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Posted:    Georgiana Oken

No such website!

Complaint Rating:  94 % with 138 votes
When I purchased Genisphere face and neck cream I was told I would receive a $25.00 certificate to be used at Walmart, etc. Anyway there was no such website. www.valueplusonline.com/open/form/gc.

Thank you.
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 30th of May, 2007 by   j Bonnet 0 Votes
I purchased a vitamin c product called super C 22, and I was offered this value plus membership through the same salesperson over the telephone. The value plus web site doesn't work, and what I see it is a totally ripped off. Now I am thinking that this product is the same as value plus, since value plus was offered to me when I brought the Super c22.
 8th of Sep, 2007 by   shaun riley 0 Votes
I am complaining in regards to value plus/vacation passport it is a complete fraud and if anyone reads this comment do not have anything to do with said company fore you will be ripped off they give you a web site to receive a free gift after signing up and no web site exist so people beware.
 2nd of Oct, 2007 by   susan manes 0 Votes
i was ripped off with value plus too they said to go to a web site to get my two 25.oo gift cards and the site dont even exist my subscriber number is 1122781645
 2nd of Oct, 2007 by   meshif 0 Votes
[QUOTE]When I purchased Genisphere face and neck cream I was told I would receive a $25.00 certificate to be used at Walmart, etc. Anyway there was no such website. www.valueplusonline.com/open/form/gc[/QUOTE]

hmm works fine for me

[QUOTE]i was ripped off with value plus too they said to go to a web site to get my two 25.oo gift cards and the site dont even exist my subscriber number is 1122781645[/QUOTE]

either you tried again or someone beat me to signing up with your subscriber number. reminder to all: never publish confirmation/subscriber/customer numbers online. this leads to fraudulent uses and possibly even identity theft.
 4th of Oct, 2007 by   gag 0 Votes
DO NOT AGREE TO EVEN ACCEPT A TRIAL MEMBERSHIP!!! I was offered a trial membership when I purchased the H2O mop and when I got the letter from Valu Plus their was no gift card..only a subscriber number to enter on their website in order to claim your gift card. When I made my H20 mop purchase I was told I would have 30 days to cancel my trial membership before being charged but they only give you 14 days and they begin counting from the date of the purchase so by the time you get you letter you basically have only a few days to respond to cancel before being charged. More importantly the number I was provided from the Sales Associate AS WELL AS printed in the ValuPlus letter is not legitmate. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A HUGE SCAM
 9th of Oct, 2007 by   Fran Christian 0 Votes
I've never written a complaint so I'm not sure of my attitude right now. I'm very upset over the scam, but I don't see what good this complaint site will do as you don't realize it is a scam until you purchase whatever they are selling at the time and then try to get on there web site. How does this help? I'll be happy to do whatever is necessary to stop these quacks if someone tells me how. This kind of scam is just so wrong and so mean to so many, many people.

Oh well, if nothing else, I know they will get their true "rewards" one day and it won't be pretty!
 11th of Oct, 2007 by   michele hatfield 0 Votes
My mom purchased this on the phone. I had her cancel it the next day. I hope we don't have any more trouble after reading all the other complaints!
 30th of Oct, 2007 by   Lorin Howard 0 Votes
Hi,I agree with everyone saying that they are scammers. I was told I would receive 2-25 dollar gift cards even if I cancelled but when I went to website to claim it did not even exist. I was also charged for the services before I even received the info. and merchandise. I called and cancelled after I saw it on my bank statement and they cancelled with no problem and luckily I asked if my money could be refunded since I had not used the services and they said sure all you have to do is verbally request a refund and they did refund my money 2 days later,I saw the refund when checking my online statement.
 12th of Nov, 2007 by   Susan 0 Votes
This is such a huge scam!! When I called the telephone number 1-800-475-1942 and spoke with Shonda she cancelled my subscription to both value plus and home essentials and informed me that my credit card had not been billed, and would not be billed , but I told her that I don't understand how they are allowed to scam so many people and get away with it. She insisted that it was not a scam and that you do get the gift cards that you are promised if you complete a form. I was like that is not what I was told when I signed up. I was simply told to go to a website and claim my two $25.00 gift cards. I also told her that I was thinking about notifying my local television station in regards to this scam to which she did not respond at all.
 26th of Nov, 2007 by   Joseph C. Turner 0 Votes
All a ripe off no 25.00 grift card no 40.00 gas rebates
 20th of Dec, 2007 by   Donald W Drm 0 Votes
Signed up for shopping service, was to receive $25 gift card. No such address. Scam, beware!
 27th of Dec, 2007 by   vickie lynn allen 0 Votes
I want my 25 dollar gift card my subsriber number i 1123152052070.
 27th of Dec, 2007 by   Linda Thompson 0 Votes
I also could not fine value plus online as promised, but when I called the company was told by Alex that I should have used the address bar rather than the search engine www.value etc to receive my 25 dollar gift card I did not have a clue what she was refering to so she said she would send me a form. We will see. I will let you know. I also was told there would be no problem cancelling and also receiving my gift card.
 29th of Dec, 2007 by   Sylvia Martin 0 Votes
I was offered the $25 Walmart Gift Card by going to WWW.Valueplusonline.com if I subscribed. I did and there is no such site. I was charged $1.95 trial fee for a scam.
 31st of Dec, 2007 by   Cedric Hardeman 0 Votes
well, the only thing i can tell you to do is report this information to the better business bureau, if you have not already. basically i canceled my card before they had a chance to. i ordered the h20 mop and did that valueplus free trial bullshit. when i received the letter i did not receive my $25 walmart card as i was told, so i immediately reported my credit card lost. then i go on the the website they provide in the letter and get this complaints of scam website. all i know is h20 mop is not getting the rest of their money from me. i set the mop up in three monthly installments and only paid for first month before canceling my card. in my opinion, they are part of this freakin scam and i wish they would try and put it on my credit because it will easily get taken off. if they are a reputable company in which i did receive the mop, seems to me that h2o mop would do their research before giving customers information to a third party company that turns out to be a big scam. anyways, i am going to complain to the bbb after new year's.
 31st of Dec, 2007 by   Cedric Hardeman 0 Votes
well i doubt youll receive it.
 3rd of Jan, 2008 by   James E. Mabie 0 Votes
I tried to call to cancel my membership with Value Plus and was given the comment twice that they were experiencing technical difficulties and that I should call back in 15 minutes. I gave them the benefit on the first call and called back only to hear the same message again and neither one would talk to me.
 10th of Jan, 2008 by   erika nav 0 Votes
claim 25gift card
 11th of Jan, 2008 by   Kathy I. Miller 0 Votes
Does your account get charged for some type of fee? $16.95 per month.
 19th of Jan, 2008 by   JOYCE JOHNSON 0 Votes
I also recieved a letter promising a 25.00 gift card to wal-mart andit is totally bogus . They need to be reported to better business bureaualso i'm calling my local t.v. station on your side WSLS to see what they find out. Everyone be cautious about scams.

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