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Lane Furniture Complaints & Reviews

Lane Furniture - Oregon, Myrtle Creek / Wall hugger recliner

Reviewer73964 on 2016-01-26
We purchased two wall hugger recliners about a year ago. We have had bolts fall out of the working mechanism on each recliner. I had to purchase more bolts since two were missing from the factory. My wife has a burgundy one and it bleeds microfiber where he feet go and it is very ugly...

Lane Furniture - North Carolina, Winston-Salem / Do not warrenty product!!!

Reviewer45385 on 2015-12-09
We bought a leather sofa and chair with ottoman about 4 years ago. Recently the chair which no one sits in started peeling on the back of chair, then it has started peeling on the sofa seats, arms of sofa, and ottoman. It looks terrible. I contacted Lane furniture submitted all photo...

Lane Furniture / Benson sofa fabric failure

DH1968 on 2015-12-06
We purchased the Lane Benson living room set in a dark brown faux leather (sofa, chair, recliner, ottoman) in summer 2012 from an online store. The first set arrived with a busted couch and chair (looked like it had been thrown off the truck) and damage to all pieces on the corners etc...

Lane Furniture / Action recliner

Reviewer21798 on 2015-11-14
We purchased an action recliner from Johnny Janosik. In less than two years, the fabric is peeling. I have contacted the store and they said we had to contact Lane ...I have emailed two complaints in the last 3 weeks and they do not respond. Having seen numerous other complaints and...

Lane Furniture / Sectional sofa

Robin White on 2015-10-02
There is not enough padding in the arms. After 1 year the metal has pushed through and torn the fabric. There is also a large indention in the arm which should be padded. Loved my Lane sectional that I replaced after 18 years. I purposefully waited until I could find similar sofa and expected same quality. Very disappointed.

Lane Furniture Decorah - Wisconsin, Prairie du Chien / Leather recliner serial # 021794605 merchant # 000016737493

Reviewer43762 on 2015-09-28
Our children purchased a lovely dark brown leather recliner for my husband's birthday. Within a few months the leather cording on the arm rests were wearing off. I contacted the furniture store and included photos of the chair as well as the identifying numbers on the chair and the...

Lane Furniture - Alabama, Thomasville / Cracked and torn fabric

Melody & Jim on 2015-03-17
I filed a complaint with Marie Richardson on 2/23/15 and they have denied helping me because I have owned the Double Reclining Sofa for over four years. As you can see by the photos, the cheap polyester fabric, which is paper thin, is tearing away from the pad sheet by sheet. It is also...

Lane Furniture - Maine, Belfast / Dangerous double recliner

Amanitakrisa on 2014-11-27
My mom v=bought a brand new lane double recliner loveseat in the spring.When we got it home, that night we found out that if two {or later, even one!} people were sitting in it, in the recline position, and one of the persons leaned forward the l=slightest bit? The WHOLE UNIT would tip...

Lane Furniture/Comfort King Recliner / Poor Quality

Bob Jur on 2013-12-06
In 2007 I purchased a $900 Lane Comfort King "Big Man's" recliner, built for (and even advertised by) a football player sized man. Supposedly the frame is heavier gauge and all the other parts are beefed up - but truth be known, it's just a wider and slightly taller piece of...

Lane Furniture - California / Allergic Reaction to Recliners

HankSez on 2013-07-22
I recently purchased two Lane recliners. Fabric is polyester/cotton/polypropylene. I have a severe respiratory allergic reaction after sitting on either recliner for over 15". I called Lane Furniture Consumer Services in Tupelo, MS. They say it's not their problem. I asked for some...

Lane Furniture - Georgia / crappy recliner

knotty on 2012-07-30
So mom got this feminine paisley recliner and it has been the biggest piece of crap. First we noticed that the colors on the fabric aged 8 years in 2 months and turned from a bright color to a muddy dull color. We rarely ever sat in it because we got it for my brother to sit it when he...

Lane Furniture...recliners - Mississippi, Tupelo / Faulty mechanism

Dragon Lady on 2012-03-12
I purchased two recliners from this company, Action Industries, Inc.for a library room in a home in Missouri. The brand is Lane. I have no children it was just my husband and myself, so they were seldom used. 6 months into our ownership the mechanism started to fail. Like most busy...

Lane Furniture / Junk service

ypps on 2011-06-19
I"ve had a snuggler recliner for 2 weeks and its sagging bad on one side, its also 6 inches higher than the rest of my furniture. Will never purchase Lane again. Always thought they were a good product. Ordered through Woods Household Appliances, Mt. Pleasant, Mi 48617. Order No. 210531...

Lane Furniture / Cheaply Made!

RevaG on 2011-05-02
We bought a Lane reclining couch and a snuggler. We've had them repaired at least twice since buying them 2 years ago. The arms are made with cardboard and the stuffing has fallen out. Very hard to pull recliner cord. The reclining on the snuggler ripes the stuffing out every time you try...

Lane Furniture / Big Man chairs are crap

Papadusty on 2011-04-25
We bought two Lane Big Man chairs, (I'm 5-10, 220, not what I would call a real big man)inside of 4yrs ago. The chairs have each been in the shop twice and I have fixed broken bolts in each one myself. You just sit in the one and the leg rest pops up and you can't get it to stay...

Lane Furniture / Won't stand behind furniture

paddyp871 on 2011-04-20
We purchased a Lane leather sectional sofa from Kittles about 4 years ago for about 2, 500. The padding in the seats, arms and back is completely broken down. They sent the padding but it is up to us to pay for the labor which is the most expensive part of the repair. It is around $600 to...

Lane Furniture / Recliner keeps breaking but store won't fix or replace

hrt63 on 2011-04-17
2 years ago we bought a recliner from a local furniture company and we chose Lane because of the manufacturer warranty. A few days/weeks after the 1 year warranty was up the recliner broke; pieces flew everywhere. Took it to the store and manager refused to replace but attempted to fix...

Lane Furniture / Junk

Offmgr08209 on 2011-04-16
I purchased a Lane double recliner sofa. After 5 wks, the arm cushion came loose from the wood frame. The poly filled cushions have flattened & the material has stretched. Per customer service "the warranty is for labor & cover to repair only" for 1 year from date of purchase. Customer...

Lane Furniture / Defective recliners

Gdvl on 2011-02-28
Lane furniture company sells defective recliners and does not honor their products . We purchased two at over $ 1ooo.oo . We special ordered them and I sit on bare wood that I have to pad with batting. My husband s mechanism is broken .We complained from the day of delivery to no avail...

Lane Furniture - Astro Double Reclining Sofa - Nebraska, Omaha / DESIGN FLAWED SOFA

Kristi from Omaha on 2011-01-19
In April 2010 I purchased from NFM a Lane Double Reclining Sofa from the Astro Collection. There was to be a one year guarantee on the item. In December 2010 a rod from the seat had torn through the upholstery and was poking my daughter in her leg. This rod had also torn the upholstery on...

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