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Posted: 2011-02-07 by    BagT


Complaint Rating:  95 % with 1322 votes
Contact information:
United States
I was not aware of what a scam this is It cost me$159.00 to find out...

Do Not usethis company or any other company who says you can bid on stuff cheaply..I tried unsuccessfully to cancel my account and it finally cost me $159.00 they will not refund our money ..they state in good faith they will refund half still waiting for that to happen which is $79.50 but not the full price. Tey charge you what they want and you can not change the amount beleive me I tired.. they are scamers and cheats don't use them..unless you want a good life lesson.. remeber if it walks like aduck and quacks like a duck its a dam duck good luck too all future suckers
Comments United States Internet Services
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 17th of Apr, 2013 by   LUCKEY 0 Votes
Sorry, another mistake. That should be 3/9/13 and 3/16/13.
 26th of Apr, 2013 by   truffles8761 0 Votes
I was saddened to see that zbiddy.com tacked on a $79.00 charge to my bill which I did not approve. I tried to contact them to no avail. They don't answer the phones during their purported business hours. They do not respond to emails.
 29th of Apr, 2013 by   bautistamina 0 Votes
This is really a scam that the authority should pay attention..they will suck your money and you got nothing because you run out of token for bidding, , I have no idea why they let this company continue for this scam...Who ever authority is in is in charged for this kind of scam ..How long you been waiting before you do an action..Wake up people...
 4th of May, 2013 by   christopherjacob 0 Votes
They are not scammers. They operate since more than a year now.
 4th of May, 2013 by   martymiller -1 Votes
I don't think they are fraudulent. Check their Alexa rank and traffic to their website. I understand that there are some annoyed users.
 4th of May, 2013 by   martymiller 0 Votes
biddy is not a scam
 5th of May, 2013 by   joseph douglas 0 Votes
Winning Penny Auction sites like Zbiddy needs patience and good strategy. It is better to read their terms and condition, How it works page and other details before you jump into the bidding war and lose.
 5th of May, 2013 by   aldis ben 0 Votes
Well, if you read their terms and condition, you'll find that the bids are non-refundable. Then why you guys blame the site after you place bids and lose the auction? every penny auction site works that way. you have to purchase a bid package before you can place a bid.
 27th of May, 2013 by   grannyb1 0 Votes
I paid for 500 dollars worth of grocery cupons, and I was supposed to get a pin to use the site. they took the money plus the transactionfee but I never got what I paid for. now they refuse to do anything about it despite the email with the guarantee they seem to be so proud of
 1st of Jun, 2013 by   very much displeased +1 Votes
I got on this site and registered so I could look at an iPad mini. They took me for 60.00.and I did not purchase anything. They also have not answered my complaint. I wouldn't recommend anyone even looking at it. I'm afraid to log back in to erase my credit card.
 3rd of Jun, 2013 by   lucky2b12 0 Votes
I have been a member of z biddy for quite a while now. I have to say that they are a very dishonest site!
They are not honest at all. I have won numerous auctions on the site and they haven't sent me my wins. They have been gift cards such as amazon, k mart, home depot ect. I have called them numerous times and they have told me that the wins will be sent in the next 7-14 days! that haven't arrived and It's been 7 weeks now!
no emails to tell me when they are going to send or anything else.
DO NOT USE ZBIDDY! If you want to contact me my email is lucky2b12@yahoo.com
 19th of Jun, 2013 by   Lynn Kline 0 Votes
I was the successful bidder on a companion airline ticket and with bid and shipping the total to be charged to my account was in the $6.50 range and was supposed to arrive within 2-3 days which never happened. Now I tried to bid on another item and was told that I had to register, which I had done previously, and when I tried that it came up that my email address was already used and I could not get into my account. I did not notice if there was a login if registered, but I can't recollect that there was. I have notified my credit card company and make them aware of this situation and not to accept any charges. I really think that this is a big SCAM and should not be able to be on the internet.
 2nd of Jul, 2013 by   MISREPS 0 Votes
COMPLAINT!!! - I won a $500 shopping coupon:
It required membership and fees on top of the price you pay to win the card.
See disclosures:
You understand that My Grocery Dough is only an online rewards administration company, and is not associated in any way with any
business that may have given you your reward. My Grocery Dough did not call you, did not sell you anything, and did not make any
promise to you about your reward. Many businesses give away our rewards as part of their sales process, but My Grocery Dough was
not and is not involved in that process in any way. Our commitment is simply to honor the terms and conditions of this program, which
you will find on the following screen.
You understand that you cannot cancel anything you may have bought from some other organization by requesting cancellation here at
My Grocery Dough. If you are interested in canceling a product or service, you understand that you must contact the company who sold
that product or service to you, which is not My Grocery Dough
You understand that My Grocery Dough consists of three member benefits. One of the benefits is up to one thousand dollars ($1, 000.00)
in face value clipped grocery coupons, which My Grocery Dough clips and sends to you in the mail. This is different from/distinct from
the other grocery coupons related benefits on the website, like free printable coupons, etc. For the clipped coupon benefit, there are
limitations, rules, and restrictions regarding their redemption. Using the website’s shopping cart, customers can add coupons they would
like to be clipped. Coupon values are determined by the face value of the coupon. For example, a $1.00 off Coca Cola coupon has a
face value of $1.00. Because these coupons must be clipped and mailed, there is a small processing fee associated with clipped
coupons orders in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the face value of the coupon, plus a flat fee of seventy five cents ($0.75) per order.
For example, if a clipped coupon order was for ten (10) of the $1.00 off Coca Cola coupons, the processing fee would be ten percent
(10%) of the face value of the coupons, plus the flat fee of seventy five cents ($0.75), for a total cost to the customer of one dollar and
seventy five cents ($1.75). As a courtesy, My Grocery Dough, in fulfilling that order, will add the value of the processing fee (in our
example, $1.75) in additional face value coupons to your order, thus making up for the processing fee with extra coupons.
 5th of Sep, 2013 by   rlb2746 0 Votes
I have been using zbiddy for about a year and have been successful in winning several auctions for good prices. However, lately I have had nothing but issues. Won 4 Amazon egift cards (8/5, 8/6, 8/12, 8/15) and have not been able to get a valid code despite 3 "chats" with their Online Support. Also, lately all they have for auctions are bids - any major auctions are 3-5 days out from final bidding. They have turned into a real scam machine
 12th of Sep, 2013 by   anthonye 0 Votes
Anthony E.
New Reviewer
Level: 0 (1 review, 0 helpful)

I first used Zbiddy in 2011 and everything was fine. I won a number of high end items (TV, IPAD, IPOD, Gift Cards) and received everything within 3 weeks of payment which was excellent. I ended up taking a long break from penny auctions and just recently started again at Zbiddy in July 2013. So far I've won 1 IPAD and 3 IPODS but have not received any of them, the oldest item being the Ipad from almost 2 months ago. The site has clearly gone downhill since I last used it. There is no phone number posted on the site and when I found it online the people who answer cannot provide you any information about shipping. All they do is tell you to be patient or that your concern has been forwarded to the appropriate dept and someone will get back to you via email in 3-5 days, which they never do. If you try to dispute charges they try to convince you to trade your win/charge in for something else like a gas certificate or travel voucher which are difficult to redeem and not worth the money you would lose. When you email they never respond and when you use chat you get someone illiterate as the transcript is full of misspelled words and poor punctuation, not to mention the fact that all they can do is forward your concern to the ELUSIVE shipping department. The sites terms and conditions says your items are shipped within 48hrs. After payment you get an email that says your item should arrive within 7-10 business days. Weeks later when you complain you will get a "verification" email which requires you to go to a link that you will need to sign up for (not related to zbiddy but called zbiddyrewards) where they will try to convince you to trade your win in for one of the lousy consolation prizes similar to what they try to trade you for on the phone. When you decline you receive a "confirmation" email stating once again that your item will arrive within 7-10 business days. I've already passed that (by a week) with no delivery or tracking # to speak of. I could continue to wait in hopes of receiving these items but I refuse to be treated like this as a customer and so I've initiated chargebacks today on everything I paid. The people who defend zbiddy are either speaking about the past or shills because Zbiddy is absolutely no longer a trustworthy, dependable or honest site. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!
 16th of Sep, 2013 by   SBENTLEY +1 Votes
 24th of Oct, 2013 by   tclay 0 Votes
I was scammed as well not to the tune of $159.00 but none the less I was scammed out of $15.00. I was charged $9.99 for bids I never ordered. So I called customer service, when I asked where my merchandise was they said they would send me an email about how to go about getting it, instead of just sending it to me. I have never recieved any such email by the way, as I was talking to C.S. I asked to talk to a supervisor they told me that the supervisor was an automated service!!! What is that? That's when I knew I was had by these scammers. I was was also charged an international transaction fee on my credit card. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! It just sucks that we can't have any kind of recourse, we are just out the money. I am just disgusted, with the whole thing. Never again will I go to any kind of bidding site.
 24th of Oct, 2013 by   tclay +1 Votes
Oh by the way I forgot to add CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! was barely able to speak any audible english!!! When you have to say "excuse me what did you say, I can't understand you!" several times in a conversation you know it going nowhere fast.
 25th of Oct, 2013 by   Travis O'Neal 0 Votes
My name is Travis O'Neal I live in Union Star Mo. I also lost $99.00 I could never get a bid in on anything. I would like to have my money back also.
 28th of Oct, 2013 by   Rip Off Victim Too 0 Votes
ZBiddy is a complete rip off - took $99 without my authorization, refused to refund it, offered a bogus gas voucher instead. Avoid them completely and never do business with them!

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