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TD Banknorth, Maine Complaints & Reviews - Rip Off

TD Banknorth Contacts & Informations

TD Banknorth

Posted:    sambx

Rip Off

Complaint Rating:  86 % with 7 votes
Contact information:
TD Banknorth
United States
I have been a victim of TD Bank as well. I signed up for free checking w/ no minimum balance, and then low and behold they change the rules. That is not the contract I signed up for. If they had at least informed me I would have closed out the account before I had fees that I had no knowledge of put me in the negative on this account I hardly ever use. It is used for specific purposes. I have also had money stolen for OD fees when there was actually a balance to cover any activity. I have had quite enough.

I did not realize and should have, that TD Banknorth is a Canadian Corporation. I have a practice of only doing business with American companies and corporations – not that they are any better these days. The American consumer has become so complacent and apathetic, allowing these companies to treat us a door mats. This consumer says not anymore.

Banknorth lost a lawsuit back in April, costing them $50 million; perhaps this is why they have begun these predatory practices. They would have been far better off to not conduct business in such a way that it put them in the position to lose such a lawsuit.

For all of you complaining on this and other boards – do more. Email everyone on your contact list; tell everyone you know to beware. Complain to the FDIC, BBB and AG if applicable. Bad word of mouth can be very damning to a company. Email everyone in the company that you can. Call everyone in the company that you can. Do not take no for an answer – you can and should fight back. By calling executives and the like you are costing the bank money. These people are highly paid and the time spent with dissatisfied customers is time away from what they consider more important business, business that generates high revenue for the bank.

Below are email addresses for executives of TD Bank. I will be posting some Blackberry and office numbers of these executives in a few days. Call them, bother them, cost them money – after all they are taking yours. Stop being a victim!

Bharat Masrani <Bharat.Masrani@tdbank.com>; cheryl cornish <cheryl.cornish@tdbank.com>; Cheryl Cornish <Cheryl.Cornish@tdbanknorth.com>; fred graziano <fred.graziano@tdbank.com>; kathy brown <katherine.brown@tdbank.com>; robert falese <robert.falese@tdbank.com>; stephen boyle <stephen.boyle@tdbank.com>; william ryan <william.ryan@tdbanknorth.com>

Check back for update to include telephone numbers.
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 15th of Sep, 2009 by   sambx 0 Votes
I won my battle with banknorth. It was not easy and took perseverance, but the important thing to know is if you fight back they will give you your money back and rightfully so. Here is a phone number for Cheryl Cornish as VP, she is a pain in the a(# but doesn't like to be bothered - bother her and everyone else too. 603-818-2177. Email all these people too
Bharat.Masrani@tdbank.com, william.ryan@tdbanknorth.com, fred.graziano@tdbank.com, robert.falese@tdbank.com, stephen.boyle@tdbank.com
Do not let them take advantage of you. Good luck and fight back!
 15th of Sep, 2009 by   LadyeRaven 0 Votes
Credit unions treat you much better. I'll never use any of the big banks again.
 16th of Feb, 2010 by   Cross boy 0 Votes
Spoke to Cheyl Cornish today about a complaint on the above number. Rather disappointingly in a way, she was charming and seemed helpful, though my whinge was way outside her sphere of operation. Better may be to go for the Bank's non-execs. Three who should be reasonably accessible are
Brian Levitt
Carole Taylor
Harold McKay QC
They are all lawyers with big Canadian firms and their direct lines are about two minutes Googling away. They will hate being chased but remind them, politely, they are directors and they have legal and moral responsibilities when the bank's executives fail to do their jobs
Good luck everybody.
 3rd of Apr, 2014 by   RJfromPA 0 Votes
Your emails do not work as they just came back undeliverable.

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