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University Of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona Complaints & Reviews - Not returning Financial Aid dispersed to them

University of Phoenix Contacts & Informations

University Of Phoenix

Posted:    Jamie Christensen

Not returning Financial Aid dispersed to them

Complaint Rating:  75 % with 28 votes
Contact information:
University of Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona
United States
Phone: 605-387-3136
My husband and I attend 1 class at the University of Phoenix online program. We filled out financial aid and they received dispersments in the amount of $14, 000 on April 10th. My husband decided schooling did not fit into his schedule at this time because of the demands and withdrew from the program. I was unsatisfied with their MBA program so I transfered over to Kaplan University. The University of Phoenix not only received my husbands and my financial aid. Not only did they NOT apply our dispersements to our bill, they have put us into collections, and they will not talk to me about returning the funds to the lender. I have called several times asking them when they will be returning the funds, which they have to legally return them to the lender within 30 days, but they hang up on me. So, they have our money, they won't send it back to the lender, and they have put us into collections.
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 18th of Jun, 2008 by   Leah Stockton 0 Votes
.During the month of December 2006 I received a phone call from a representative of University of Phoenix Online. The person on the phone explained to me that I would be able to go to college fulltime, which I have always wanted to do. I asked only the questions I new to ask and those consisted of how much will it cost me and is the diploma credible. I was told the college is credited and many students have graduated. I was so excited…finally, I to can attend college! I have always had a love for business so I signed up for the associated program of business. The man on the phone who turned out to be my enrollment advisor walked me through all the paper work including financial aid. When my first day of class arrived a few weeks later, I was very eager to start my new challenge. I was so proud of myself and so was my family. I attended University of Phoenix from January 07 to September 08. During the month of September, I decided to call Sallie Mae to see how much I owed them. I was stunned when I was told more than nine thousand dollars. The following day I started to ask friends and co-workers how much their first year of college cost them. Most people I asked attended community colleges for their first two years. I was stunned to find out that they were paying an extremely lower price. The next week I spoke to my enrollment and finance advisors to let them know, I had chosen to terminate my attendance with the University and pursue my educational goals at a more cost friendly college. I requested a copy of my official school transcripts and took them into my new college a few weeks later. I started doing some research on University of Phoenix and found out there are tons of former students claiming faulty, inaccurate information by the University. I also learned that University of Phoenix is not AACSB accredited. I also found out that University of Phoenix is a for-profit college. Their advisors make commission on how many people they enroll. Once I learned this, I started to look at my statement though the University. I was never told how much classes would cost and was never given a booklet about classes and prices. All I was told was not to worry because I qualified for financial aid. I never even got a chance to pick my classes. I started a class one day and directly after the final exam started another. University of Phoenix online charges $885.00 per class and $70.36 for course materials. I found out today 06/18/2008 from my new college that none of my credits from University of Phoenix will transfer because they count as technical courses. I have to start all over as a freshman! My new college, Lone Star Community College, is willing to look more into my classes to see in they can get any of them to transfer and they told me to get a copy of my course syllabus from all ten courses I had taken. I called University of Phoenix for the records but they told me they have no access to the materials. I asked if they could give me the contact information to all my instructors but they told me again they have no such records. I am heart-broken! I have spent over nine thousand dollars and year of my life on a fraud. A fraud that is broadcasted everywhere. I am not the only former student that has been let down by an institute that claims they are here to help better their people lives.
 17th of Jul, 2008 by   Hassan EL-Amin 0 Votes
I agree with the person that post this complaint. I too had a bad experience with this school. I was enrolled with UOP for two weeks before terminating enrollment. I recieved a bill for $ 520.00. UOP charged me for online books which after ending enrollment I no longer had acess to. I advised anyone that may consider enrollment with UOP to take time and check into other schools. Troy University is a good school to check out.
 20th of Aug, 2008 by   Natalie Thomason -1 Votes
I also attended UOP and took one class. After abot two weeks, I realized that I did not want to continue due to their price and the fact that they are not accredited. Instead of withdrawing me, they convinced me to stay in the class or I would be responsible for the cost of the class (waste of money). I have not had any other problems with them lately other than the fact that they keep bugging me wanting to know why and if I want to come back.
Anyway, I agree with the last post. I attend Troy University now at their e-campus. It's ok so far. My ony issue is that staff is slow (especially financial aid) seems like they do not have enough manpower to deal with the number of students and campuses that they have.
 22nd of Aug, 2008 by   Shannon 0 Votes
I had completed a class then dropped the next one and they did not apply my loans to either and turned me into collections for 1900 dollars and my lender has not received the funds back and i am payingon the loan currently!
 15th of Sep, 2008 by   crks -1 Votes
You all need schooling to learn how to spell and do some preliminary research.

You don't get loans for free - you have to sign a promissary note to that effect - I see you left that bit of information out.

Accredited- You FAIL! Obviously you didn't do your homework before you started classes.

School is hard and time consuming - I feel so bad for you that you want to have your padded bottom pampered. It takes time, money and dedication at any school to get educated.

Like so many people in society today - your looking for the free handout without wanting to work for it.

Quit your bitching and admit you want to have a handout given to you. Only you found out this isn't how it is at this school.
 28th of Dec, 2008 by   dyoung 0 Votes
Now that's certainly an educated response. It's not a hand-out that we want, it's justification of erroneous charges. . . can you supply that?

The facts are clear; an agreement was reached by the student and the UOP. UOP would supply an education and the student would pay for the education, in some cases via student loan. When the UOP fails to supply the product that they are charging for and yet receives and absorbs full payment for that service and/or product, UOP is responsible for returning the unused portion of that student loan to the loan source.

Maybe "you all" need "schooling".
 5th of Mar, 2009 by   lizluvsj +1 Votes
I disagree with jonnyas. I attended UOP and graduated early. I had an excess on my account that was mailed to me (which I haven't received yet) and was later told that the money needed to go back to my lender, Wells Fargo per their request. When I contacted Wells Fargo I was informed that no such request was made or is ever made once loans are disbursed. No repayment was received from the school either. I did not drop out I did my work and earned my degree. I have no problem paying my loans . . . this is not a handout that I am asking for. The school is asking that I repay them for the refund to the lender which was not requested by the lender, so essentially I am being charged for classes that I did not need and did not take. I confirmed with the lender that they never ask for the money back. According to the university's refund policy if prior notice is given to the school regarding the discontinuation of classes a 100% refund will be awarded. The school had over a month of notice that I would not be attending those two math classes and I am still being charged. I also suggest to anyone else to look up their refund/tuition policy at http://www.uopxworld.com/tuition.asp. There is information regarding refunds depending on how much of the class was completed. When I looked into my account history this refund due to me makes it an even $0. The money that they are asking of me means that they are charging for services not rendered. My husband works for a law firm and is doing some background research for me.
 27th of Apr, 2009 by   larry +1 Votes
I am getting the shaft too and I cannot get ahold on any of my advisors. They are issuing a Refund-Lender Debit memo for over 3000 dollars that they are now charging me for. This is my last year at UOP and this has never happend. I have never dropped a course and the math classes I failed (then passed later on) were paid for out of my pocket during the 07-08 school year. I am confused, hopefully this gets worked out. Any Advice?
 9th of Sep, 2009 by   UOP Grad 8/08 -1 Votes
I agree. This happened to me too. I was in my last class before finishing my degree and a rep called me advising me that I could not get my degree because the re-financed my financial aid, saying I owed them 1423.00!!! I was furious because I was on my honeymoon in Las Vegas wasting time trying to turn in a f*uckin sorry a$$ international business final and the damn class would not even transfer over to my new college! I been dealing with Realiance collection agency and none of the counciler called or helped me in any way throughout the entire two years, seriously. I knew more about stuff than my advisor knew. Not to mention, those f*ckers had the nerve to call me after I paid off the account to purse my bach program with them, same nice voice, same motivated sales advisors. I'm luck 'I dnt writt sentennises lick this', no thanks to UOP. Good thing I was already a well established, young 24 year old African American male, who had the fiances to charge them to the game; however, please dont be fooled by the cute chicks that send you emailed pictures of them, or the reps who said they are almost finish thier degree program because I google searched one of the advisors in the phoenix area and he was on Facebook saying 'I hate con-ing the customers at my job'. UOP helping change lives. Good quote, Yea Right.

G.D., AAB Graduate of UOP Aug. 2008 or is my degree not even creditable???
 13th of Sep, 2009 by   PRDUOPX +1 Votes
Everything seems to end up at money!!! Apparently you all did not take the time to read your Master Promissory Note, your rules for keeping your financial aid in good standing, or your student responsibilities. There are processes, rules, and regulations that are not governed by University of Phoenix, but by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT who are giving you your loans and Pell. You all signed these rules and regulations when you did your FAW and FAFSA ( Financial Aid Website and I hope to God you all know what FAFSA is by now). If you are out of attendance for more than 29 days you must submitt a leave of absense, if you fail a class financial aid will not cover it this must be paid out of pocket, if you do not complete a class whatever portion is taken you must cover that out of pocket because financial aid will not cover partial classes, if you do withdraw or do not do a leave of absence your financial aid is returned to lender, and the BIGGIE if you do not stay enrolled for at least your first set of classes financial aid will not cover because you are required to take so many classes for financial aid will cover. If you do happen not to complete at least half of the financial aid year then you will be billed because financial aid will not cover a partial student. This is not free money even the Pell that most people see as free money is not free money. It is earned and as long as yoou maintain your grades and all the rules are followed then you are able to receive it if it is not followed then it goes back and you and you alone are responsible for what you owe the University of Phoenix. It is no secret we are a Private for-profit university. Go to the website and look at the company history it tells you this. It is just crazy how all the complaints are mainly about money. It is not about how much the school cost you are pissed because you did something that caused your money to go back to the lender or something of that effect and you did not receive a disbursement, BOO HOO!! Cry me a river. To speak of accreditation. SCREW AACSB accredited University of Phoenix is Nationally Accredited, much better. And to let you know why your "community college" would not take the credits it is because the University of Phoenix is upper division courses and community colleges courses are all much lower division. You might have well been going back to high school. I just coordinated a commencement ceremony for 300 graduates yesterday and we graduate thousands of people a year with degrees they can use while teaching them how to work in the real world. In my opinion you all need to get over yourselves and take responsiblility for your actions that caused you to not receive all your financial aid and pay out of pocket expenses.
 8th of Nov, 2009 by   JCollins -1 Votes
I agree that working hard in school to get an education is important. But have news if the school puts you into a big stafford loan that you cannot afford to pay back back you are in trouble. Because I dropped them and sent back the money. And my local college Georgia Perimeter got me a pell grant ( which I don't have to pay back), which I also really do appreciate. And I have been to a technial college and I do know the way the econonomy is that the school does not promise that you will get a job just because you went there. And the university is good at brainwashing people. Good luck I hope you get a job and have the money to pay the big loan that they brainwashed you into paying back. This is from an older and wiser person. Take care.
 2nd of Feb, 2010 by   AlanRickman +1 Votes
Do your homework before you complain. you cant just drop out after starting and expect to get money back. You signed up for the loans and grants to go to school, not to have money to blow. The government is nice enough to give you money to go to school, not for you to drop out and expect a refund to go blow at the mall
 11th of Feb, 2015 by   JennyHanley 0 Votes
I am a neutral standing here, but some of your comments have me worried. I graduated from the University of Phoenix with my Associates Degree in Health Care Administration. I am guessing I am one of the lucky ones. I never had a problem with my finances throughout my program. I did not have a problem with my courses either. I did have to take out student loans that were kind of hefty but I just assumed that was the price of being able to work from home. I enrolled shortly after graduation into the Bachelor's Program from Healthcare Management that is also a certification track. I even failed my very last class in my Associates program and because I had not received any financial aid for that current year, my financial aid adviser was able to get me a partial pell grant for that year. The total cost of the class was like 1, 800 and course materials were around $100. The partial Pell Grant was about $2800. The grant was applied and I went sent the excess funds. I honestly have not had any problems throughout my time with them. I feel very fortunate regarding all the responses on this page. I went to my local hospital when I began my first courses at the University and had hear that my degree would not be credible. I went to the administrator's office and she kindly spoke with me. I simply asked her if she would consider or think anyone would consider my degree credible when I graduated. I told her what I had heard. She stated to me that as long as the school is accredited it is credible, but more importantly, if the school is able t receive financial aid for students it is most definitely credible. The federal government and financial aid services will not fund financial aid for students if the school is not credible and accredited.

- Feeling Lucky & Thankful!

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