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Holsted Jewelers Complaints & Reviews

Holsted Jewelers / Walmart Gift Card

tweetnut on 2016-05-02
Back in Feb., I answered a promotion for 2 rings at $3.99 each. The promotion included a $25 Walmart gift card. It is now May 2; and still no card. I called on April 11. Was told my reply was never received. I would get a letter with a code to get the card. Would arrive in 2-3...

Holsted Jewelers - Wisconsin, Milwaukee / Jewelry (rings)

Angela Pickens on 2016-04-22
I ordered from Finger hut with an offer for 2 free rings, only to pay for shipping and handling. Once I did, every other week we received another packet of jewelry. I read the fine print which stated to call to cancel being in this monthly club; PLUS returned the jewelry with the postcard...

Holsted Jewelers / Gift cards

ddseelbach on 2016-04-04
I ordered rings because I received a phamplet in the US mail and I was given a scratch off for a walmart gift card for $25.00. I was talked into subscribing to Magazine Rewards Plus for a $50.00 gift card and cancel anytime and still receive the gift cards. Then I was called and asked...

Holsted Jewelers / Pending

Sistersin on 2016-03-03
I was sent a card for two free rings if I paid postage, which I did. I told the girl I talked to I did not want to join any club or buy the matching earrings . They charged my CC $1.02 on Feb 12 twice and then on Feb 14th they charged it another $3.02 twice and then there appeared a charge...

Holsted Jewelers / 2 fake rings

Reviewer25390 on 2016-03-02
They scammed me bad! When I talked to the lady, I ordered the 2 rings I thought supposedly that was a gift, or at least that was said it was a gift. Turns out to be a scam. The lady kept trying to get me to get earrings and I said "NO" I just want the 2 rings that were gifts"...

Holsted Jewelers - Illinois, Joliet / Promise of Walmart gift card

Reviewer48848 on 2016-03-02
When I signed up with Holsted I was promised to free rings for the price of shipping and handling. I was also promised a Walmart $25 gift card. THis was back in October. I received one ring which was worthless. The other ring I was told was out of stock. However they did charge my credit...

Holsted Jewelers - Illinois, Joliet / Unauthorized charges to my debit account

Ordered free rings all I was supposed to pay was shipping and handling. I received overdraft fees from my bank. Them guys had continuous took very small amount of money without my knowledge and permission. Once I got two 28 dollar overdraft fees from my bank, my bank and myself have...

Holsted Jewelers - Illinois, Joliet / Walmart gift card

Dusty5 on 2016-02-18
I had order the jewelers to get the Walmart gift card. I never recived it. Then I called on November 23, 2015 four months after I didn't recieve anything. They told me they would send out another onein 3 to 4 weeks. I waited didn't recieve anything called again on December 12...

Holsted Jewelers / Program not signed up for

Reviewer80217 on 2016-02-13
Received two charges to my PayPal account, called, complained and they returned the money. I made sure that I wasn't signed up for any sort of program to receive jewelry. A week later, two more charges well over $100, again, but this time when I called they said the items had been...

Holsted Jewelers - Illinois, Joliet / unethical behavior

G Arnold on 2016-02-08
I placed 2 different orders (about 3 weeks apart) with Holsted Jewelers, before I had internet. When I received the jewelry it looked very cheap and not like the pictures at all. But I figured lesson learned, they had promised a free $25.00 Walmart gift card with each order and that would...

Holsted Jewelers / Unauthorized charges

Reviewer97588 on 2016-02-03
I at one time bought a couple or rings because I more or less had 2 from halstead jewelry in a Disney club thing rings were free just pay s & h, had 2 do this 2 complete agreement with company so I did, well since then Holstead has sent me 2 jewelry ordrs that I did not agre 2 buy nor did...

Holsted Jewlers / Scam

Maria Whittington on 2016-01-31
I received your WONDERFUL offer for 1 ring with a scratch off to get a 2nd ring as well. All I had to do was pay S/H which I did. I also was to get a $25.00 walmart gift card. The rings arrived and Thank God I read ALL the paper work that came with the rings. They automatically sign you up...

Holsted Jewelers - New York, New York / Rings

JohannaGrateful Smith on 2016-01-30
I order some rings and I was charged for the s/h but I have not received anything, and I'm still waiting. I will not order any thing else I keep getting these pieces of paper in the mail about replacement or repair and that I'm covered for this .but how are you going to cover the rings if I don't have them to be covered

Holsted Jewelers - Illinois, Joliet / Jewelry being sent after cancellation

Ethel Carpenter on 2016-01-27
I ordered the 2 free rings got them they are crap. Turned green in 24 hours. But within days another package arrived I had already canceled. I did not order anything then a few more days another package arrived. Both packages were billed to my card each for $66.99. I called they said when...

Holsted Jewelers / Jewelry set

Dawn Jackson Mulligan on 2016-01-27
I have the same complaint as everyone else here. I ordered and paid for shipping on a free ring set and then was sent more jewelry and my credit card was billed $46.98. I did not order this jewelry nor did I agree to monthly shipments of jewelry. It put me over the limit on my credit card...

Holsted Jewelers - Illinois, Joliet / Earrings and necklace

Crystal Cooper on 2016-01-23
I ordered two rings @ 1.95 each from this company in October/November 2015. I did receive the items in the mail late November. I was the subsequently charged $66.98 two times on December 14th & 15th. Which overdrafted my account and was charged $35 two times. And because my account wa...

Holsted Jewelry - Kansas, Dodge City / Fraudulent Charge

Reviewer96805 on 2016-01-22
I was offered inexpensive rings, which I accepted, and then charged for "earrings that will be mailed out every 4 weeks" which I was not informed about. But I did decline any other merchandise or offers when I spoke to the company. This company is a joke and not to be trusted. They...

Holsted Jewelers - California, Palmdale / Offer to receive free ring

Margie L. Abel on 2016-01-19
I received an offer to receive free rings and just pay the shipping charges. I have tried repeatedly to contact customer service to cancel this order as I have noticed that they are trying in different ways to submit charges on my credit card. I was notified by my bank and started calling...

Holsted Jewelry / Its a scam

donna kangas on 2016-01-17
I called and asked why would you be sending me a ring and a Walmart gift card worth 100.00 for 3.99 cents..reply; Oh we just want you to try our jewelry so I asked for address they gave me NewYork New York and the envelope says Illinois Its a scam don't fall for it!!

Holsted Jewelers / Being double billed

Diane Knaus on 2016-01-17
Ordered an inexpensive piece of jewelry, they charged me 69.96 twice in the same day, now I get another charge for the same amount. Have been trying to email them about the account with no luck. Will have to call them tomorrow about it I guess. I have not placed anymore orders at all for...

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