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NetSpend Complaints & Reviews

Netspend - Texas, Austin / Debit card

SherilynFraze on 2016-02-03
This started Thursday 01/28/2015 I have been a faithful Netspend customer since 2010. I have never had any problems with your company. My account is on hold and it has to do with a credit on books for school. The original payment method was financial aid on my student account. However...

Netspend - Texas, Austin / Fraudulent charge and transfer

Brian2016 on 2016-01-15
Same happened to me on 1/07/2016. Net spend approved a P2P phone transfer to someone I don't know and have never had a link to their account. This apparently took place over the phone after this person had reported that my car was broken into and my wallet was stolen which never happened...

Netspend - Washington, Lakewood / Netspend prepaid Debit VISA

Reviewer72791 on 2016-01-08
I simply purchased a netspend card to be able to purchase time over a phone for my husband to reach me from jail and it's been a ridiculous headache. First it takes forever to even get information through to these foreign (so called) customer service reps that no one can understand...let...

Netspend - Florida, Saint Petersburg / Debit cards not honored

Reviewer87966 on 2016-01-04
I purchased 2 cards from my local CVS as gifts and did not activate them until a year later at which time they would not activate. I called and was told that all I needed to do was get a new card issued in my name and the balance would be transferred over, no problem. When I called to...

Netspend - Texas, Austin / Fraudulent Transfer

Adam Minnicks on 2016-01-03
Yesterday, I was the victim of a fraudulent transaction of 1500.00. It was a person to person transfer that was conducted by Netspend customer service. I called and spoke to the fraud alert department, who had me go through filing a dispute by sending emails to their dispute department...

Netspend / prepaid debit cards

Reviewer58069 on 2015-12-31
biggest joke legalized theft scam company ever saw on dec. 3rd used my netspend visa at a local atm of a local bank (visa should be ashamed to have there name on this scam)this is where I usally draw my funds from this card is my sole paycard for my job on this morning atm did not dispence...

Netspend Corporation / The whole service is a scam

tvaris on 2015-12-07
They blocked my account than lied said someone called and claimed they found my card on a bathroom floor, this same card was locked in a safe at my residence . When I told the person I was physically holding the card in my hand right as I was speaking with her, she told me I was lying and...

Netspend Corporation - Georgia, Newnan / Checking Accounting Account

Reviewer80080 on 2015-11-25
I have been a customer with netspend for over 5 years with have had so many issues over the years. This incident I am speaking of was the final straw and i will never use netspend again. There was some disputes on the account regarding debit transaction on my account. All 8 of my netspend...

Netspend Corporation - Ohio, Cleveland / Unauthorized transaction

Reviewer30956 on 2015-08-17
On July 31st I called because there was a unknown charge on my account. The rep did not complete the dispute process. So I went online and completed the process myself. I still don't have my money back and I have been waiting on a call back since August 11th from a supervisor and the...

Netspend Debit Card - Texas, Austin / my money i put on this card

marksamuel82@gmail.com on 2015-07-17
I purchased this prepaid NetSpend card at Walmart and put money on there and I had to activate it and now NetSpend customer service people will not allow my card to be activated until I send them a copy of my ID and my social security card. What the hell its my damn money.

Netspend - Texas, Austin / Not getting a new debit card.

JOKER89 on 2015-05-20
Dear sir / madam: I am sending this complaint to anyone will listen. I have an account with net=spend. I had problem with them. I still waiting for new debit card. Its been 7 - 10 business. And, next week i am getting my benefit from the government. I am disappointment of the bank service. They...

Netspend / Metabank - South Dakota, Sioux Falls / dispute process, no followup

jayjay9 on 2015-04-15
I have been with beyond for years. Over 5 yrs, maybe more. I've NEVER had to file a dispute all of this time, recently I've noticed a charge that was not mine. I processed the dispute and was advsd I would hear something in 3 days. Well that was 4-7-15, today is 4-15-15. And I...

Netspend / Theft

danielg197 on 2015-03-29
Netspend put a block on my prepaid mastercard Mar 27th after I deposited 1000 into the account. I get text messaging saying available bal 1, 158 or 1, 153 since on Sat the 28th netspend took a $5 account assessment fee out. I wish I could of had $5 on Friday before running out of gas or my...

Netspend / Won't remove block on card

Pelz937 on 2015-03-07
I recently (last week) did my taxes through Turbo Tax and decided to get my tax return on a Netspend card because I had done it before for the 2012 tax yr and it was on there faster than I expected plus I am going into the hospital next week to give birth and just thought it would be he...

Netspend - Maryland, District Heights / I want my money

shaquitap on 2015-02-11
Netspend is holding my money their telling me that my card isn't blocked but I can't make purchases online neither can I make purchases in store these guys are rip offs thieves and crooks that need to be shut down...

Netspend / blocked account

CandM on 2015-02-10
I am thinking of filing a lawsuit against Netspend and will if not resolved by tomorrow. I had my tax refund deposited to a card with this company. I used the card for two days and then without notice or prior request they locked my account & claim it is for verification of my identity...

Netspend / Card

Shayla Kim on 2015-02-08
Hi NetSpend company. I received a NetSpend Debit Card not too long ago and I tried activating the card but it wont let me. I then ordered a few more and the problem still occured. I am furious and highly upset. It won't let me activate my card! It keeps saying in under 13 years old...

Netspend / Poor Management

victim of slander on 2015-01-13
The trainer named Rachel Altkens was very slandering and patronizing during the training session that began on 01/05/2015. She would make comments such as how she could care less about workers being late to training. At one point she stopped during a training session to explain how she wa...

Netspend - Massachusetts, North Adams / Charges

Judy Girard on 2014-12-29
I received a NetSpend debit Visa card for Christmas, 12/25/14, after reading how to activate and the fees section I tried to return it to the place of purchase, they said because there was money on the card they couldn't take it back. So I decided try to activate the card and just use...

Netspend / Crappy Customer Service

Howard Kluge II on 2014-12-26
I lost my original Debit card when I lost my wallet and I applied for a new one so I ordered one and had it RUSH delivered to my home. Well when I called their so called customer service they could not tell me the shipper or tracking # and had NO ACCESS TO THAT INFO and by the way they are...

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