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Complaint Rating:  91 % with 160 votes
Contact information:
United States
On 5/1 WWW.CLEVERBRIDGE.NET KOELN DE made a withdrawl from our checking account in the amount of 29.95,
Then again on 5/18 Calling themselves ONLINE INFO AGENCY for 1.95, then again on 5/20/09 in the amount of 39.95, leaving the phone numbers of 888-766-8352 then again on 6/1/09 for 9.95 with 877-379-6527 calling themselves ONLINE SVC, and again on 7/02/09 In the Name of ID SHIELD for 9.95 with phone number 877-402-2671.
After careful research Cleverbridge.net processes charges and fee's for online downloadable software - but BEWARE of ANY PRODUCTS YOU DOWNLOAD FROM THE WEB - THE PRICE YOU PAY IS NOT THE ONLY ONE YOU WILL EVER BE CHARGED - REMEDY to this situation is CHANGE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT DEBIT/CREDIT CARD NUMBER"S WITH THE BANK - Origin of WHO USES THIS PROCESSING COMPANY IS UNIBLUE SYSTEM'S TWEAKER - if you purchase this product - beware of following charges thereafter often using other names and number's that are UNMANED PHONE LINES.
Comments United States Unauthorized Charges
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 9th of Jul, 2009 by   Viktoria 0 Votes
This just happened to me! I was talking with my bank as I was reading this and it gave me chills, I have these exact charges on my bank statement. They also charged FOREIGN TRANSFER FEES ranging $.02 - $.50

They have canceled my Debit/ATM card (since that's what was hacked and used) and will issue me another one. Absolutely be careful out there people. Be safe out there...

Viktoria H
 14th of Jul, 2009 by   PamB 0 Votes
This is now happening to me, I do not buy anything online. I'm afraid of this happening.
Now I'm wondering since they take so little out if it's happened before.

Going to the bank tomorrow.
 21st of Jul, 2009 by   Ivey 0 Votes
Do not buy "Grants For Citizen" CD. Same charges happen with this product.
 31st of Jul, 2009 by   Viktoria 0 Votes
When this happened to me it was shortly after I ordered "The Shark Steam Mop" from the website www.trysteammop.com. SO... DO NOT .. I repeat.. DO NOT order from that website!! Here's a photo what I ordered.
 31st of Jul, 2009 by   Viktoria 0 Votes
ok, guess the photo didn't work, anyway, it's The Shark Steam Mop. Make sure it's a safe website you're in before you order that. (By the way, the mop works pretty good on kitchen floor, NOT so good on carpet tho)
 11th of Aug, 2009 by   Philbo 0 Votes
WWW.CLEVERBRIDGE.NET KOELN DE - THIS IS THE CHARGE ACCOUNT FOR UNIBLUE, and no doubt quite a few other groups as well. Your purchase was for 29.95 for registrybooster / tweaker. If you check your account you will find there is no debit to Uniblue. I also bought Panda anti-virus the same day but the billing was MYBILL-SOFTWARE .COM. Check your purcahse order copy that you should have kept, and you will see that they clearly state the billing name they will use
 1st of Sep, 2009 by   BENJAMAIN N YOO 0 Votes
Thye letter wich I received on Aug. 24, 2009 is not understandable to me. The merchandise you mention is "Registry Booster 2009", Ref. # 6356152. 1). I don't understand what the 'Registry Booster 2009"is. 2). I don't recall the purchase date, (I am global amnesia patient). I checked into my computers, But I couldn't find any trace of such thing. best possible way to guess is, I must bought your merchandise, and find out soon after tht It was beyond my expect or not worth a bit, therefor I cancel'd the purcase right a way. If you still want to agrgue, please tell me what kind of merchandise it was, and check with your customer support dep. any refund record. to make long story short, I just don't understand what you sold to me or I boufht from you. Best regard. IN HIS SERVICE. Benjamin N Yoo.
 8th of Oct, 2009 by   Liam Shaw 0 Votes
I purchased "Registry Booster" and the charge of 29.95 appeared on my account, which I expected. The description on the charge was "Cleverbridge, " which I assumed it was the name of the holding company. Within a week, I suddenly received four charges of $142.96 each, all in one day. Of course, my account overdrafted, and now I am out nearly $600. I got screwed, but I hope I can save others out there. If you have purchased this software within the past week and have not had any fraudulent charges yet, YOU WILL. UNINSTALL IT IMMEDIATELY.
 11th of Oct, 2009 by   Frank Garrett 0 Votes
I downloaded DriverScanner ($29.95) via UniBlue & CleverBridge which was an unsatisfactory product and I stopped using it, about a year later I was charged an additional $29.95 (AutoRenewal) which I was unaware of and which also came at the wrong time and overdrew my account, I strongly recommend not buying/downloading anything from UniBlue or Cleverbridge.

Frank G.
 21st of Oct, 2009 by   --Rex-- 0 Votes
The same thing has happened to me, but I Googled the name that was on my bank statement and found the same information that was mentioned above. Reported to my bank and the 'fraud' department is investigating both companies. They also canceled my ATM/Debit card so the companies mentioned above can't get to my account again. I'm glad you all above reported the problem, THANK YOU!
 23rd of Oct, 2009 by   Yugen 0 Votes
I've taken no chances with this. I ordered the Uniblue software - when I checked my statement I saw www.cleverbridge.net and didn't recognise it so I googled it and found this page first thing. Thanks guys, I've just got off the phone to my bank and changed my card.

Like I said, I'm taking no chances

I suggest anyone who's finding these renewal or monthly charges on their statements does the same and disputes any un-authorised payments with their bank!! Good Luck
 28th of Nov, 2009 by   Nelda Soderblom 0 Votes
I'm glad I found this web page. I just got my VISA bill, and I was wondering what this charge was. Yes, I bought from UNIBLUE, but the bill has two $29.95 charges, clearly a duplication. I will go ahead and contact my bank, and perhaps have to cancel the card. What a hassle, though.
Thanks for the information and warning, though.
 9th of Dec, 2009 by   cleverbridge_support 0 Votes
Dear Nelda,

We apologize for the inconvenience and the confusion that might have occurred. Please contact Uniblue directly, the software manufacturer, to inquire about the 2 charges on your statement so they can look into your charges.

Uniblue can be reached via their live chat form at


OR via their web form: www.uniblue.com/support/ticket

Please let us know if you have any further questions and we'll be happy to assist you.

cleverbridge Customer Support
 9th of Dec, 2009 by   cleverbridge_support 0 Votes
To customers who purchased a Uniblue product:

When purchasing a product from the Uniblue website, the following message can be found at the bottom of the shopping cart that informs customers about future charges:

"Do nothing when you receive notification, and you authorize cleverbridge to charge the renewal price (using the billing information you provided today). Alternatively, to cancel automatic ActiveProtection renewal click on the link in either the purchase confirmation e-mail or the renewal reminder e-mail. Instead, you will then be given the opportunity to renew your ActiveProtection manually. "

So upon purchasing a product, there are 2 easy options to cancel the renewal:

1) by using the cancel button which can be found in your confirmation page sent via email
2) by contacting Uniblue directly at www.uniblue.com/support/ticket OR http://www.liutilities.com/support/livechat/

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

cleverbridge Customer Support
 6th of Jan, 2010 by   Fred77777777 -1 Votes
If you owned cleverbridge.com would you associate with a company that rips people off by having a penalty clause in the small print for repeat billing? Or makes a lot of 'mistake' when billing people? Do cleverbridge really care or maybe they own all the companies they say they are working for??
 3rd of Feb, 2010 by   robert thivierge 0 Votes
ije vous ai paye deux fois pour le meme service le 22 dec.2009 et le 29 dec. 2009 je crois qu un erreur s est produite j aimerais que le compagnie me contacte si possible j ai un probleme sur mon pc.je vous remerci a l avance robert.
 3rd of Feb, 2010 by   robert thivierge 0 Votes
i paid you twice for the same service my mistake sorry once the 22 dec 2009 and the 29 jdec. 2009 i have problems with my pc maybe you can help i would like the compagnieto get in touch witch me if possible thnk you robert.
 3rd of Feb, 2010 by   robert thivierge 0 Votes
i made a mistake probably i aam not complaining i just need help if possible .i am thanking you robert.
 3rd of Apr, 2010 by   allstatemark +1 Votes
I got a charge from: (Www.cleverbridge.net Koeln De 64.99us Dollar +fnfee $1.29) and did not recognize it and freaked out when I read all these comments. BUT it turns out it was my purchase in I bought NITRO PDF converter to put on my computer to convert / modify PDF's.
I will keep my eye on it but the charges match the receipt. Mark Priest
 16th of Jun, 2010 by   John5555 0 Votes
I agree this is a scam /ripoff, avoid Uniblue/cleverbridge.
I'm in the process of trying to get my money back for 2years of NOTHING.

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