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HughesNet Complaints & Reviews

HughesNet / Unethical behavior

rgstoughton on 2016-04-25
This fiasco started on April 12 2016..I phoned to request new service.As this location is fairly remote, I explained very clearly that the installer we to contact me. I was given I stall date of April 21..of course I did not receive a call from installer so I called myself.When I spoke to...

Hughesnet Satellite / Internet/Home Phone service

zeegal on 2016-04-15
HughesNet Satellite is a total rip off. I have their internet/home phone service and I've experienced everything others on this site have complained about. There are other websites people have filed complaints on and the complaints are in the hundreds if not more. Complaining to HughesNet is a...

HughesNet - Texas, Crockett / Email account was canceled

janankent on 2016-04-14
I've never in my life been so upset iv had the services for five years had so many problems that i cancelled my services . I was never told my email would be canceled . well as of yesterday i was unable to access that account i have a construction company and have five years of...

HughesNet / Phone service and sales

papajigs on 2016-04-04
When I signed up for internet and phone service I was told by two sales people that the price would be $59.95 for 3 months and then 79.94 after that.They both also said my contract would be for 1 year. I have no complaint whatsoever about the internet service but their .phone service...

HughesNet / Internet customer service

jpsmed on 2016-02-20
Have Had troubles with billing since the state!!! Lost tons of money...even after we faxed proof and still wasn't credited. Not as of todays invoice you are showing a reversal of payment of over $98.00. Will not send any paperwork to show me in hard copy where this happened. My Bill...

HughesNet / Internet service

Reviewer62797 on 2016-02-03
We had been with them for a couple of years, but something changed last December. Suddenly we started being hit with our bandwidth cap and had to purchase "tokens" on order to maintain bandwidth through the last week or so of the billing period. Tech support assured us it was because we...

HughesNet / This is so unbelievable

Castey on 2016-01-21
I purchased a service from them over a year ago. I was ASSURED by the sales agent that the package we were getting "was more than enough for what you are going to be doing online" I CLEARLY explained that we are Amazon subscribers and DOWNLOAD books regularly and my husband watches tv on...

HughesNet / Was told that they were the only service in our area by direct tv and hughesnet the service is horrible and i have a big dish on the side of my house.

Cokemachughesnet on 2016-01-15
We bought a house in Mohave Valley AZ, because we have direct tv at our CA home we wanted the same here. When contacting direct tv it was told to us that hughes net was the only wifi provider. So we contacted them they came out and the only place that would be good, do to winds was on the...

HughesNet / Unethical Sales

bhp123 on 2016-01-08
I contacted Hughes regarding reconnecting my service on Dec. 29. I own my equipment and did not have to purchase it new. The agent was told this. After agreeing to the service and giving my cell phone number and credit card, I found that I was to be charged for an equipment lease fee...

HughesNet / Refusing to acknowledge payment

Jacque M. Sharp on 2015-12-30
My account number is DSS10026742. On October 2, 2015 I went on the website and attempted to make a payment with the debit card in my name(Jacquelyn Sharp) My bank declined that payment because of previous problems with Hughesnet and my debit card. I then made a payment successfully with a...

Hughes Net / Being charged for disconnecting

Reviewer53332 on 2015-12-20
They were to send me a box to return my materials, in order to get a refund. 1. They seem incapable of getting me a box after 4 tries. if you Google map my address= my house is right there. 2. They expect me to crawl onto a roof of a house I no longer live in and don't know the...

HughesNet - Illinois, Byron / Internet service

Reviewer86586 on 2015-12-13
I'm waiting to see Hughes network having to pay us customers back a lot of money for there Fraudulent service this company needs to have a class action suit against them for false advertising. this is the worst service for Internet that I have had for well since the Internet. They...

HughesNet - Colorado, Arvada / Internet service

randy carrillo on 2015-11-29
hughesnet first of all deceives you into believing they provide fast internet then they expect you to settle for crap data usage charges so you are not allowed to watch anything in HD netflix will use your monthly usage in one day .then they say its your fault for surfing anything on...

HughesNet - North Carolina, Taylorsville / Over draft charge they caused

david sanscevero on 2015-11-23
i have had to deal with this company a few times, but this time no satisfaction with outcome. i was told that my bill was 61.98. today i got a card from my bank saying i was overdrawn. found out it was hughesnet that had taken out an extra 10.00 from my account. hughes never contacted me...

HughesNet - Ohio, Toledo / Discontinued Hughesnet

mezzareme on 2015-11-06
Discontinued using horrid HughesNet over 3 months ago... Paid in full... Had to even pay to send back their radio transmitter (which was supposed to come to me in a free send back ups box _never did) Now they are still charging me even though I no longer live at the address where I wa...

HughesNet - Illinois, Chicago / I Was Given A Lot Of Credits:

Reviewer59353 on 2015-11-05
Arthur R. KAISER Jr. ORDER number: 9393825 site account (SAN):DSS33413612 date of order: 10/14/2015 amount collected at time of Order: $0.00 Hughes net service 3-month credit: express repair credit: service credit: Hughes net equipment Credit.. I did not reave a bill, I told the lady that...

HughesNet - Louisiana, Kentwood / Billing

Reviewer16109 on 2015-10-19
today 10/19/2015 hughesnet is going to charge me a second time for canceling/ moving my address. I swear these people are so incompetent they are criminals and thieves just so they can get another buck. DO NOT BUY HUGHESNET SERVICES unless you want to get ROBBED! I am so pissed right now I...

Hughesnet.com - Texas, College Station / Billing policy

Reviewer28281 on 2015-10-18
They billed me for 1 month service in advance. On the 4th day, I asked to cancel... they said no refunds. So I said ok, reduce my bill, then they said ok. I just auto paid my 30 day bill today for $194... They said the bill I paid for 30 days service will not be refunded. So for 4 days of...

HughesNet - Maryland, Germantown / Fraud, terrible service, unethical behaviour

Reviewer90273 on 2015-10-03
I inquired about their service over the phone because I had moved out into the middle of nowhere, like most people who inquire about their service. The sales tech told me on the phone that, while they do throttle connections after a certain data limit is exceeded, since I got the highest...

HughesNet / Internet service

kkrile on 2015-09-22
After being with HughesNet for 1 year and 10 months, they charged me $110 cancellation fee because I got out of the military and was relocating to an apartment building that won't allow satellite. Before moving, I packaged up all of their equipment myself and mailed it off. On September...

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