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Wu Yi Tea, Ontario, California Complaints & Reviews - Terrible scam!

Wu Yi Tea Contacts & Informations

Wu Yi Tea

Posted:    Valerie

Terrible scam!

Complaint Rating:  91 % with 70 votes
Contact information:
Ontario, California
United States
They keep charging my card even the very day after emailing a cancel notice. Tea does not work. BBB is worthless to report to. Your Credit card company will not be able to recover your monies WuYi Source/ iw living lean charged you. Said I could return for any reason, can't find a return address or talk to a real person or cancel next delivery. So, today they sent me the next delivery, without my permission and took the money from credit card before they sent the tea. you have no way of contacting them to return the tea until they charge your card and then its too late. I am so surprised that they can get away with this for so long and so many reports of the same story goes on and on. I will continue to file complaints to as many as I can find.
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 18th of Mar, 2008 by   lili 0 Votes
You are complete right! I ordered this willing to give it a try and it didn't work! i went on a stick diet not eating nearly as much as I usually do! This did NOTHING! I canceled during my trial and they still billed my card an extra 40.00 dollars! Talk about mad. No you can't talk to a real person. Tell say hey if you want to return the tea that you've now paid for contact me back thru this email and I'll send you instructions! Hey, surprise no!!! respond! What a rip off! This a complete scam! Anybody who has tried it and thinks different can buy my supply at a low low cost!! All Jokes aside!

 26th of Mar, 2008 by   STEVE 0 Votes
 12th of Apr, 2008 by   Don Price 0 Votes
The biggest scam on the internet...
 15th of Apr, 2008 by   Fang 0 Votes
Dieters be aware!

I completely agree, WuYI Source is a fraud. I paid $9.99 for the trial and called within the trial period to cancel further membership/shipment. I was told that my Credit Card was charged $29.95 even after cancellation because "it was clearly stated in the terms that the customer agrees to pay after cancellation". After paying $40 for the trial, which didn't even work, I thought the scam was over... until 2 months later when I saw 2 monthly charges of $19.95 from LIVING LEAN from NV. I thougth to myself, what is this about??? I called LIVING LEAN customer service and was told that cancelling WuYi does not automatically cancel monthly subscription to LIVING LEAN. I spoke with LIVING LEAN's customer service Supervisor and got a confirmation that the 2 $19.95 charges would be refunded... so we shall see.

Unless you want monthly charges from WuYi and its affiliates, think twice before you fall for the Trial version like I did.
 15th of Apr, 2008 by   Gloria Avendano 0 Votes
$19.99 dollars were taken out of my account without my authorization.
 29th of Apr, 2008 by   megan 0 Votes
I ordered the tea, never recieved it, and got charged monthly by som ething called living lean. Never could talk to anyone, all numbers for the company were disconnected. I had to cancel my checking, debit, payroll, everything and start all over! I hope someone files a classaction lawsuit. I'll make sure i'm on the list!
 29th of Apr, 2008 by   Cheryl Edwards 0 Votes
Wu yi Scam Do Not Order

Mar 20, 2008 I ordered trial tea for 6.95, decidecd within 3 days of receipt I didn't feel it worked at all. Called 1-800 449 5567 in Ontario Ca. to cancel order and sent email as directed. They confirmed order was canceled. Received a three month supply today April 29, 2008, after checking found my card charged 29. 95, 39.95 and 82.46 for a special offer. I never ordered this and called to speak to a Supv or Mgr. I was put off by a person who I could hardly speak english for 30 mins. Heo kept insisting he would try to "fix" the problem . I asked for the supervisor during the entire conversation. He did not hang up but finally made up two names and said they would be in, in the morning. It was 6pm PDT when I asked where the supv was he said he came in at 3pm and left at 6pmPDT . I called this morning same number and the Supervisor Rose pretended she could not find my order for about 10mins. After asking my name, etc. etc over and over.again, I told I could sit here and play this game as long as she wanted. Seconfds later she said : Yes I found it! I explained that I cancelled this order even had a cancellation nunber but she said they don't give cacellation numbers. that the tea had to be returned with in 7 days, but send it back and she would refund me. They have charged my credit card 29.95 for my trial order, 39.95 for a 3month order, and said that if I didn't return the tea they would continue to charge my card for future orders.

I sent an email to the Wu Yi souce email address www.teahelp@usa.com a Mike from the WU YI Source Support desk sent me an email and instructed me to send the tea back and he would refund the extra charges. I'm cutting my losses and canceling my card and reporting this to the TV stations maybe they can do a story and the BBB just in case somebody cares. I may just send Oprah and Rachael a note or two, although I know it's not there fault but maybe they could sue them for false advertising using their photos

Cheryl E.
Honolulu Hawaii
 30th of Apr, 2008 by   Jacqueline Ferguson 0 Votes
 1st of May, 2008 by   Jenn 0 Votes
I too am having problems. I ordered this tea two weeks ago and an hour after I had placed my first order, I decided to do some research. Too late, I emailed them that day to say to cancel my membership and not to bill me for anything or send me anything. Well the next week I got my tea. I emailed once again to the teahelp@usa.com and they said they didn't receive my first email (bullsh1t) and to send it back to them (which I had already done) and provide them with the tracking number which I said there isn't one as I sent it back "Return to Sender". I checked with Canada Post to see if I could get a tracking numbe and was told no that you can't get one and that you can use the tracking number that it was sent under. Despite numerous emails back and forth nothing has happened. They said that they only do their refunds once every two weeks. I think this is a hoax. Please don't buy. I am hoping to get my $4.99 US back, I know it is only 5 bucks but it is the way they are treating this. I tried calling back today and was told to call back in an hour as they were having technical difficulties (I was told this after I explained my problem). I will see what happens but I think this is totally stupid. Don't buy from them, you can buy the Oolong tea and any grocery store and do it on your own.
 1st of May, 2008 by   Sarah 0 Votes
Wow, I was going to order this tea and after reading this, I am glad that I didn't. I am so sorry to everyone that is having a problem with this. I think that this company should get what it deserves...someone should contact Oprah's show!!
 1st of May, 2008 by   Jenn 0 Votes
I just phoned back and got a little further. I was told the same thing again about the tracking number, I advised that this is not possible in Canada. They said that they couldn't refund my credit card as they didn't get the original email. I asked to speak to the manager, I was then placed on hold for 5 minutes and then hung up on (not a good idea to do to someone that was already fuming mad), I called back gave my id number and asked to speak to the manager now, I was told that the manager was in a meeting and I said, funny I was just being transferred to the manager, I was then asked if I wanted to speak to the supervisor and I said yes. During this time, I resent my original email telling them not to charge my credit card. Spoke with a Shirley and she said that my credit card would be refunded the full amount within 3 - 4 days. I asked if it didn't then what should I do, and she said to call back and speak with her. So we will see what happens.
 1st of May, 2008 by   Jenn 0 Votes
If I can stop just one person from ordering this tea, it is worth it. They must be making some good money. Am I the only one that thinks the number that you call is somewhere in India as no one has spoken to me without an Indian accent?
 1st of May, 2008 by   heather johnson 0 Votes
still trying to find a contact phone number for this company, as it is incomplete onbanking information.What does that tell you about this product already? Called them last month to cancel account and even had conformation number at one time and yet this month Wu-Yi tea came up again as billing me for yet another shippment I do not want or need. My advise--stay far far away from Wu-Yi tea.will only cause you additional stress. And come on, who really needs more of that in life?
 3rd of May, 2008 by   Jitender 0 Votes
Hey they all are wrong.

Wu Yi tea is such a nice company and there slimming tea is really works on me I have lose around 13 lbs in 1 month.

And they also helped me to cancel living lean as well. I really appreciate there customer care executives.

Thats all.

 6th of May, 2008 by   Brian Joyce 0 Votes

 7th of May, 2008 by   Sharon Emanuelson 0 Votes
I ordered try-me Wuy-Tea back in January of "08" When I told my radiation Doctor he told me to get off the product as soon as possible. I called to cancel and that I would send the product back asap. I sent the box of tea back return receipt and they received it the end of March. They have yet returned it on my chg. card. You are right they are the BIGGEST SCAM!!! I now tried to call them because I have my signed return receipt. NOT A LIVE PERSON IN THE JOINT!!! They need to credit my card the 37.00. Our ELSE!! I spoke to Albert on 3-24-08 and he said it would be credited as soon as it arrived. Yah I BELIEVE THAT! I hope this letter will wise you people up out their. Good Luck!!
 9th of May, 2008 by   Dorothy Resco 0 Votes
Please stop billing my credit card account I cancelled your tea orders 2 months ago. Thanks
 13th of May, 2008 by   mrs w a thomas 0 Votes
please please please dont anyone order these tea bags. I ordered only the sample, and the company keep taking money from my credit card.I have tried all ways to contact them, but with no success, it is nothing but a big scam
 14th of May, 2008 by   Jerrine Bowman 0 Votes
Iam afraid to say this Am also upset I want to cancel my order too and I had to cancel my credit card as weel . I should have trusted my gut. This should not be allowed.
 17th of May, 2008 by   mp 0 Votes
Just keeps on taking your money after you call and then try to call again and you do not get anyone.

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