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Vivere Salon

Posted:    Cherypie

Stylist Attitude

Complaint Rating:  93 % with 14 votes
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Vivere Salon
I would like to file a formal complaint against Vivere Salon SM Megamall Branch, specifically stylist named Edward. We had an incident last Sunday, May 30. My brother went to their salon to have a simple haircut, but he was given a treatment without informing him that they will charge him extra. A bill of Php 300 went up to Php1500.

My brother and I already got the refund we asked for, with the help of SM Megamall management. But what I want to stress here is the attitude of this stylist. He was very rude and impolite to consumers like us. He was the one who did us wrong and yet he even has the right to be arrogant.

Another thing, the acting manager who went to the SM office to talk to us said that she can't give any refund at first since the transaction was paid using a debit card. Working for a credit card company, of course I knew that she was lying. So I told her she can just void it, which they did.

The bottom line here is, I want Vivere Salon to know that they are hiring people who are not fit to be in a customer service type of business. I know this is a sales strategy, to offer different treatments aside from the haircut that you originally wanted, but should a strategy include being dishonest and lying to customers? Should the stylist be rude and arrogant to their customers?

FYI, that stylist and manager did not even apologize to us.

This is a call for action from the Vivere Salon Management
or worse, suspension or even termination of these ruthless employees
Comments Philippines Hair and Beauty Salons
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 5th of Jun, 2010 by   pen21 0 Votes
but u got the refund and u got the treatment, so...
 14th of Dec, 2010 by   myang 0 Votes
i thought it only happened to me! yes, I was a victim too at Vivere Salon Ermita. i got a bob haircut and hair color with treatment for my chin-length hair for 8k+. i was so dumbfounded that all I did was pay, as we are already late for our flight. in fairness, the cut was ok, but the charges and the broad DAYTIME HOLD-UP is very obvious!
I learned my lesson well.

Never again!!!
 12th of Jan, 2011 by   ms. aquarius 0 Votes
i also don't like that vivere salon... they are all so damn bad people... the staffs and crew. they don't have concerns for the customers, all that matters to them is to have their sales higher to have their incentives monthly. they are also not using branded products but they will ask you to pay as what branded products have... people are going to salon to have their hair look good but instead they just use their own products and after a day your hair will just look darn bad and damaged bcoz of their products using. if the customer ask what products their using they will say it's a l'oreal but that's a big damn LIE... they don't use L'oreal but their own damn fake formulations instead... it will just ruin your dream to have a beautiful hair... i hate that salon... i'd rather go to bench fix salon or david's salon...
 16th of Jan, 2011 by   Mae Clarino 0 Votes
Myang, we share same experience. I really want this Salon to know their inconsistencies... I was also a victim hol up of this Salon...!!! Here's my story: I just want to inform the admin of Vivere Salon to check on their staffs located at SM North Annex. Initialy we agreed for a rebond and cellophane that cost Php3600. They let me chose a color of a loreal Brand knowing its a part of the deal. When the rebond and cellophane was done, I was so shocked that the cashier is charging me Php6K +.. I am wondering why this people did not even discussed to me the additional cost of the products they applied to my hair. It is simply a marketing strategy that made me feel that I was fooled. They Senior Stylist name is Tom and I dont want to mention his Juniour because he was just doing what is instructed. My hair was done in good condition but this guy fooled me with the cost of service. In the end I paid Php4.5k still higher than what was agreed. I am really disappointed and I will continue to post this to my wall and to any blogsites until your admin will do something about what happened. I demand for an explanation of for this.
 3rd of Feb, 2011 by   Mae Clarino 0 Votes
The management of Vivere Salon already settled my concern. Thanks o ivere Salon Management for your quick response to my case. :)
 10th of May, 2011 by   elyu 0 Votes
I think the stylists in Robinson's Galleria can do a pretty decent job. Most of them will ask you about your life so you won't get bored while he cuts your hair. They will do silly comments on your hair and offer you to do a rebond or do hair coloring without mentioning the price. The experience that I don't like was last week in SM Megamall branch. I can't remember the name but I think he's a senior stylist and he has his bangs up to his chin with color. I give him the format of the style but the thing that I didn't like was he made an undercut which is not the style in the picture.
 8th of Sep, 2013 by   EMIL JOHN 0 Votes
hello everyone i am Emil here and i am planning to work in vevire salon sm megamall branch hope i cant experience this thing as image stylist.hope to see you here guys.my name is Emil
 19th of Dec, 2013 by   melizza malong 0 Votes
I had my hair colored last December 12@2:13 in the afternoon in Vivere Robinsons Ermita branch the one who attended to color my hair is not my stylist he was only there to supervise. After the color was done my son notice that the lower portion of my hair is still black but they say if i go out in broad day light it is not black. So yesterday i attended the Christmas party my friends notice the same as what my son noticed. It cost me 2800 for the half colored hair i hope they will fix it.
 17th of Aug, 2014 by   Trifle 0 Votes
i am an foreign resident in the Philippines. I have just about given up on getting a decent colour and style here. In Australia stylists are required to train for 4 years before they can call themselves professionals. Here they just seem to give the basic training and let them loose on the poor customers! This brings me to Vivere salon in Marquee Mall. I had my hair coloured there recently along with a hair treatment. It cost me 8k!!! I had to show them how to do a a two tone colour and how to use a flat iron on short curly hair. The online prices do not match those of the salon (false advertising) which really pissed me off! Won't be going back there and will let others know the same.
 3rd of Nov, 2014 by   Maldives 0 Votes
I have been a customer for about 7 years now. I normally do rebond, haircut and hair dye in one sitting which costs me 7k, and now that i do keratin, i pay about 8-9k. I recently had my hair done, and turned out to be a disaster. I sent them a photo of my hair immediately after i washed my hair ( did not wash hair for 3 days). I was promised to have my hair fixed but 2 weeks have passed, nothing was done. I am due to leave soon since i am not based here. My hair stylist is nice, trying to pacify me but what i need is the management to do something with my hair.
 3rd of Nov, 2014 by   Trifle 0 Votes
Look folks, the bottom line is the high cost of the salon. If the stylists were fully trained in all facets of colouring such as colour matching, I would gladly pay the price. There is nothing more annoying than being given a colour chart and then being asked to pick a colour! For goodness sake, that's the stylist's job not the client's. Techniques are dated such as bonding which went out of fashion years ago. The stylists have no concept of how to blend underlights with highlights. They rarely carry a full range of shades from the chart. One last but really irritating habit salons have here is LOUD music. When I go in to have my hair done I want soothing music and NO singing from the stylist doing my hair. Got it!
 8th of Nov, 2014 by   marie430 0 Votes
ganyan din po nangyari skin s Vivere saloon s galleria branch nmili pko ng saloon dhil akala ko high standard cla un pla puro porma lng dumating ako dun ng nk curl n buhok ko ipinabago ko at ipp style ko biruin mo ginawa tinadtad ng hair pin ang ulo ko pr maitaas lng ng konti ung buhok style n un? tpos s make up kung ano ung lumang eyeshadow un ang ginamit skin tpos eyebrow tinuruan ko p wl rin eye brow lng hindi p mrunong tpos ngbayad ako ng P1, 500 gusto ko i refund ako p pinag ttwanan ng visor bigyan ako ng e mail n mali ng boss ng vivere saloon at 1 half a month n now walang resulta? gnun b tlg cla?
 14th of Dec, 2014 by   Ben555 0 Votes
Good thing that never happened to me, coz whenever they offer the treatment, they say howmuch it wud cost; however, what irks me is they keep hounding me to get the treatment... I always leave their salon satisfied with my haircut, but the constant shoving of their "promotion" is so irritating that sonetimes dread to go to them. Vivere salon, u shud look into this coz u r in danger of losing customers.

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