cancel the old one and refund the money. I did as what he told me to do. And they agreed to refund...

Orbitz - California, Long Beach / The nightmare - Flight from Mexico to Europe

superdario on 2014-07-11
Here's a copy of an email I sent to Orbitz Customer Relations: On July 11th, 2013, I used Orbitz.com to book a Lufthansa flight from Mexico to London, returning from Amsterdam to Los Angeles (Orbitz record locator: PBORB5636047714). The ticket number, according to Orbitz.com, i...

Orbitz Flight From Mexico To Europe - California, Long Beach / Orbitz - the nightmare

superdario on 2014-07-11
Sent to Orbitz Customer Relations: On July 11th, 2013, I used Orbitz.com to book a Lufthansa flight from Mexico to London, returning from Amsterdam to Los Angeles (Orbitz record locator: PBORB5636047714). The ticket number, according to Orbitz.com, is: 2207254118626-627. The flight wa...

Orbitz / customer service withhold info.

Julian1234 on 2014-04-18
I booked my thanksgiving airline ticket through Orbitz for the wrong date. Called Orbitz to cancel my flight. I specific ask how much my credit will be after cancellation, and was told it would be the full amount of ticket. Right after my cancellation, Orbitz told me if to use that credit...

Orbitz / bait and switch on airfare

Michaeleta1 on 2014-01-26
Was booking airline tickets on Orbitz after entering all information and went to pay website says those tickets no longer available so had to choose a more expensive ticket. Tried to purchase more expensive tickets and was informed those tickets were no longer available and needed to...

Orbitz - Illinois, Chicago / Sold me invalid ticket

Leila Rakhimzhanova on 2013-11-17
Dear Complaints Board, I am writing, because Orbitz - on-line travel company not answering, evaded responsibility for their false ticket. The pursuit of profit some companies create intricate techniques like Orbitz. I am using online service about 15 years and have never seen such deception...

Orbitz - Arizona, Goodyear / Reservation for Abandoned Hotel

Julie and Gabriel R on 2013-10-06
Our family has used Orbitz.com several times in the last 8 years. We booked a room in Sedona, AZ for our 15th Anniversary. We show up at the Inn to check-in to find a VACANT office. The reviews on Orbitz were decent, so this was a HUGE surprise. We called the number to the Inn(listed on my...

Orbitz / non refund of cancelled ticket

very angry in texas on 2013-06-10
I made reservations to fly with my significant other in Feb for a May 2nd departure. He decided not to go around April 30th. He had cheated on me... lovely! The first part of my flight was in the US but Iberia was the international carrier. I called American and they separated the ID...

Orbitz / annoying promo Emails

Milt Sylwester on 2013-06-06
I continue to get Orbitz' incessant, annoying, asinine promo E-mails daily. Orbitz "unsubscribe", "contact us", "customer service" buttons do absolutely nothing. I had been a long time Orbitz customer but all future travel plans will be through Travelocity, Expedia, Kayak, anyone but Orbitz.

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