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With Teladoc membership, you are promised timely access to real medical doctors "anytime, anywhere".in fact their site also states "Teladoc is there for you 24/7 wherever you may be."

But there's a caveat. If you use Teladoc "too often", you are quickly scolded by mail. They sent you a form letter telling you to use the Teladoc service less and see your in-person doctors more often. The problem is, what if you ARE seeing your in-person doctors regularly but you have a doctor who has limited hours and doesn't have an answering service? What if you're on business in another city? Isn't this the purpose of Teladoc? Apparently not.

I used Teladoc, on average, once every 2 months. Teladoc sent me a letter every 4 months telling me to see my doctor more in-person. Each time they wrote me a letter I called them or emailed them or wrote them back a physical letter explaining that I *DO* see my regular doctors often and that I *DO* update my Teladoc online medical health record with the applicable information EACH time I see my primary care doctor or have a change in health. I was doing everything right.

... Yet Teladoc terminated my account without any opportunity to appeal or be further explained as to the reason why. What constitutes "too much" use of the service, and how dynamic is that rule being applied? I don't think using Teladoc every 2 months is overkill, especially when that is averaging over a period of a year.. so for a few months I might not use it at all, but in other months I might use it a bit more often because I'm traveling or my doctor's on vacation and being self-employed without insurance I don't want to do $1500 ER visits for a sinus infection.

I believe Teladoc is using false advertising to lure in customers with a whiz-bang web site and deceptive promises, and then dump them once they actually use the service upon seeing benefit in it. And that's not right.

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  • Au
      Feb 18, 2011

    Hi. Yes they will cancel accounts without warning on people that use the service too much. They are in business to make money not provide health care. You won't get your money back either, sorry

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  • Au
      Feb 18, 2011

    Hi. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. This is the case with Teladoc. They overpromise and underdeliver, yes

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  • An
      Sep 23, 2011

    This is the worst service ever. I've used them twice over the past year and each time I get a doctor that is very condescending and useless. The last doctor asked me the same questions over and over and acted as if he did not understand. I think these are doctors who just got their medical degree or are in their 80s and have no clue what is going on. They act as if it is a chore to prescribe a antibiotic. I'm not calling you to just chat about how I dont feel good. Just stick with your regular doctor. This is a waste of time and money.

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  • Ku
      Jun 10, 2012
    Best Best Advice

    Telehealth is not designed to treat chronic conditions, only acute conditions. If you are suffering from multiple occurrences of the same condition you need to establish a relationship with a specialist to treat those symptoms.

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  • Dr
      Jan 26, 2013

    Teladoc is a temporary solution to a very serious problem that our Government doesn't want to address. The growing Physician shortage. I worked with Teladoc and I have to admit that many things can be diagnosed without seeing patients. I once diagnosed a patient with Shingle, which she confirmed after seeing a Physician live. I did have fun doing it.

    Unfortunately, Teladoc has the same problem that our traditional health care system has. Despite Teladoc securing millions in contributions and investments, it pays Physicians very little. I was contacted about being one of their Physicians again after a sabbatical. I had originally stopped participating because on average, I would spend about 30 minuted per consult when you factor in time spent reading history, speaking to patient, going on line and filling out a long consultation form (every time you speak with a patient) and they pay $23.70 per consult. Not bad if you are a medical student, but not exactly a salary to make a living with. When you are contacted, you are expected to put everything down and respond. 30 minutes of your time, expected to drop what you are doing, and the legal liability for 23 bucks and change. They are paying the same amount. as when I originally joined. Like traditional insurance, they want to make huge profits, but pay Docs very little. $50 a consult would have been more reasonable, although they will still have problems securing docs for this amount.

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  • Is
      May 21, 2013

    I tried to use them for the first time yesterday. It was a "benefit" from my insurance company. It has been 36 hours and I haven't heard from them. Their site says about 25 minute turn around what a lie. I was leaving for work yesterday so I let them know to call a different number. Two hours later they called the wrong number and left 3 different voice mails around how they are trying to reach me. This is extremely poor service. Buyer beware

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  • Sa
      Nov 12, 2013

    If you want REALLY good Telemedicine go to this website:
    I used to be with Teledoc and hated them. Their doctors were nasty and you can't call a lot. For some reason they will suspend you if you call a few times. I've never had a problem with this new service. Best I did was can Teledoc and join this Affordable Access Plan (not obamacare). Thought I'd pass this along to you all.

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  • Jj
      Jan 16, 2014

    My company uses this service as a benefit for our associates. I have used it twice with adequate results. Then at 2 am one morning I requested a consult. Waited 34 minutes with my wife in pain from a UTI, only to be told there are "no doctors available tonight." I said that we pay a lot of money for your "24/7/365 service". He responded, that is only when doctors are available. Really? Very disappointed.

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  • Ta
      Mar 25, 2014

    It really upsets me to see this...Maybe you should try a Telemedicine company that doesnt charge per consult and one monthly fee...Check out ony $19.95 per month over 2400 Doctors on Call waiting for you or call 1-844-309-5929

    Its such a great service for individuals and Familys aswell as employers..


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  • Dp
      Apr 14, 2014

    I tried to use Teledoc for the 2nd time. On both occasions, I had the same experience. The intake person is nice enough. Then when the doctor calls back, they ask a few routine questions & tell you to keep doing what you're doing. It is absolutely ridiculous to claim this is a legitimate medical service. On both of my calls, I told them I was running a temperature & told them the rest of my symptoms. They refused to call in any meds & told me when my symptoms worsened to call them back. Both times, I would up going to an Urgent Care center - where I was told on 1 occasion, I had an upper respiratory infection & the other time was a bad sinus infection. With proper meds, I was better in a couple of days. This "so called" doctor service needs to be out of business!

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  • Ed
      Oct 26, 2014

    I called in the same day for my both kids. They were coughing and they said their throats start to hurt. I called in and they charged me $20 for both in advance as separated two consultations. The doctor called for my son first and I said he was coughing and his throat hurts him when he swallows, the first thing the doc asked for is to take pictures for his throat and upload it on my account on Teladoc and she said she will call later after seeing the pictures and I mentioned my daughter she said I will call you a different call for the second consultation because as i said they are two separated cases. I took pictures and went on my account to upload them then they asked me to pay again as we're asking for new consultations. I called customer service and I told the lady who answered the phone what happened she said wait I will connect you with my the supervisor. He was very rude, he said If I don't pay the doctor will not call me back or be able to see the pictures. I told him she didn't even prescribe something for coughing so what is the point of this service if I can't get anything over the phone and to upload a picture for the doc to see I need to pay again?!!! I said I am not gonna pay again he said OK and the doc never call back I didn't even have the chance to tell her about my daughter but they charged me for her consultation. This is nonsense and ridiculous. I will never use this stupid service again. They will try anything for sake of charging people as more as they can

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  • Ju
      Jan 19, 2015

    I called Teladoc for my boyfriend who was very sick at the time while I was at work not only did they call him back in a timely manner he was also prescribed a medication that helped him out alot. I can appreciate a company that delivers, no service is perfect but it worked for me

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  • the only time teladoc terminates an account is when you call again and again for a chronic problem that you were told can not be handled online or asking for controlled substances, teladoc gets money every time you submit a request for a consult, either from you or from your insurance, a part of that goes directly to the doctor who helped you, so there is no interest to teladoc to terminate your account for a no valid reason, also teladoc has a huge number of doctors and when the consult shows up, does not last for more than seconds [ literally ] before a doctor will pick it up . I worked with them as aboard certified physician since 2012, the management is excellent .
    by the way the fact that they charge per consult argue against their desire to terminate peaple accounts.

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  • Kt
      Feb 23, 2015

    This service is a waste of time. On both occasions that I've called, I got the same doctor. She was the most useless, air-headed sod that I have ever had the displeasure of speaking with. She refused to give me any advise, and quite frankly she had no idea what she was talking about. I will NEVER use this service ever again. WASTE OF MONEY.

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  • Pa
      Mar 18, 2015

    They took my $40 and I did not receive any services

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  • Sp
      Apr 01, 2015

    No one ever called me back after registering with Teladoc. Called customer service back after 1 hour passes and was told that they are backed up tonight. Really???? Letting my employer know that service is not what it seems.

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  • Bo
      Apr 25, 2015

    You idiots out there trying to fix your sinus infections and bronchitis with antibiotics.Wash your hands, don't call your doctors and ask for medicines to fix your viral illness. Yes, it is true and clinical evidence has proven that sinus infections and bronchitis are considered viral in etiology in virtually all cases and you are wasting your time by asking your doctors for antibiotics. Stop whining and face the music. Bravo to the Teladocs that don't write you a prescription for your sinus pressure and clear, yellow or green drainage ( yes it is still viral despite the color). You will be better all on your own if you hunker down and let your immune system clear the viral illness. Trust me, average infection ( sinus, bronchitis, pharyngitis, etc) lasts 21 days and fixes itself. Or, forget the advice, sniffle for 3 days, then call your doc, get an antibiotic prescription and seed yourself with resistant bacteria or cause yourself a Clostridium Difficile colitis from inappropriate antibiotic use. Bravo Teladocs that give good evidence based advice on upper respiratory illness.

    Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician
    Denver, CO

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  • Ka
      Feb 10, 2017

    @Board Certified MD So your saying that if you have sucked it up and dealt with it for 2 months it's time to go to the Dr?

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  • Je
      Feb 27, 2017

    @Board Certified MD If you honestly feel there is no help to be offered to someone through medicine, why then are you a doctor? You are displaying the exact oxymoron behavior of these #### at Teladoc we have all been subjected to. I would think someone in the profession of helping people would have empathy and compassion. It must truly be all about the money for you people. God help us all.

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  • Br
      Mar 14, 2018

    @jennyc1977 You all need to do your research, the MD is right. You are NOT supposed to treat virus with antibiotics, if you do you end up breeding bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics aka MRSA. The better alternative, phlanges, has not been approved by the FDA from what I understand.

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  • Ke
      Dec 10, 2018

    @Brooke Colwell Wow, I realize this thread is old but just wow. I have RA and when I get sick it won't go away because I have a suppressed immune system. Yet, as a physician you are putting out a blanket statement stating we should hunker down and let our immune systems take care of it.

    How much more irresponsible can you be. I hope that you have either received more education in your field or have had your license revoked because you really shouldn't be treating anyone if you still feel this way.

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  • Jo
      May 14, 2015

    They mention on their website that average turnaround time is 24 minutes or so. You will not get even for more than 2 hours later. It is better not to waste money on this service. Visit your family physician's office.

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  • Me
      Jun 02, 2015

    Do not waste your time or money on Teladocs. They really do not have any adivce to offer that you don't already know. And they can to priscribe anything other than over the counter medicine that you yourself can buy at any gas station or grocery store.

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  • Ja
      Jan 23, 2019

    @MeJames That must be why I was told today that I should be seen by a family physician. What a total waste of time. I have no idea why I even bothered.

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  • An
      Jun 17, 2015

    First Stop Health ( offers low monthly plans to provide quality patient centered telehealth. Give our service a try and see the difference yourself.

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  • We
      Jul 16, 2015

    This was a three ring circus of questions when all I wanted to know if I should go to urgent care or not. I was under the impression that this was be an experience like ask-a-nurse and that it was also something provided through my insurance from my job. When I called I explained up front what I was calling about and then spent a good half hour plus on the phone answering tons of questions that had nothing to do with my problem AND was informed after the fact that my simple question of waiting til next week to see my physician or go in tonight to urgent care was something that could not be answered without medical history, billing, contract info and on and on and on. I eventually got a supervisor named Terry on the line who said that 1800 teledoc was not a service I could call to ask my simple question. I eventually hung up in them because of all this hassle and wasted a good hour getting no where and completely hassled. This service is utter crap and all insurance companies should drop them as a service.

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  • Cb
      Aug 23, 2015

    HAve now been waiting for 7 hours To receive a call back. I am in pain from a UTI. It's Sunday... I did not want to go to an urgent care facility because of the nature of my condition... being so uncomfortable and needed to visit the toilet frequently. Was promised an hour response time. 5 (FIVE!!!) cancellation&reschedules later, and waiting way way too long to give them the benefit of the doubt, I am now still in pain, with an only worsening infection. I should have given up after the 2nd cancellation and just gone to the urgent care. Because believe it or not... I would have actually gotten my antibiotics SOONER THAN USING THIS WORTHLESS SERVICE. this is pathetic and more of a nuisance than a service. Also, your customer service people interact poorly with clients and have no ability to self-reason or determine anything by a simple process of elimination. Haven't talked to a single doctor so can't really say anything negative about them, yet.

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  • Re
      Sep 06, 2015

    Company never meets the promise of consulting. They keep changing and canceling the scheduled consultation without any notice and communication. A company cannot be this irresponsible towards such a critical field.

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  • Ly
      Sep 07, 2015

    They charged me three times $40.00 for one consultation.
    I called them to get my money back.
    They told me that they investigate and someone will call me.
    I never get a call from them.
    My advice is DO NOT USE TELADOC.
    They are thieves.

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  • We
      Sep 08, 2015

    I called Teladoc the other day with massive pounding behind my eyes, serious green snot and drainage and a fever of 103. I knew I had a sinus infection. Anyway, right away a doctor returned my call. 'Dr. Griffin' proceeded to tell me that I had a virus, the same one in fact, that he had, and prescribed me four different medications for a cough. I told him specifically I didn't have a cough, but he decided right then and there that I had the same virus that is 'going around.' I was prescribed a steroid, throat lozenges, cough pills and an inhaler- all of which of course, I didn't need. I told him that I thought I needed to be on an antibiotic as I was sick for about 4, 5 days before I called, and it was a holiday weekend and I couldn't see a 'real' doctor. He insisted I had a virus and I would be fine.

    Well, after suffering all weekend I went to my doctor this morning as soon as I could. Not only do I have a horrible sinus infection, but I have a double ear infection and a bad case of strep throat. I have no cough aside from that resulting in drainage. I never used the steroids or inhalers because as I told the doctor, they make my heart race.

    It's like these doctors get extra points if they don't prescribe antibiotics, or they have it in their minds that they're simply not going to do it. It's a waste of $15, and it's a waste of time. Best bet is to go get checked by a real doctor who will see you, listen to your concerns, and prescribe the right medicine. Teladoc is just a scam for the most part. I'll never call them again.

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  • Lo
      Sep 18, 2015

    Best service ever. I use the service and have not experienced any of the services that riddle the posted bad reviews, When you register with Teladoc, be it one self service online or call in tand are assited by a member service specialist... the terms and conditions are offered before the decision to become a member or use the service is permited. Every one who use the service are informed Teladoc is not to replace your PCP in those terms and conditions Those same terms and conditions advises that there is no guarantee. a physician will prescribe a prescription as a result of consult. When deciding to use the service, if one did take the opportunity to ask questions such as, is there a limit on the number of times the service, or follow questions concerning specifics that individually support self health needs, didnt read the terms and conditions. or listen when they were read, the culpability of not being satisfied with the service lies more on self that the company.
    Because I asked before using the service, i was informed I could only use the great service about 3 times annually and if i attempted to use the service for reoccurring illness ...a precursor to a more serious health issue in itself, my account could be suspended. I didnt self diagnose then call or virtually schedule a consult with a physical and during the consult tell him or her how to do their job or insult them by making references to real doctors eluding the consulting physician was not a REAL dr... all resulting in me receiving 100% great customer service.

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  • Ke
      Jan 06, 2016

    I just called the teledoc to get an antibiotic for a sinus infection that I know I need to react to quickly before it gets to my chest. I get these two or three times a year. Antibiotics knock it out every time. This service is perfect for this kind of problem. I live in the country and the clinic always asks if I can come in in a couple of days. That's too long! If you go to the emergency room its 600 to 1000 dollars. That's crazy just for them to give you some antibiotics. teledoc has helped me two times over the course of a year. This time same routine except the doctor said I can't help you. Someone help me understand. If you can't get antibiotics for this then what do you use the service for. They have been getting my 10 dollars a month for the last year. I could have used that money for my copay to see the doctor. I don't need to pay another doctor to tell me to see my local doctor. I told them that it didn't make any sense to be a member anymore, I can't justify it. The guy told me that there wasn't any guarantee to get service when we call. I said that was fine but you can't count on treating people like that and expect them to keep paying them. So I'm done. Its not like I was asking for pain pills.

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  •   Feb 25, 2016

    During the 1 minute consultation, the doctor paid little to no attention to my concerns or symptoms, and was quick to tell me I needed to go to the urgent care or Emergency Room. This is the first and last time using TelaDoc. Seems like a fantastic business model - run through 40+ calls an hour at $30 / call = $1200, and just tell everyone to go to the urgent care so there is no liability.

    Huge scam... and probably only useful for Hypochondriacs.

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  • Li
      Mar 01, 2016

    TELADOC IS A RIPOFF! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! I called because I thought had a sinus infection gave the doctor all of my symptoms and was told I had a virus. I explained to the doctor that I thought I had a sinus infection. Same symptoms that my husband had a week prior. DOCTOR did not give me a prescription. Hung up and went to Carenow and saw a doctor where I was told I had a bad sinus infection. Was given 2 prescriptions. TELADOC is in business to rip you off $45.00! Don't waste your time or money!

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  • Ka
      Apr 19, 2016

    The CDC says that most most bronchitis and sinus Infections don’t need antibiotics. What people refuse to believe is that most sinus infections are NOT caused by bacteria and that green snot is the normal progression of a cold - it does not mean you have a bacterial infection - it's a result of your body fighting the virus. A cold can last two weeks so duration does not mean you have a bacterial infection. If you were sick for 5 days and begin an antibiotic and feel better 4 days later you more than likely would have felt better anyway. Bacteria do not cause colds - a bacterial infection would be secondary (after you got the cold) and is rare. Antibiotics can't make your cold or flu better because they can't fight the virus. If anything they can cause other problems and possibly make you feel worse. Doctors are now strongly advised to NOT prescribe antibiotics for cold symptoms but patients insist. This is causing a large number of antibiotic resistant infections. A doctor that questions the use of antibiotics for so called 'sinus infections' is a good doctor.

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  • Je
      Feb 10, 2017

    @Kady Q I've waited weeks before getting antibiotics for sinus infection and it's never gone away on its own. Take your condescending self elsewhere.

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  • Cy
      Jun 03, 2016

    I used Teledoc service for an ear infection and the quality of service was pathetic. First the doctor mentioned only one antibiotic on call which he said I can repeat max 3 times if infection does not come down and when I went to Pharmacy to ask for refill, they said there is no refill mentioned by doctor and they will send a request to confirm with doctor. They did not get any response from Doctor for 5 days.

    I then logged in to teledoc website to see if there is a way to contact the doctor to followup on reuqest, but there was none. Also I noticed that doctor had prescribed 2 medicines but I got only 1 from pharmacy.

    I then contacted their customer care over email with complaint but they asked me to call the customer care instead. When I called they said other medicine was over the counter, so pharmacy did not give it to me and they cant do anything except register a feedback about it and also they cant help me with refill request. So I need to either contact my general physician or use teledoc again.

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  • In
      Jun 24, 2016

    Don't waste your money. If you have a reoccurring medical condition like sinus infections they will deny you antibiotics. If you read through the entire post there is a doctor who applauds this saying it is viral and you will get better in 21 days. Seriously? Who has time to be sick for 21 days? Don't waste your money. Teledoc is a supposed alternative to urgent care, nice in theory but not in reality. Go to a normal doctor or urgent care.

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  • Th
      Nov 19, 2016

    Lot of ignorance on here. A sinus infection is most often viral but there are situations where the risk of a bacterial infection is high enough to prescribe anti biotics. 1. Minor sinus symptoms lasting for 10 days or more. 2. Severe symptoms including fever over 101. Teladoc has a 95% satisfaction rate. You wouldn't know that by the number of toddlers stamping their feet in here having fits. So a doc was not available at 2am. Some doc asked you to upload a picture. Your consult was cancelled because your phone settings don't allow blocked callers. Teladoc hires board certified physicians who are the same doctors who staff your clinics and urgent cares (except they are the best doctors who staff the clinics... board certified), they will vary in personality and prescribing habits. So you didn't get an antibiotic over the phone but you got one from an urgent care for you sniffle and sneezing for one day with "high grade fever" of 99.1 deg F. That urgent care doc is going to have his license suspended for handing antibiotics out like candy. You are just as likely to get a doctor on teladoc that will hand out antibiotics like candy as well. You are also just as likely to get a stingy doc in a clinic or urgent care. All of these complaints are childish. I used teladoc and it was good quality service, fast and as expected. My advice for your consult: be prepared ahead of time, take your temp, look at your throat, upload pictures, research what you think you have and signs and symptoms ahead of time and look for those signs. A telamedicine patient is best if smart and well prepared; all these low IQ, immature crybabies who are complaining here are better off going and sitting on their doctors lap in a clinic.

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  • El
      Dec 12, 2016

    I used Teladoc for the first time today. I will not be using them again. My 3 yr old has pink eye and I thought it would be better to use Teladoc than go to an urgent care where sick people are. I called around 8am and it's not 12pm and I am still not able to give my son his medication. The dr couldn't speak very clear English and I had a hard time understanding her. She called the meds she prescribed "ointment" once but then called it "drops" so I figured I'd be getting drops, as this was mostly what she called it. When I called the pharmacy afterwards they said it was ointment. There is no way I am squeezing ointment into my son's eyes and rubbing them, he won't sit still for that. Eye drops are enough of a challenge but do-able. So I called Teladoc back, the girl on the phone acted like this was no big deal. Said she forwarded my request to the clinical team and I would hear back shortly. That was at 9:30am. Well, at 11am I called back again to check the status. It can't possibly take this long just to change a script. Well, the guy on the phone said he didn't know anything about it and couldn't tell anything from my file. He continued to say that the clinical team is it's own entity and he doesn't have access to their information. He put me on hold for a while then came back and said "someone will be calling you extremely shortly, they are working on this right now as we speak"... Well that was 20 mins ago and still no call. If I hadn't paid them $20 then I would just go to the urgent care. If I had just done that in the first place, I would have probably given him two doses by now. Unfortunately I will probably miss another day of work, at least a half day, tomorrow while waiting for his eye infection to not be contagious anymore, as he cannot return to the babysitter until 24 hours after he starts his first dose. This was not worth the 20 dollars in the hole as well as my lost wages waiting for them to just fax another order to the pharmacy - that should only take a half hour tops.

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  • Ti
      Feb 08, 2017

    I see that I am not the only one who has had a bad experience(s) with Telecoc. This service was rolled out as an additional benefit and supplement to our existing health care plan. So far I have had 4 phone messages go unreturned, 2 emails offering 2 hour response have gone unanswered for 4 days (96 hours). Fortunately I did not have an immediate medical concern, rather I was looking for suggestions concerning local neurology care and facilities. Not sure if my company is yet aware of what they are receiving for the price that they are paying. We are due to complete surveys on this service next month, curious to see what our other associates experience has been.

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  • Le
      Aug 09, 2017

    Teladoc is a farse. They are completely driven by the almighty dollar. They are not caring employees and do not care about your health at all. This company is an assembly line of half wit employees paid to answer the phones and be polite. They have a high turnover rate at this company and are only concerned with their image. I would never utilize Teladoc, instead, go your to primary care physician at all costs.

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  • Fa
      Sep 02, 2017

    Teledoc is useless and annoying. First they make you register just to get an account. That takes 40 minutes. That sucks when you are sick. Furthermore they wouldn't let my husband speak for me when I had a raging soar throat. They blamed hippa which is a crock of you know what because I was on the phone right there with my husband and they still made me talk. Then the doctor called my husband, not me, 3 times! Their system is so royally screwed up it's embarrassing for them. Lastly, but MOST importantly the doc who called me was unprofessional, rude and completely uncaring and unhelpful. He wouldn't listen to my history, and was already dead set against prescribing antibiotics, even though I told him that the OTC stuff had been taking for 2 weeks wasn't working. I'm 47 years old. I think I know a thing or two as to when I need something stronger than OTC. I have cold induced asthma and this doctor would prefer that I suffer through a full blown sinus infection with congestion and asthma than to kill the infection I have in my sinus. The doctor sounded like he was in INDIA!!!

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  • Rg
      Apr 30, 2018

    I had a bad sinus infection and did not feel like sitting in urgent care for hours, so I decided to try Teledoc offered by my employer. They (Teledoc) called me in less than 15 minutes and had my antibiotic called in to the Walgreen's. The doctor was great. asked about my fever, if I used the sinus flush, Flonese, etc. He was very knowledgeable and very professional!!! I will use them again if needed!

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  • Un
      Jun 25, 2018

    Stay away from Teladoc! They are nothing but a money-grabbing scam. I finally used this service out of desperation late last week. The Doctor (as he identified himself) was only interested in not doing anything about my condition and reading legalize as to why he would do nothing. Then when my wife who was listening asked him a question, he hung up the phone before she could even ask it. When I complained about the no-service to Teladoc and requested a refund since I got nothing out of it and that the Dr. rudely hung up on me, they basically told me "tough luck, no refund". Rip-off disservice is all I got out of this. I suffered until the next afternoon when my PCP addressed my issue satisfactorily. All I needed was a fairly strong antibiotic. Stay away from Teladoc...and Aetna if at all possible.

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  • To
      Sep 05, 2018
    Teledoc - Does not provide treatment for cold/flu as advertised
    United States

    They take $30 and tell you to drink fluids and rest.

    And, you have no recourse for complaint. What sounds like a great service is a rip off and a scam at least for cold/flu.

    Do not use them for cold flu.

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