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NoMoreRack.com Complaints & Reviews

Nomorerack.com / spam emails

shrug_tx on 2015-04-08
Can't get them to stop spamming my email account, even after repeatedly attempting to unsubscribe. the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of their spam messages apparently has no effect.

Nomorerack.com - California, Santa Monica / Nomorerack charges your Credit Card but doesn't deliver the item

Global Solution on 2015-01-13
I am very disappointed with nomorerack.com. My husband ordered a massage chair for over $900 with a coupon for my Christmas present but the order was cancelled even after my credit card was processed. It was supposed to be a surprise & I was a bit confused when I got contacted by...

Nomorerack.com - New York, New York / no delivery

Moshe111 on 2015-01-12
charged my credit card immediately for item 2 pack USB 4 part hub, 2 packages. on 12-26-14. Called 1-12-14 did not receive, was told bank never paid them. Charge was put thru instantly and they were paid. They claim they will credit my card within 3-5 business days. If not, will put a...

Nomorerack.com / Item appears as delivered, but was never received

Kiki1212 on 2015-01-04
I have spend over $2, 000 with nomorerack. So far, some orders were fine, others were super slow (4+ weeks), had one that was the wrong size, but so far I had no major issues. At the start of December, knowing that I would be traveling, I order 3 products that never arrived to me: A bag...

Nomorerack.com / Never received items

Mochachip of NC on 2014-12-25
I purchased two Samsung smart watches and tracked the package to my door. The package arrived completely empty. The company has not responded to my request for a refund as a matter of fact they stopped responding to me completely. I have since filed a police report and a PayPal claim. Thi...

Nomorerack.com - New York, New York / Scam alert

Laureen Holt on 2014-06-21
I ordered a tablet computer from nomoprerack.com & it was dead on arrival. When i complained within the 30 - day period to do so, they then said it was past the time period to do so, by telling me that "delivery" on the item was earlier than it was. They adamantly refuse to send me a...

Nomorerack.com / Misleading FAQS and poor customer service

Andeonlineordering on 2014-04-24
I searched for a long online and finally found a garment which was at nomorerack.com. I ordered it Sunday 4/20. As of today 4/24, there is no shipping information related to my order. Their FAQ page says allow 10 -14 days for shipping. To me that means it should arrive in 14 days +- !! I...

Nomorerack.com / Counterfeit Monster Headphones!

Kristie5566 on 2014-04-17
I ordered Monster Ncredible Ntune headphone in December and the broke in March. I went to the Monster website to find out warranty info and when entered the serial number it a me up fake. I contacted Nomorerack.com and they said they had a strict policy on counterfeit products and would...

Nomorerack.com - Virginia, Smithfield / Total Scam

K.Todd on 2014-04-10
Nomorerack.com is a vicious band of thieves! I ordered over $324 in products, most I never received...they only credited me $7.00 for a charging adapter!! Then told me, after I had to wait months because the items are shipped from overseas...and are not the brands they claim to be, that I...

Nomorerack.com / poor customer service

Antonia B on 2014-03-18
I ordered 2 covers for my ipad air a few weeks ago. After not receiving a shipping email after about 2 weeks I checked the website to find out that they had the wrong address for delivery. Not only had the address been changed to an address I lived at more then 2 years ago in another state...

Nomorerack.com / credit card fraud

melonfamily on 2014-02-01
I made an online purchase in December 2013 through a website called nomorerack.com and guess what? I found out that their system was either hacked or someone from inside took my credit card credentials and tried to make purchase of $1300, $2090, $7.72 and tried to spend a night in an Inn...

Nomorerack.com / Credit Card # stolen

madcustomer1975 on 2014-01-30
Ordered products from NoMoreRack.com. Tablets only worked for 6 hours, boots fell apart a week of wearing them. You can not get a hold of a live person. Emails are generic. The worst thing ever is...my credit card that i used was hacked and it was used all over the world, California, Iowa...

Nomorerack.com - New York, New York / bad faith in contractual agreements

xracerx on 2014-01-30
I purchased a set of Bowflex weights and the transaction went through smoothly and successfully. I received an email confirmation of the successful order and it said I would receive another with a tracking number once the purchased product shipped. After failing to hear from the company...

Nomorerack.com / Horrible Customer Service

Brooke Bryant on 2014-01-25
I tried to place an order online and forgot to add my company name to the shipping address. I called 20 seconds after I hit send and they told me they couldn't do anything about it... I said well I am not going to get the product if I don't add my name to the shipping address. I...

Nomorerack.com - Colorado, Longmont / Bad Customer Service

Colorado_Shopper on 2014-01-11
My brother ordered boots for my daughter in size 9. I guess they did not have it in size 9, so they sent us size 8. When she tried them on, she could not even put her foot through. I contacted Nomorerack right away. It took them several days to get back to me. When they did, they said that...

Nomorerack.com / Bad business

Danny Strode on 2014-01-08
I purchase a pair of boots for my daughter in early December as a Christmas gift and when she tried them on she found a hole where the boots were stitched. The next day I requested and RMA# so I could just exchange them but no reply. I email again 4 days later and I then received a reply...

Nomorerack.com - Google Zeepad / defective - cannot return

June Johnston on 2014-01-04
I ordered four tablets as christmas gifts for my grandchildren. Once the gifts were opened, one was defective. I contacted customer support via email on 12/26/13 and did not receive a reply for 48+ hours. Then they told me to located my order number and contact them again which I did (more...

Nomorerack.com / poor quality

uniquemicro on 2013-12-31
If everyone read this review noremorerack would be out of business. Their stuff is c***, junk, useless, poor quality, shipped late, impossible to return, impossible to find anyone to help you. I bought a Motorola hands free bluetooth headset, it worked for two days. After repeated call...

Nomorerack.com / everything is wrong!

jessicalynn84 on 2013-12-20
I'm a single/ low income mom of autistic twins. I saved all year to have $400 for Christmas. I ordered over $400 worth of things on nomorerack.com for Christmas for them. Everything- came in messed up. Clothes sizes are far from where they should be. I got a computer that came without...

Nomorerack.com / Didn't receive my item

Dabombdiggitydee on 2013-12-19
I ordered 2 tablets from them that were the same tablet but different colors. I ordered them the same day. I got one tablet which was blue but have not received the other tablet which was orange. They will not answer thier phone and still no reply from email. I got CHARGED for 2 TABLETS...

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