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World Ventures Complaints & Reviews - Pyramid Scheme with a twist

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World Ventures

Posted:    La Verite

Pyramid Scheme with a twist

Complaint Rating:  62 % with 341 votes
Contact information:
World Ventures
United States
While NOT ILLEGAL, World Ventures does work off the old "Puramid Scheme" setup. You PAY CASH to recruit people, and make it back from the cash of your recruits. Logically, someone has to lose money for you to get paid.

However, as they do offer actual vacations and travel services, this is not a crime. One could argue that your money also paid for your access to their exclusive vaccation deals, (which are consistently higher than Travelocity, Expedia, or even face-value hotel expenses.) The packages are a rip off, as is the recruitment, but its legal. And realistically, if you can sucker in enough of your fellow saps, you actually can profit. So long as the there is a lower rung on the ladder to pay for your mistake.

They don't lie to you. the just hide the truth in pretty words and motivational hotel "pep rallies." Most of the atendees are still buying into it themselves, so they come across as very sincere and enthused. but if you notice, none of them are really making money. Hmms.

Dont be fooled, most of these people are faking smiles to make their money back, even hoping your money will recoup their losses. My advice- dont get up in arms, this thing is huge and there's nothing you can do. Just look out for yourself and your loved ones and keep your wallet closed.

Comments United States Travel & Vacations
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 19th of Jun, 2011 by   TwobyTwo +2 Votes
The company needs to accept responsibility for the actions of their representatives, period. Any company in America would have to, why doesn't WorldVentures. Well, might explain why their Better Business Bureau rating is slipping - http://worldventuresscam.blogspot.com/2011/06/better-businss-bureau-complaints.html
 8th of Jul, 2011 by   TwobyTwo +2 Votes
Did you hear? WorldVentures is being sued by their top earner - http://worldventuresscam.blogspot.com/2011/07/top-earner-sues-worldventures.html
 13th of Jul, 2011 by   Leshoko -2 Votes
BLAH BLAH BLAH about WV, "...they don't lie to you, they just hide a little truth you said "- yet you FAILED to reveal "that" little truth, what a looser .learn from this..."The home based business industry like World Venttures, requires that you willingly change your old habits, throw out your old habits and challenge yourself to a new way of living AND BUSINESS BUILDING to survive. Happy World Ventures member.
 18th of Aug, 2011 by   missjane19661992 +2 Votes
I'm neither a entrepreneur, a PHd candidate, a "self-made millionaire, or anything else claimed in these comments. What I am is a hard-working single mother whose time and money is precious. I don't care if people are or aren't making money off this supposed "too good to be true" venture. Unfortunately, you just can't fix stupid. But I did want to share my experience with this organization. I was contacted by a cousin who I had not heard from in years and asked to meet him and his wife for drinks. I was delighted and excited to catch up with a family member. On my way to the site, he texted me and told me to pull around back so I could get a look at the "Dodge Viper" HUH?? He meant me in the parking lot and kept telling me I was going to hear something "amazing" that would "change my life"...silly, naive me I thought maybe there was a band or a comedian going to be performing. He continued to be very evasive...but it quickly became pretty evident that this was some kind of sales pitch. A disgusting, sleezy, underhanded slimy sales pitch. Felt like I was in a room full of lawyers and used are salesmen! Supposedly, the presenter was 26 and was driving the aforementioned Viper and making $120K a year, more likely he was a college student who'd been paid a couple hundred buck to rent a Viper and put on a flashy PowerPoint. Funny, all of the "success stories" that got up to speak, were young, skinny and attractive. At one point, I tried to leave the room to answer a phone call from my daughter and one of the "reps" tried to stop me. I sat through the disgusting presentation because I did not want to be rude, but I was fuming. I finally gathered my things, told my cousin these people would eventually be in jail next to Madoff and that maybe he should refer to basic jr high geometry and reaquaint himself with the "triangle", and attempted to leave. Believe it or not, as I made my way to the exit, my arm was firmly grabbed from behind by one of the "reps" who wanted a "chance to speak to me before I left to offer me an exciting opportunity". I pulled my cell phone from my purse as he continued to hold my arm and put his other arm around my waist - I told him to remove his hands from me or I would call the authorities. This man continued to follow me to the parking lot!!! WTF??? So my only question ot you WV follower who have obviously drunk the Kool-Aid is this. Why on earth would a valid, ethical, above board business opportunity be presented in this format, using these tactics?? Why if this organization was so credible and so amazing, would my cousin not send me the info in advance, allowing me to do some research, or even tell me what I was being invited to in advance?? Why was I misled into joining a family member for what I thought was a social outing only to find that I was to be pressured in to buying INTO a pyramid scheme?? I don't use Mary Kay or Avon, nor do I have a Sam's club membership or any of the other companies that were referenced as being just like "World Ventures"...but I can say with utmost confidence that Sam's Club doesn't have "reps" standing out side their doors rubbing their filthy little hands together and saying "come in my pretties, this will be amazing!!". So if any of you WV bots can answer my question as to why these type of tactics are used to attract people, perhaps I would give the company more of my time. In the meantime, I will stick to legitimate investments that don't leave me feeling like I need a bath.
Change your tactics and maybe you will attract people...at least the deluded and desperate. Very sad.
Oh, one last question...for all you "self-made millionaires" that have bought into WV, why the hell are you bothering?
 31st of Aug, 2011 by   Stevie James +3 Votes
Just some history.  "A Ponzi scheme is an investment operation that pays returns to separate investors, not from any actual profit earned by the organization, but from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors. The Ponzi scheme usually entices new investors by offering returns other investments cannot guarantee, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent. The perpetuation of the returns that a Ponzi scheme advertises and pays requires an ever-increasing flow of money from investors to keep the scheme going."

The distinction between MLM and a ponzi scheme outright is that an MLM also usually sells some below industry average product to help supplement revenues outside of the bare investments of later recruits.  In other words, the revenue down the line is a mix of actual profits and employee investments.  The logic of all such schemes breaks down, due to the contradiction of infinite regress.  Imagine the whole world decided to work for world ventures.  Well who would the people at the bottom sign up if everyone else already was?  The reality is most Ponzi Schemes stop working for individuals far sooner, as you run out of suckers way before you reach maximum occupancy.  This is why the turnover at the bottom is so incredibly high, and why the people at the top have to have meetings twice a week at the corporate office: to reel in new suckers.  

They mention people like Trump and Buffett.  A little known fact about Trump is that he inherited most of his wealth.  Buffett owns high-paying dividend stocks in some of the largest companies in the world, he uses an investment strategy called value-investing invented by the late Benjamin Graham.  The real way to make wealth is to work at any job, reduce your consumption, and save what's left over.  Then invest that money into undervalued high dividend yield companies.  If you save roughly 10, 000 a year for 20 years at 14% interest, then invest into income paying stocks and bonds, your net worth would be in the millions, and annual dividends would be $50, 000 or higher.  But this requires lots of hard work and savings.  That's how Buffett got rich, not by selling dream vacations, but by working and saving.
 29th of Jan, 2012 by   Weezy23 +1 Votes
I was brought to a world ventures "pep rally" by a friend who told me i would love this. When they started talking about their product and telling us how we could start selling the product, red flags started popping up all over the place. I couldn't believe the way that the other 18-20 year olds that were there with me started eating this up. Everyone was cheering and the people giving the presentation kept trying to pump them up. By the time the presentation was over I thought this was all a joke but sure enough it wasn't. Right away I was surrounded by the older reps giving me a pen and tried to get me to fill out my information on a sheet including asking for my credit card information. Even when I told them repetedly that I wasn't interested they didn't quit telling me that "If you don't sign up now you will miss out on making millions." They didn't stop until i crumbled up the papers and threw them away. I couldn't help but notice how they try to sucker all these 18-25 year olds by telling them that they could quit college and start making millions, haha wouldn't that be nice?! Unfortunately that's not how the world works, you just have to have enough intelligence to realize that and not fall for this scam.
 8th of Mar, 2012 by   Tony Green 0 Votes
I wish someone could have shown me Worldventures when I was between 18-25...Me & my family would definitely be rich...LOL!
 8th of Mar, 2012 by   corey thomas +1 Votes
Why work for yourself when you can get a real job? If everyone just went to work for someone else and worked their 40 hours for 40 years then they could retire and get 40% to live on :)
Even if my job shuts down the plant, lays me off, or fires me I don't care at least I didn't have to go sell stuff to my family like stupid $69 cruises...who cares about saving money anyways...this is all Obamas fault...don't blame Worldventures...blame Obama!
I don't want to make a lot of money anyway then you have to pay dumb taxes...And why does Warren Buffet and Donald Trump own these stupid pyramid schemes anyway don't they know it doesn't work...I hope they lose $ and all of you Worldventures people too!
I HATE these kind of businesses because they remind me off my pyramid college..."Come to my school for 4 years & pay us $50, 000 & we will give you a certificate, But you can't sue us or start a blog about us if it doesn't work out & you don't get a GOOD job!

I HATE travel...I HATE pyramids...I HATE people saying NO to me...I HATE rich people...I HATE positive people...I HATE everybody who works from home on their fancy computers...I HATE Avon, Mary Kay, and WORLDVENTURES & you should too!!!
 19th of Mar, 2012 by   Taylor3232 0 Votes
Me being an actual Rep who is making money and yes a very good amount. Its up to you to make the money if you sign up and do nothign then it is a rip off and a scam but if you sign up and work at it you have a chance to make and extra easy income that is for sure worth the work. Also the vacation deals are some what cheaper i have compared and if you look at the monthly specials they offer then you can save a lot of money. I recently did you one of their deals and i stayed in miami at a really nice resort right on the beach and also got a ticket to the orange bowl all under $500. So its what you make of it yourself just like anything else you do in life. its not for everyone and the people who do make money are the go getters
 27th of Apr, 2012 by   something2talkabout +2 Votes
All of the comments from the "successful" WV reps, all reek of something: desperation and anger. If these people were really happy with their job, how did they end up at this site? I got here by typing "Worldventures" and "scam" into Google after I was contacted on oDesk.com for an online personal assistant. All I had to do was watch a presentation, which I lasted for about 3 out of the 45 minutes, which was about 6 times longer than it takes to realize it's a pyramid scam.

These reps that insult and promote how wonderful WV are acting out of desperation, frustration and anger at their own stupidity that got them into the mess in the first place.

Learn from their lesson, don't buy into this. I'm sure you can make money selling WV; however the only people that make the money are in the minority at the top of the pyramid, as with all pyramid schemes.

Think about it, it's simple economics. Say you really are selling vacation memberships to people. Why would you tell your friends and family, who I am sure would live nearby, about an opportunity that is founded on a large "customer" base, kind of like the base of a pyramid. More people in on it, means less sales for you in your area. So that doesn't make sense.

Let's go further, in the presentation, it mentioned cruises selling for $69. Since you make a commission (I admit, I don't know how much of a percentage, but let's be bold and say 50%, unrealistic, but to make a point). So for every $69 dollar cruise you sell, you make $34.50. If you could manage to sell 100 cruises, you'd be able to make $3450. How many cruises do you think you can sell, especially if everyone in town is on this great opportunity?

And to Ms. Roberts who contacted me on oDesk:

You may be comfortable swindling people, but I am not.

You may like to give away your money to make other people rich, I don't.

You might not feel like a sleaze conning family and friends into your pyramid scheme, but I know I sure would.
 1st of May, 2012 by   Sister-of-a-WV-rep +2 Votes
I just looked up World Ventures Marketing LLC on the BBB website and it wasn't an A-, it wasn't a D- it was a big FAT F. Check it out for yourself: http://www.la.bbb.org/business-reviews/Miscellaneous-Business-Opportunities/WorldVentures-Marketing-LLC-in-Moreno-Valley-CA-100055177
 25th of May, 2012 by   Maryg1 -2 Votes
Google is the bathroom wall of the Internet. Would you take anything to heart written on a bathroom wall? Do your due diligence and find facts. Wv does not pay to recruit period! I make no commissions on my rep business systems. Do not draw conclusions based on a quitters concept! Pyramid schemes have no product or service in exchange for money and last time I checked I make more money than my sponsor! So get off your couch and work or you see no results! It is possible to be at the top of this company and be making less than your recruits! This company leadership were Ernst and young finalists and featured in success and inc magazine legally established I would say no scam here! Get your facts from credible sources please!
 12th of Jun, 2012 by   PossiblefutureREP 0 Votes
All I had to do was watch a presentation, which I lasted for about 3 out of the 45 minutes, which was about 6 times longer than it takes to realize it's a pyramid scam. I thought that was funny I have no real input but I'm considering joining it seems the ppl it didn't work out for r here n seem pi$$ed but there are the success stories here 2 which seem plausible it's just if u don't work to gain u won't get paid ppl said u get 4 ppl n bam ur good nah keep finding ppl wether ur reps are or not that's how u make money don't stop cuz u got 1 check I'll join n post back n 3 months also 2by2 u need a hobby u commented for almost 2+ years str8 that's animosity there.
 28th of Jun, 2012 by   wvunsure +1 Votes
I am not for nor against WV at this moment.
But I do want this question answered if someone would PLEASE do the honors:
What would happen to the people that join WV at the very end and realize everyone in the world has a membership? What would they do? Do they continue to pay the fees even though they don't have enough time to go on more than 2-3 vacations per year because of their regular job? or Do they quit the membership which leads to other membership owners discontinuing because they now don't have 4 referrals?

It wouldnt be like Avon because when you sell the product for Avon, the buyer will eventually run out of the product they bought from you and need more, unlike a Worldventures membership where you can't "run out" of membership.
Like I said, I am not for nor against WV right now, but i'm just seeking answers.
 28th of Jun, 2012 by   pete issokson -1 Votes
im a member of WV and proud of it. its not just a vacation company its a wonderful life style company, id pay $365 a day to be apart of this, its totally changed my life in more ways than one . ive met the nicest people and made all my money back from the membership with in a month, ive been on many vacations and had a total blast, ive gotten 2 air fare rebates from their ticket refund program from american airlines, ya cant get these prices from orbits, or travelocity !! check out my website itsjustfun.com !!
come to a real meeting at our corp. office tuesday or thursday eve 7pm and check it out on your own. ill get you a front seat, just ask for me RAINMAN
have a great day and Make a Living LIVING and see the real Truth about a wonderful company
for your self and make your own opinion and tell us what ya like best about what ya saw !
 13th of Jul, 2012 by   tp-cy +1 Votes
hi all, my partner as recently join wv and completely engrossed, more frighteningly believes she will make a fortune, rape do even to the point of severing the relationship to reach her goal of success. now, im very sceptical of this for a few reasons, given i live in cyprus with a population of 800, 000 also given the fact that its rapidly growing am i wrong in thinking numbers will run out? also is this "pep meetings" a form of mass hypnosis? im here to be convinced in a bid to save our relationship but the thought of putting friendships on the line where money is concerned ( given the present climate) is not that appealling, do you actually get what they say? i can think of many organizations promising you prosperity and wealth, the only thing in return they want is your obedience and silence... mass branding of germany (hitler) springs to mind. please help me to choose. yes or no. many thanks to all that reply. cy
 16th of Aug, 2012 by   Simon1818 +1 Votes
First of all I am not a rep or associated with the company or ever had any association with this company and thank god I don't too.

The simple fact that you can not be honest with friends you want to join suggests there is something wrong here. Why hard sell if this is such a good venture? I have read and heard from friends that when they attend and lose interest they are taken to another room away from the group for a private chat. Why? Because they don’t want the rejection to rub off on other members. They will call this a negativity. But why? If its not a scheme for them then why are they labelled as being negative? Are people only positive if they join this scheme? Well sorry not all positive people are into this selling program where you have to lie to friends to get them to watch a presentation and then have someone harass them to help THEM make money.

Who doesn’t want to make more money? Lets be honest we all do. But when someone is hard selling a product to you claiming to be able to make you money then you have to ask yourself this:

‘Why is this person so hell bent on helping ME make money? Why am I taken aside to speak to in private if I reject this money making proposal?’

Simple answer is they are looking after THEMSELVES not YOU. You become their downline and thats the bottom line. They are not interested if you can make money out of it, they hard sell for THEMSELVES.

Please don’t give me any rubbish talk on ‘its your loss’ well if it is then let me be, why hard sell? theres also absolutely no reason to bad mouth those who don’t join up by saying they are negative, its their loss, we’ll be living it up while he/she slaves away all day at their day job and be a nobody.

Just so you are aware, if you are also not yet successful (particularly within WV) do not say nasty words about anyone commenting on why WV is not good until you get there because for all you know you may never get to the top or anywhere near that position. Are any of you even on 30x30 let alone the 90x90 to earn a residual income. All the dream stealer talk appear to be training from WV which you have to pay for. How many of you positive WV reps can say you are still making a profit after paying for those courses, flights, accomodation, food etc? Yeah not many if any at all.

A favourite line they use is ‘This business is NOT for everyone, its for special people with vision and intelligence who can see that it can work’ in other words, it is for those who are naive and easily believe in false visions.
Can you choose a holiday destination of your choice on particular dates as opposed to predetermined dates? I didn’t think so.
If it is such a good scheme why lie to friends and not tell them the purpose of meetings? Why do WV tell you NOT to tell your friends beforehand?

May god watch over those of you who believe in this and if I’m honest I have to say you have been brainwashed from their training programs to feel you can succeed. As with a lot of posters online, it does seem like a cult whereby members are made to believe and they do.
 19th of Aug, 2012 by   Junior Reed +1 Votes
World ventures is not a scam but i definately would not join. I have a few friends who have been into it for about 1 year and honestly for all the work and talk they put into it it isnt worth it. if you cant sell more "Dream Trips' you wont make any money . Unlike mcdonalds which basically sells itself you really have to persuade people into buying something wich is kinda expensive for a supposidly CHEAPER price but with the FEE they charge you might as well get it off any regular travel site. I agree that it isnt a Scheme and if your work Hard Enough it will pay off... but for thoe who think its gunna be easy or its Guranteed i suggest you go and get a regualr job or finish school and do things the secure way getting your Secure income regardless of what you have to sell.! BTW i hate the WV group in New York they tried to get me to join and when i declined the decided to call me broke... that is definatley not how a company should work but i dont care or pay that mind becuase im living in a Condo now with my car payed off... WORKING A REGULAR JOB and working my way upp the Safe way!
 23rd of Aug, 2012 by   WVisSCaM +1 Votes
I think I am another stupid who joined 3 months ago and now want to get out of it.

Wake up guys, is not easy at ALL, you have to work at least 24 hours a day and get something that is not worth it at ALL.

If you those people who are don't care about others and keep pushing people to join, then, I believe WV is perfect for you and you will be rich. :)
 8th of Oct, 2012 by   Finns -2 Votes
In order for something to be considered a pyramid scheme, you get paid only to recruit. There is no product or services offered. World Ventures does offer product for sale. So if you people place world as a pyramid scheme, then by definition, Century 21, Re Max and Met Life can all be considered pyramid schemes as well. They get paid to recruit new "team members" or associates, and end up paying a brokers fee. Social security is the biggest pyramid scheme out there (by definition). World Ventures offers hope in this hopeless world for those willing to work hard and go for it. One of the trips they offer is to build schools in third world countries. Show me where any other business at home does anything like this. This is definitely not for everybody but then again neither is Real Estate or Insurance sales either! Just Sayin.

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