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Hair Club Complaints & Reviews

Hair Club / Their refusal to issue a refund

Adele Schlie on 2016-03-28
I contacted the Hair Club of Hauppauge, New York back in early December 2015 because of continuing hair loss. I met with their representative Bob and was very impressed by his assurance that they could help me. He showed me examples of hair replacement and assured me I would be able to...

Hair Club - Wisconsin, Milwaukee / They Don't tell you the truth !

KaraLynn on 2016-02-08
The Hair Club in Milwaukee Wi is very dishonest . At your consultation they tell you you don't need to get plugs or surgery and that they will solve it and put your hair back and you will have full long hair again very fast. My next appointment there was a wig(matrix) hanging and I asked...

Hair Club - Colorado, Longmont / Hair treatment

Mely Jurado on 2015-11-17
When i choose to have a hair treatment, they tell me that all my hair problems it will gone, one of my issues is the i lose hair, and on the top of my hair it was forming a spot of not hair. When i went for my appointments i always told them that i was still loosing hair, the answer wa...

Hair Club for Men - Illinois, Romeoville / This is a scam. Buyer beware..

Daniel Michael on 2015-10-07
Do you have 290 dollars a month to spend on your hair? I was thrilled after I got my first hairpiece from HCM. All was good for about six weeks. Then they presented me with their"affordable packages." If I wanted to keep this look I would need a new wig every 10 weeks. My Stylist, her name...

Hair Club - North Carolina, Raleigh / Rip off

Bittsey on 2015-05-28
Hairclub make you think that you are going to help you getyour hair back but this company is nothingbut a rip off Tbey glue hair a wig to your scalp charge $3000 for umonths. Rope you into a contract prices beginning at $299.00-$499 per month. To glue a piece of hair to my head I went there...

Hair Club - Minnesota, Bloomington / Satisfaction far from &guaranteed&

gecko310 on 2015-04-29
I've had 3 hair transplants with Hair Club over the last 5 years...and hardly anything grew for me. Dr Duncan Simmons then moved out of state after my last transplant and has not contacted me or even seems interested in helping me out. Hair Club insists that my hair did grow...but I...

Hair Club / stuck with a bad contract

Marlbro on 2015-04-08
Before we signed the contract, my husband and I asked them about their product and how does it work. They made us think it was permanent it is glued to your head and it is not a wig. They called it Matrix. They said don't worry you'll love it, we said ok as long as its not a wig...

Hair Club for Men and Women - Michigan, Southfield / hair loss due to medical adhesive

Eryka on 2014-11-23
Hello there. I am a former Hair Club member. About 9 years ago i noticed my hair was thinning. Not too bad, just a little on the top and sides. I was beginning to get depressed and tried many different things to help the growth. I came across Hair Club online and decided to get the free...

Hair Club for Men & Women / Waste of Money

Shannon VonHaden on 2014-10-19
Spent almost $3, 000 to become worse off than I was before. They don't tell you that you will have to use the products for the rest of your life. They don't tell you that you can only get the product from them if you are paying them money monthly after you pay them the $2, 500...

Hair Club for Men - Georgia, Dallas / Unwanted Phone Calls

David Schwartz on 2014-09-16
These people have been calling me 4 or 5 times every day. They just keep saying: "I am not getting a response. I am terminating this phone call." Are these people so darn dumb, they don't get the message? If they are terminating the phone call because they are not getting a response, why do they keep calling back 1000 times over?

Hair Club - California, Los Angeles / Dishonest and Fraud

nikki nik on 2013-12-22
Hello...I have found this site far too late. I have already paid Hair Club LA almost $4000 and i have given the wig which is glued to my head. I must say that i went in with thinning hair and i thought they would enhance my own hair which is what they told me at the consultation. after...

Hair Club for Women - Virginia, McLean / Liers, Fraud, Unethical Company; Stay Far away

honestyisbestpolicy1 on 2013-05-07
Ok, so where do I begin. Let me start by saying that by choosing this company I made the worst choice in my life. Imagine a company taking 400-500 dollars from your bank account every month automatically w/out being able to give you appts to actually use the service because they are alway...

Hair Club - Texas, Dallas / Unprofessional

mcleasters on 2012-12-19
The Hair Club for men hires unprofessional staff. We went to the Dallas Texas office and like a past review I just read, they will bug you over and over and over on the phone. We had went to an original appointment and met with David which he was nice. After we asked them not to contact u...

Hair Club for Men (and Women) - Virginia, McLean / Issues with glue and extensions

Huey's Mom on 2012-11-29
This is a two edged complaint. The women who apply the hair extensions did a great job. They were professional and their work was remarkable. The issue I have is that the glue and the mesh that holds the hair caused a great deal of trouble for me personally. My scalp is peeling, it i...

Hairclub Jacksonville - Florida, Jacksonville / Liars

Hair Club in Jacksonville is such a crock of sh--! Like everyone is saying they are super nice people during the consultation and because you need help with your hair loss they make you feel you have come to the right place. Mindy talks about her kid and ex-husband making you feel really...

Hair Club San Jose - California, San Jose / San Jose Stylists are the best

soshes001 on 2012-10-15
Hair Club San Jose has byfar the best staff and stylists. i've been a client for over 7 years and lucked out because they really take care of their clients. 4 of the stylists Chi, Thu, Tammie, and Jeanette are the greatest. check out the reviews here: http://siliconvalley.citysearch.com/profile/618567010/san_jose_ca/hair_club_for_men_and_women.html I believe a...

Hair Club - Virginia, McLean / Refused refund

David Sturt on 2012-08-25
Dishonest. Did not refund money for products rendered before 3 days. Never used and advised everyone to not use them. Tried hair piece (wig) over weekend and Hair Club refused to accept rejection of product so I had to eventually pay total cost of $3000.00. The initial cost of $1000 wa...

Hair Club - Boston and Woburn - Massachusetts / Poor Service

paulinboston on 2012-07-28
Hair Club of Boston recently (March 2011) moved to a new location in downtown Boston and simultaneously lost a key manager, a very nice Irish lady who ran the place beautifully. Since that time, they have failed to deliver their promised products on time, and the quality of the product...

Hair Club - California / FRAUD THEIFS SHAME ON YOU

Taline H on 2012-07-06
HAIR CLUB you all need to be hunged! you are cheeters and theifs! You make a bullshit contract you scums! They come so nicely to you but they are all WITCHES and Alex the Devil himseld. This was on sunset in Hollywood. I got me hair piece and right after they got me in to ther...

Hair Club for Men and Women - Ontario, Toronto / wish i knew earlier of hair club?

jkraft on 2012-06-22
I was at HCM for 14 years from 1990 to 2004. I saw the company COMPLETELY change over that time. In the early days, the hair was braided instead of glued, and the units were far more detectable. If you had hair in front to camouflage the hair system, it helped. This sounds awful, but the...

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