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Grand Incentives / Grand Navigator Complaints & Reviews

Grand Incentives / Grand Navigator / Reservations and Booking

Reviewer75991 on 2016-02-16
I had booked with company and paid for an upgrade for a 3 bedroom Villa in Orlando, Florida. I was told the price was 326.00 for the upgrade. I also paid a 25.00 Travel insurance cancellation fee. I discovered that your company had charged me an additional $46.26 after the fact. I called...

Grand Navigator/grand Incentives - Florida, Sarasota / Travel

Reviewer56467 on 2015-10-30
This company is rude and nasty they are liars and practice no business ethics. In addition, they have no morals. The Manager Dana Mccormack is worst than the customer service reps. She hung up the phone on me, started yelling and interrupted me, and advised me to report her saying she...

Grand Incentives - Florida, Sarasota / ripoff

slbren on 2015-06-02
This is a scam! I was given a certificate for 4 days 3 nights vacation to mexico. LOL I really thought I was going! they sent me papers to complete and send in certified mail, I complied with everyon of them. I thought I had read them all completly until the end they give you a rules page...

Grand Navigator / SCAM-Never got trip

myvirtualvisions on 2015-02-27
I went to a time share seminar where they said I would receive a free trip upon completion. I sent in my paperwork to Grand Navigator to claim my trip. I never received the paperwork back from them to book my trip. I called to tell them I had a signed return receipt that they had received...

Grand Incentives / refund long in coming

Michelleg731 on 2015-02-18
We were not able to find any dates to use a free 2 night vacation voucher from Grand Incentives. Big surprise there (not!) after reading a lot of reviews on the company! So I requested our deposit back that we had to send in in order to even choose dates in the first place. This should...

Grand Incentives - Florida, Sarasota / took my money & fake vacation

donnylwatson on 2014-12-09
they had my wife & I thinking we were going to hawaiii, several timjes I sent certified mail, there always was a problem with them, & they took several hours of our time plus 100$.this is a scam 7 it stressed us out so extreamly, we r going to Hawaii, but from no help from them.they just...

Grand Incentives Inc - Florida, Florida City / Deposit not received

Bernard Fraser on 2014-12-08
I submitted paperwork 3 times requesting different travel dates and none were available. When asked for the available dates I was told that they cannot give me any available dates. Therefore, on 6/26/2014 I submitted a request for my $50 refund. It's December 8, 2014 and I'm still...

Grand Navigator / will not refund your money

Tricia Osment on 2014-10-10
Did the rainbow demo for free 2 night stay with Grand Navigator first you have to pay $ 50.00 before you pick your dates and location wait 30 days for them to reply if you can use it on the dates picked and location. well guess what you never can use the dates or locations you pick alway...

Grand Incentives / horrible

shywanda on 2014-09-03
Grand Incentives is by far the worse company to go deal with. I sent my deposit in February and here it is September and haven't received it yet. I called at least twice every two weeks and be on hold for at least 45 min. And all they say is that your refund haven't been processed yet. They are a bunch of scam artist.

Grand Incentives Inc. / Grand Incentives is a Scam

JWright8314 on 2014-09-03
Grand Incentives is a SCAM! Do not give them any money. They offer you deals that seem too good to be true and that's because they are. They require you to go through a lengthy request process that rivals filling out a long form for your tax return that you must submit months in...

Grand Incentives / Simplicity Life Travel / Fraud

Brenda M62114 on 2014-08-12
I was given a certificate with the option to upgrade. I did so, and registered my certificate through Their website on May 2, 2014. I attempted to get in touch with your company to get a status update, and each time I have had to wait at least an hour to speak with someone. When the...

Grand Navigator - Florida, Sarasota / Nothing ever avail?

aroadmaster on 2014-06-20
Even though I saw many types of email complaints online...I still had trust that I would in fact receive a free hotel stay from your company as promised. At this point I am leaning towards believing its the TRUTH! I sent in my first form 11/2013...which of course came back as having...

Grand Navigator / Free vacation trip

Brier Rabbit on 2014-04-21
This company is also involved in the time-sharing scam as well and may go under the name Grand Navigation as well. My fiancé was told she had one a trip after her name was pulled from a hat. This free vacation included airfare and a two or more hour sales pitch to convince us to buy...

Grand Incentives - Golf & Spa Certificate / Unavailable Dates

Tsune on 2013-11-07
I got GRAND INCENTIVES - Golf & Spa Certificate from Ambit Energy, but this certificate cannot be used. I felt this company is fraud. I booked 6 months ago and arranged air tickets for whole family (4 people). 3 weeks before the booked date, they said unavailable dates. They don't...

Grand Incentives - Florida / refund

Tamaras on 2013-04-23
I made a travel plan was told it was not available and now have tried for 4 months to get a refund. I call and they hang up on me.

Grand Navigator / Printing Planning Form

ready2go on 2013-04-05
I received a vacation certificate for sitting through a (5 hour) vaccum presentation. I tried to activate the certificate, following all prompts and successfully providing my banking account information (to cover the trip/kid fees). However, once I was prompted to print the planning form...

Grand Navigator - Florida / thieving thugs

muhoel1 on 2013-04-01
This is a scam. This company offers certificates for "free" hotel stays at various locations in the US. When registering a certificate for the "free" vacation, you are required to put a $50 deposit. You may never see that money again. Operators are rude and ignorant. The vacation dates and...

Coast To Coast Grand Getaways Grand Incentives - Florida, Sarasota / FALSE ADVERTISEMENT

THISISWAR on 2013-03-28
This complaint does not fall into one category but many. Our primary concern is that the sales representatives misrepresented incentives to join. Our first and most important complaint is that we purchased this item under the impression that we would receive several incentives and one major...

Grand Navigator / Not giving what they are supposed to

Lauren Ashworth on 2013-03-01
I went to a seminar at Direct Buy and I was told that I would get two free air tickets. I was unable to print out the planning form, so I called and was told they would send me one in the mail. I've called at least TEN times, no lie, and each time the person on the other end told me I...

Grand Incentives - Florida, Sarasota / Have not returned deposit

sstiltner on 2013-02-12
I tried to schedule a vacation using my certificate multiple times and every time I was told the area and times requested were not available. I then requested a return of the $50 deposit and have received no response. I keep calling but give up after being on hold for over 20 minutes waiting to speak to someone.

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