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Lease Finance Group (LFG) Complaints & Reviews

LFG - Lease Finance Group LLC - Oklahoma, Stillwater / Service

angelo pugliares on 2016-03-16
I switched to this company on 1/26/16, due to a salesperson that walked in my store and promised me big savings. I didn't see a deposit into my account till 30 days later, 2/26/16, because the salesperson wrote down the wrong bank account number, he was off by one digit. Till today...

Lease Finance Group - Manitoba, Winnipeg / Leasing of a Terminal

Reviewer90135 on 2016-02-22
I am in Canada. I have had to deal with 3 companies I was not happy with - Versapay, Chase Paymentech and Lease Finance Group. Due to the FCAC regulations in Canada (Financial Consumer Agency of Canada) Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Industry of Canada, Element 3 which...

Lease Finance Group (LFG) - Virginia, Vienna / We put the 60 days notice of leave

Hirab on 2016-02-04
hese guys will try as much as possible to frustrate you when you end your lease and even go further to try and hold your security deposit from you.There is nothing unique about them, they operate the same as any other company but have more defaults.You can think every staff is trained...

Lease Finance Group LLC - Illinois, Chicago / Credit card machine leasing

Bert Keefer on 2016-01-23
Our business leased a credit card machine from this company and when the lease was up we went with a different company. We informed Lease Finance of our decision. After that we tried over and over to call them and had to leave messages because no one ever answered the phone. We left...

Lease Finance Group - Indiana, Ferdinand / Overcharging

Reviewer55429 on 2015-10-22
Can anyone shut this company down and help small business owners retrieve what was lost from them monetarily? I've learned what a HUGE mistake we made when we signed with this company. DO NOT sign a lease with them under ANY circumstances. Any advice on how to break their lease, or who to go to for help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Lease Finance Group LLC / Nutrit Credit Card Machine

Reviewer22248 on 2015-10-06
After over ten years leasing a credit card machine from this company, I tried to cancel and return machine as my business was closing. Allowed the company to automatically deduct payment from the business account months after business quit taking credit cards. Many calls were made with no...

Lease Finance Group - Illinois, Chicago / Equipment Return

Rent Me on 2015-08-11
After being in business for approximately 15 years and leasing a credit card terminal from this company, they would not accept their equipment back and tried to charge hefty fees for terminating with the firm. DO NOT USE THIS FIRM!!! Employees and managers are VERY curt. They are fine...

Lease Finance Group - New York, New york / fake signature and frauduglent credit card processor

philipa on 2015-07-08
no complaining but wish they go to the Hell. i have two contract with them, The first one : i had to pay : fee of credit card processing + $126/month/credit card equipment . i know i m stupid, made big mistake in my life. finally, all i got from this thing was the fraudulent credit card...

Lease Finance Group - Tennessee, Greeneville / Fraudulent contract

A representative from Retriever Processing Co., Tony Viola, came into the store to sell us his company service. We told him we were not interested in changing out program, but he continued to offer better rates, promised we would receive better service, etc. We told him we were not...

Eliot Management, First American Payment System And Lease Finance Group - Kansas, Overland Park / Poor product and service. Misleading contract

Villa Capri on 2015-03-31
Our cousin approached us 4 months before we opened and asked us to sign up with his company(Eliot Management Group) to process our credit cards and lease us the POS equipment. Anxious to help him and make our business as up to date as possible, we agreed, but asked him to start the...

Lfg Debit Machine - Ontario, chatham / Trying to take money

Shear Magic on 2015-03-26
I completed my 60 month term with this company and they took the money for the last month. I then receive a bill saying that I owe for last month and for then next month of the one I returned the equipment in because I mailed it 4 days in then month. This is a bigsc am not happy

Lease Finance Group LLC / Lease / credit card machine

Visions Hair Studio on 2014-08-19
Page 1 Dear Marc Barbanell, This letter is to inform you of what my business has been experiencing over the past two weeks or so and that no business should never have to go through this ever. It all began in July 24, 2014 when my Nurit 8320 terminal machine was not working. I was told that my...

Lease Finance Group / Fraudulent charges

clarks cars and trucks on 2014-07-21
Fraudulent charges and billings from lease finance group. My name is howell clark. I'm the owner of a small used car lot in cleburne texas. A couple of years ago i terminated my expired lease with both the seller of the lease (Whse. Solutions) and the equipment provider (Lease finance...

Lease Finance Group LLC - Florida, Boca Raton / fraudulent means of my money after 7 years

Wallach on 2013-12-11
I signed up to sell ionized water filter machine and thought I was signing a contract to be an independant contractractor for them. Instead I and a room full of people ( about 40 at this presentation in Orlando, Fl) signed up to be duped. We were not told the paper we signed made us responsible for...

Lease Finance Group LLC - New York / Not providing equipment that works

Victoria Van Heiden on 2012-10-10
Scam company ! Is trying to charge me for 48 months of lease equipment without providing equipment that works. It either malfunctions, or does not get satellite reception. LFC is claiming that they do not have to provide equipment that works since I contracted for 48 months. Any merchant...

Lease Finance Group - New York, New York / fraudulant practices with machines

Quentin Boucher on 2012-07-16
Several years ago I worked for a small business in Farmington, New Mexico. The owner of the business remained in Iowa, where we are from. While being employed there, he leased credit card machines from Lease Finance Group. When their rep dropped off the machines, the owner was in Iowa. I...

Lease Finance Group, Llc Chicago Il - Illinois, Chicago / continue to charge me after equipment was returned

LynnDLA on 2012-04-24
Like others stated, was given the hard sale, and guaranteed that should our business not conduct enough credit card business that we could return the equipment no problem. Also they would send out automatic upgrades for the equipment, which they NEVER did. We did not do enough credit card...

Lease Finance Group, Llc - Illinois, Chicago / Fraud and Theft

CWPhotos on 2012-04-17
An employee from the Lease Finance Group solicited service for Credited Merchant Services to my small business. She intentionally lied and misrepresented the companies services. Also after she left she changed the contract I signed to reflect a 4 year contract. As soon as I found out the...

Lease Finance Group, Llc/total Merchant Services - Nevada, Carson City / Fraud, Unethical Business Practices

It's a Girl Thang on 2012-03-15
In August of 2010, I received a call to sign up for an EBT credit card service for our business. I was told first they would not work with me, that my husband had to sign up for this service, that I wasn't allowed to sign up for reasons untold to me. I was talked into this opportunity...

Lease Finance Group Llc - Illinois, Chicago - Washington, Seattle / No cancellation contract?!

The Lease Finance Group company is simply the worst company I have every came across hands down! Several years ago I was approached by a sales representative from that company and of course he told me everything I wanted to hear. One of those things were that the funds would be transferred...

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