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National Recovery Agency (NRA) Complaints & Reviews

NRA / Constant Phone Calls

Reviewer42734 on 2016-02-19
Please support the NRA! The continuous “harassment” calls are Spam. Spammers identify themselves as “NRA” and they have no affiliation whatsoever. These spammer’s intent is to get you so upset that you will not renew your membership or give them contributions. Their hope is to disarm the citizens. Forget it… I will always support the NRA!

National Recovery Agency / Unauthorized charge

Reviewer18055 on 2015-12-17
National recovery agency had took money from my account without authorization. They asked for a payment and I agreed to pay on it cause I didn't have it all. They in return debited the entire amount over drawing my account and ended up costing me more money

National Recovery Agency / Threatning Phone Calls and Harrassment

Reviewer93045 on 2015-11-30
Received harassing phone calls from the NRA on 11/30/15 about a claim that they had received against me for three hundred dollars. They tell you that it is where you received money from an online lender. They have a lot of your personal information but not all of it is correct, when asked...

National Recovery Agency - Pennsylvania, Harrisburg / Harassment

Reviewer78217 on 2015-11-18
This agency contacted my husband and claimed he owes money since 2013. We have never borrowed money from them nor have we ever heard from them. They threatened him with legal action and have now called and left a message his sister's cell phone. We plan on filing a police report.

National Recovery Agency / Harassment by them....

Reviewer32412 on 2015-11-02
I have repeatedly been called several times a day by them. This is regarding a debt issue that has nothing to do with me or my family in any possible way! I've repeatedly asked for them to stop calling me but they refuse to do so. They are rude and very difficult to deal with. But they continue to call...

National Recovery Agency - Kansas, Wichita / Repo driver scum bag

Reviewer43700 on 2015-10-28
Yesterday i had my car repo was out of work 3 mo. due to illness The driver was a rude douche bag from the beginning . Told me he was going to beat my ass called me a pussy . Funny i have a black belt in the martial arts . Could have messed this Ass clown up really bad ! He was throing...

National Recovery Agency / Debt Collection

Reviewer92761 on 2015-10-26
I am continually being harassed by this company concerning a debt that is not mine from a company I have never heard of. They have also called family members. When I tried to get information about the "creditor" in order to investigate the matter further, I was yelled at and not given any...

NRA - National Recovery Agency from Miami - Florida, Miami / They keep calling my job number with treats back to back

bhoosh on 2015-09-24
They keep calling saying I owe some dept form back some 8 or 9years ago. I told them to stop calling my job but they still keep calling and treating to send simmons on my job and garnishment from my pay. their phone # 954-289-1901 and 754-200-9853. they also said I owe $700.00 and if it...

National Recovery Agency / Violation of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

MissouriFighter on 2015-03-06
In an effort to resolve a debt claim that I am not responsible for, I spoke with the manager to offer a confidential resolution and that offer was denied. I asked that they "Validate the debt" not verify my address and he said that they have had the file since August of 2014 and that the...

National Recovery Agency - Pennsylvania, Penn / UNETHICAL UNPROFESSIONAL ILLEGAL

anongirl on 2015-01-21
I received two calls in one day on my mobile phone. . . The call was routed to my vm which had a pre recorded machine that routed my to an agent once the call was answered. There was no identifying information on the vm regarding the caller and / or the nature of the call. Intrigued and...

National Recovery Agency / Alleged bill

CDB2 on 2014-08-28
I have received threatening phone calls from this company both at work and at home. They did not identify the company when they called:I called their number to find out who they were. I subsequently read about their unethical and illegal practices on the web. They need to be stopped.

National Recovery Agency / National Recovery Agency knowingly extorts fraudulent debts, but I found a solution

markintex on 2014-08-01
Like most people who dealt with this company, I experienced them trying to intimidate me into paying a debt that I knew was fraudulent and they almost certainly did too. Like others here, mine was for a doctors bill, they seem to specialize in collaborating with crooked little urgent care...

National Recovery Agency / Debt collection

Rumeur on 2014-07-30
One day I got a surprise letter in the mail from this company telling me I owed a certain dr bill an amount of money. I called many times since this was quite a surprise, asked questions, for which all answers were: I don't know and tgen found them attached to my credit report thi...

National Recovery Agency - Pennsylvania, Harrisburg / UNPROFFESIONAL STAFF

Pacya on 2014-07-28
I handled a bill on behalf my husband mentioning that he owes PSEG utility company which we never dealt or even heard of. Then NRA staff said PSEG was the replacement of National Grid NY which I did paid the last bill already. We sent the proof and payment and still searching on web what...

NRA / Error in support of Thad Cochran

Ibin Misled on 2014-06-13
The NRA sent me am email in support of Thad Cochran to retain his seat in the US Senate representing MISSISSIPPI .. The MRA touted him as a stern supporter of the second amendment which he IS NOT .. He as of yesterday sold his support to gun grabber Michael Blumberg for a $250, 000 donation to...

NRA - New Mexico / fraudulent collection call

Cindyjpd on 2013-10-03
Received a call on my cell phone stating I had charged off a credit card 14 years ago and that they were seeking restitution on it now...I still have the only credit card I had 14 years ago and have never had the card they stated I had. They had the last 4 digits of my social security...

National Recovery Agency - Pennsylvania / Fraud Fraud

Cherylag on 2012-11-28
I got a call from National Recovery Agency a couple months back by a rude lady named Diane, saying i owed the lottery $700 from 2005! She stated they had my address and telephone number from 2005, and that the state lottery was their client, who supposedly said i owed tax from lottery...

NRA - Minnesota, Virginia / Unsolicited scare tactic phone call

Gezandor on 2012-10-11
I received a lying scare tactic phone call from a representative of NRA (571 441-0183) The caller ID listed Herndon VA

National Recovery Agency - Pennsylvania / Reports on my credit report

Donna L. Arthur on 2011-12-16
I have two lines on my credit report that should not be there, and I've been unable to get them removed. One is West Bay Acquisitions, placed by National Recovery. This is (I think) for a statement from Science Fiction Book Club, and this account was paid in full around a year ago. It...

NRA - National Recovery Agency - Pennsylvania, Harrisburg / Harrassment

Jennifer Em on 2011-07-20
I have been called countless times asking for "David". I have asked everytime to be removed from the dialer. They always promise but say the "dialer" is sending the call over. Apparently, there is no way to remove a contact from the "dialer" and each removal is only for each individual company that receives the call that comes through.

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