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US Security Associates Complaints & Reviews - Unfair Treatment of Employees

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US Security Associates

Posted: 2011-03-23 by    M&GL

Unfair Treatment of Employees

Complaint Rating:  75 % with 20 votes
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US Security Associates
United States
Husband use to be a Patrol Supervisor for over 3 years and has never had a raise - they added more responsibilities on him but never any money. Still making $10.00 hr. Also, when he had to go p/u company vehicle 1/2 hr away then drive to the first site. He was never compensated for that time. He also was never compensated for driving the company vehicle from site to site. Only on the arrival time. That is not legal. They also made him cover different sites at various pay rates even though he was up since 8 in the morning and working all day long. They even made him work the overnight shift because he couldn't find anyone to fill in. A person cannot get by on just 3 hours of sleep a night and function normally, especially when the work is driving all the time. My husband had to put up with verbal and emotional abuse from the branch manager all the time, especially when the branch manager couldn't get his way. The benefits actually sucks - they don't pay for anything. They wouldn't even cover an MRI. All we can say is stay away from this company If you file for unemployment or worker's comp "they will fight you all the way" as the regional manager has said.
Comments United States Security Services
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 24th of Mar, 2011 by   wolfgang239 0 Votes
most security companies pay rate is based upon the post. Ive seen it many times that a company will put out "now hiring, paying 12.00hr" adds... but what it does is get you to get hired, they put you at the 12.00 post for a week...then move you to a 10.00 or less post... that 12.00 post is a draw... its only meant to get warm bodies on a post.
Most states have a law that require you to have a minimum of 8 hours between shifts, if that company is not doing that (supervisor or not) then you may need to speak to your states labor board.
 29th of Mar, 2012 by   Current Employee #1 -1 Votes
I work for this compmany now in delaware and I find that to be true. The company is also racist and don't really care for the employees that work for the company. When you call to speak with somebody in the office they are always in a meeting. Your giving their voicemail or told somebody will call you back and you NEVER recieve a call back. This company is very bad. When you have a complaint your told in their on words to deal with it or we'll find somebody else to do the job then your out of work for a LONG TIME. this company is unfair.
 25th of Apr, 2012 by   Mr Magillicuddy2u -1 Votes
They must pay for travel from site to site, it's called the Portal to Portal act- it's Federal law.
 6th of Jul, 2014 by   Mike bernard -1 Votes
US Security is the worst of the worse. David Floyd is the project manager at the Amazon facility in fernly nevada. A total alcoholic with no morals. The branch manager John Mc Neil is just as bad. The guards at Amazon take all kinds of abuse. Floyd comes to work most of the time hung over and takes it out on the guards. WARNING. Don't work for them out of their sparks nevada office. They are crooks .

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