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Wawa, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Complaints & Reviews - bad customer service

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Posted:    amies

bad customer service

Complaint Rating:  40 % with 5 votes
Contact information:
1602 South Delaware Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
Phone: (215) 755-5858
I use to love going to wawa to get my sandwhiches until the night on christmas, Dec. 25th, 2010. I order two sandwhiches and my ticket # was 64, paid the cashier and waited at the sandwhich counter for my food. There was a man working their alone making sandwhiches and did not put the ones he finished making on the counter where people can pick it up. Not until an old lady came in from her break and picked up a few sandwhiches (5-6 sandwhiches and put them on the counter) calling out the order numbers. There were a lot of people waiting and had order hot sandwhiches, a customer looked at me with a confused and fustrated look on her face. she asked me why wouldn't he called out the order number when he's done making them, instead let the hot sandwhiches get cold. I just gave her a confused look myself because I didn't understand why there were order numbers higher than my order (#64) that were made and I didn't get my order. I strongely doubt a big franchise like wawa would invest in a system that would just post random order #s and not in a chronological order in the system. I was fed up, asked the lady why my sandwhiches wasn't made and there were orders like #68, 70, 71, 72 were already made. She said, she's just following the system, a lot of customer was complaining all night because of this mixed up. Yet she still continued to called out numbers that were obviously orders that were made after me. I was really fustrated at this point, she just brush me off and did not bother to have any common sense that I was waiting for a long time and she clearly state that there were something wrong with the system but yet didn't bother to tell me when my order was next . I told the manager that I wanted my money back and that it doesn't make any sense that I've made my order which state on the receipt order #64, and orders beyond that number were made. I would never go to this wawa location ever again, nor would I drive anyone who wants a coffee or anything else there. The service is rediculous, their employess have no common sense!
Comments United States Employees
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 31st of Dec, 2010 by   amies 0 Votes
psugy58: This is more than just about a sandwhich, but of course if your order number was...let's say #1 and when they call out order #2, #3, #4, wouldn't you be furios too. Afterall the computer only organizes, then say when and how the employee how to make them and if they tell you that, you sound like you would just suck it up and wait. Get a back bone.
 31st of Dec, 2010 by   amies 0 Votes
you totally missed the point. It's not about the "sandwhich."
 31st of Dec, 2010 by   amies +1 Votes
I'm sure u did
 18th of Mar, 2011 by   Frank ciaccio 0 Votes
dear wawa i have been going to wawa store for the last 15 years at 5; am in brigantine nj store on 9 street 08203, im not looking for anything free as far as the people that work there at 5;am are great to me and help me becouse i have a bad leg and thank you for that and God bless them, but what i want you to know that the 9;am people there took 20 dollars from me and did not return it and its not your doing and i know that its just a few bad apples but i hope these people are found that steal from good people, thank you and may GOD bless you.
 18th of May, 2011 by   GoodSamatitan56 0 Votes
I disagree with this. First we have to look at the fact that it was Christmas, not a lot of people were working. It is possible that the person behind the deli counter had probably 17 orders or more to make by himself, let's give him credit it's not easy to work behind the deli trsut me. Also another thing to look at is wawa associates won't place orders made on the counter to be pick up since it could possibly be mistakenly pick up by someone, specially since there are so many, or it can be stolen, let's be real. Now your number was probably called and you never heard it, it looks like it was busy since there were 6 or 7 orders just sitting there waiting to be picked up. You can't blame this man because you happen to be walking down the aisles clueless on what you were getting and missed when your number was called. Another thing is you could have approach the counter and ask him "has (#64) been done?" did you ask??? NOOOO you just stood there clueless. We have to give credit to these poor Wawa people they are faithful to their customers and are open on Christmas, Thanksgiving, New years eve and all the holidays that we normally spend with our families. So let's keep in mind that if we go to a wawa on christmas to get something to eat, remember that associate has been stuck there for 8 hours or more and missed their kids opening presents, or the family gathering just to serve you! so be grateful and stop complaining...
 18th of Jun, 2011 by   Den98 0 Votes
I know this is about the Customer Service and not the sandwich order system but I thought I'd provide some insight on a few things.
#1-As soon as you touch the screen you are assigned a number (let's say number 64). And then 5 other people come after you and touch their screen and become numbers 65, 66, 67, 68 and 69. If #68 only wants a cup a soup and it takes him 30 seconds to order and you want 5 things and it takes you 5 minutes to order his number appears on the deli screen first. That is why you may sometimes have to wait and numbers higher than your appear first. The screens the associates see only hold 2 orders at a time so when people linger over what they want (which is fine) their earlier number is in back of people who came in and knew exactly what they wanted and finished their order quickly.
#2- It is a computer system and as anyone who uses computers know- glitches happen. Sometimes it shuts down and restarts and during that restart assigns random numbers not in chronological order. A more experienced deli associate could have probably explained that to the customer's and worked with that glitch but we're all human and make mistakes and in the spirit of Christmas I hope you forgave them that experience.
 11th of Feb, 2012 by   champ220 0 Votes
Actually, the numbers do not go in order. The numbers are just used so we don't have to call out "turkey classic". If one person was working, they're bound to get backed up, especially if people are making multiple sandwiches. And yes, computers do get glitches and I've had orders not come through my screen, especially when the system randomly restarts. We aren't allowed to put sandwiches on the counter because people steal them. So don't be mad at the associate, be mad at the marketing team that designed the system. If you continue to have problems PLEASE call the marketing team and complain to them because apparently us associates have no say whatsoever.
 1st of Aug, 2012 by   zarrx86 0 Votes
I know this is 2 years old... BUT ive come to realize something with the numbers. If you start ordering your sandwhich BEFORE someone else starts ordering their sandwich, your number will be lower even if the other person finishes ordering first, so their number will be 2 and youll be 1, but theres will go to the screen first if they finish before you. I noticed that when someone was ordering and i hopped on the screen next to him and tried to place my sandwhich order extremely quickly to get a better number, the person was slow and i beat him to the punch. When he finished I looked at his screen where it says your number and his was still lower than mine even though I finished way before him, because he started ordering before me. Mine was still made first because it was on the screen, yet my number was higher.
 6th of Aug, 2012 by   kforeman74 0 Votes
I use to work at Wawa in VA and sometimes if there is more than one person placing an order the person who finishes first usually gets the order first, sometimes they wouldn't come up in numerical order but the fact of the matter is if someone was on their break and it gets busy the other person is suppose to call them out for help because you don't clock in or out for your breaks. He could have easily just called the lady out for her assistance and she could have went back to her break once all of the customers were taken care of. Also, you are suppose to call the number out for and order and only give the sandwich to the customer upon recieving their marked ticket showing that they paid for it, you are not suppose to just lay the orders on the counter for just any body to pick up and not knowing if it is paid for. For those of you who said to suck it up well, your wrong for saying that. That woman had every right to be upset because the employees did not do their job like they were suppose to and neither did the manager because he or she is suppose to be watching and making sure things are going smoothly especially on a holiday.
 6th of Feb, 2013 by   whelankerry 0 Votes
i went to wawa, expecting to not have to rearrange my life to keep wawa happy, but thats what happened. i only had a hundred dollar bill that i got for my birthday and i needed to get gas, but i figured that gas attendants could not change back a hundred for $20 worth of gas, so i went inside. i am a cashier/customer service at a supermarket and if i ever would have done what this cashier did i probably would have been suspended. i bring my coffee up and bagel order up to the cashier, the total came out to 2.99. i hand her the $100 bill and she looks at me and asked me if i had anything else, because "thats a big bill for a little order, " i tell her no, this is all i have and i need the change to get gas. she then tells me to go get gas and then pay for it inside because she doesnt have enough change. really? because the guy in front of me gave you $40 dollars in twenties, the guys before him gave you a twenty, and im pretty sure you have enough change. and even if this were true, you can call a manager to change the bill? i understand you arent allowed to have these bills but your only alternative was to have me rearrange everything because you dont feel like giving back a lot of change? thats absolutely ridiculous. so i went out to get gas and the gas attendant the tells me HE HAS CHANGE FOR A HUNDRED! THAT MAKES SENSE ALL THE CHANGE IS OUTSIDE! GOOD THINKING. i will avoid the maylandings wawa as much as i can. that is poor customer service and i would know because I WORK AT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AT A SUPERMARKET!
 21st of Apr, 2013 by   Sotiredofit 0 Votes
Do you people having NOTHING better to do than complain? Seriously get a life
 9th of Nov, 2014 by   UNHAPPY WENCH 0 Votes
I have worked in customer service for a very long time...I'm 53 and what I saw at WaWa Westchester Commons Midlothian, Virginia and trust me I did see quite a few flaws on how they handled their business...I went for a job interview and Johnny manager was very unprofessional and rude stating to me I guess you didn't get the message...I had just come off of a caregiving job I went straight to the interview I did not receive the message because was on the landline phone at home...the girl I talked to said they could not give out information on other employees which was a lie when the manager would be there...well long story short I called back to talk with Johnny and he said that the position had been filled he never let me know...it was that don't call me I'll call you type of scenario...and when Johnny actually he had answered the phone told me the position has been filled I said I figured as much

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