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Tate & Kirlin Associates Complaints & Reviews - We need to stop them!

Tate & Kirlin Associates Contacts & Informations

Tate & Kirlin Associates

Posted:    P. Collins

We need to stop them!

Complaint Rating:  91 % with 136 votes
They have been calling my house, and my mother's house (who is 76 years old and an invalid.) I've told them that I'm not the person that they are looking for, and so has my mother. I have even blocked them, but somehow they still manage to get through, or will call and the phone number shows up "unknown caller".
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 21st of Jan, 2010 by   hound dog3333 0 Votes
Specfiically, we expect you to:

1) Verify that our Visa card has been credited for the $4539 we paid for the aborted honeymoon trip

2) Reimburse us for the $560 in deposits we are unable to recover from the Honolulua

3) Reimburse us for the two nights we spent stranded

4) Provide us with two first class round-trip tickets on a flight to Hawaii which will be good for the next calendar year (dates of travel to be our choice)
 26th of Jan, 2010 by   stem1 0 Votes
You all make me laugh !!! just like people to think a reputable business should be stoped. i say you all need to be stoped before you all destroy they aconomy!!!
 3rd of Feb, 2010 by   heartache in Texas 0 Votes
Three years ago I was diagnosed with Congestive heart failure. My doctor said I could not return to work. I went from making 45000. a year to living on disability which was half my income. I ended up letting my car get repossessed .It ruined my credit, of coarse, but I didn't have any choice. A few months after it was taken I started receiving calls from Tate and Kirlin. I finally agreed to allow them to do an automatic bank draft of 55.00 a month. They said I owed 16000. after the sale of my car I thought it mihgt help my credit if I was trying to pay the debt. I did this for almost a year. They still called me trying to get me to pay more but that was all I could do. My credit score was still ruined and I was still being hounded. The payments were set up for six months at a time. About a year ago my oldest son told me I was stupid for paying because I was never going to get them off my back and I should just stop the automatic withdrawals. I never set up the next six payments and they called me day and night. I just looked at my bank acct today and see that they took it upon them selves to draw the 55.00 again. i called my bank to put a stop payment on the future withdraws. They gave me this web sight to read about possible fraudulant practices going on with Tate and Kirlin. I am trying to do what is right and pay my debts but they have driven me crazy over the last three years. I am tired of dealing with them. I really doubt the 2005 Taurus i had to let go back was worth all the headaches.
 3rd of Mar, 2010 by   forgetmenot 0 Votes
THIS COMPANY SUCKS!!! I am a mild mannered person who does not like to have her buttons pushed but that is exactlly what happens when you deal with this group of so called perfessionals. I do owe for a car loan some stuff had happend and I couldn't afford the car any longer. I except that. This is my debt and I was willing to pay on it, until I needed a document staing that we had a agreement of the said amount that i was willing to pay each month. They lied and said that tey faxed the info I had to call 3 times and finally a Penny Walton delt with my account and she was nice at first but never told me all the information. I had to keep calling back because they did not inform me of anything. They debited my account and then i asked for a reciept some type of proof of payment THEY SAID NO THAT THEY DO NOT GIVE OUT PROOF OF PAYMENT UNTIL THE BILL IS PAID IN FULL. I have never heard of that you are taking money out of my account I need the proof for my own records just in case they ever said that I missed a payment. They got so rude and nasty I asked to speak to a supervisor and they put on of their associates on the phone like I was stupid. A guy who claims he is a SUP Kyle was so RUDE, KIRT, and talked to me as if I was the scum of the earth was so bad that I popped my top and let him have it as well as this guy name MIKE. I asked them to STOP taking money from my account and they will now get a money order so that will ensure me having a reciept. They have no formal letter head just a tacky sheet of regular computer paper and nothing else. I will be keeping an eye on this company and checking with the boars to see if there are any mor complaints.
 26th of Apr, 2010 by   studious +1 Votes
I now receive calls & letters from these wet noodles on an acc. that has been paid and close.The acc. was open a year ago, but has been paid. Calling throughout the weekend. Their desperate attempts warrants nothing honest.
 26th of Apr, 2010 by   LearyOne 0 Votes
Received a toll free number and an India sounding man spoke to me saying I owed for a credit card from 4 years ago and it was in my maiden name...I have been using my married name for over 10 years now and only had ONE credit card which was paid in full when I was 19 and it was a Discover card. I have tried to find this Premier Credit Card Company, which has only let me to links about Premier Charities in other countries. All the information I have researched for Tate&Kirlin is not at all positive and not even have I stumbled across a web-page for this law firm. I was told by Justin, if that was his name "we have your social and address" and when I asked him to tell it to me, he changed the subject and wouldn't recite to me the information he had.
 11th of May, 2010 by   GTRIDOFSCUM 0 Votes
These bozo's have no tact - at all. I own an agency and was called for a bill that had been paid 8 years ago. (I stayed up last night to find the proof I needed) I know how we run our business and it is not like this. We portray company's like this as our best salespeople... If I receive one more call from them, I am going to a full court press for gross negligence of the FDCPA. They obviously hire unskilled, non-American trash for minimum wage to beat up on people versus acting like humans who are there to help and assist. I wish more of you would post some of the names of the client they are collecting on so we can solicit their business. Trust me, you wouldn;t mind getting a call from us to work with you to resolve the issues you didn't want...
 5th of Jun, 2010 by   gina4801 0 Votes
Sooooo funny...you can tell who works for Tate & Kirlin! LOL
 2nd of Aug, 2010 by   grumpy333 0 Votes
They are currently trying to get me to pay on a credit card bill that I paid in full about 2 years ago now. I even called them to try to explain that the account they are trying to collect on is now reopened and in good standing with the orginal creditor. They told me that I could not have paid it or they would have record of it. I dont know how often they actually call as I no longer answer the phone for (800) numbers or unknown. They do however keep sending me "Settlement offers" the most recent is 35% of the original balance that the client (my current credit card company) authorized...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
 1st of Sep, 2010 by   acmn1113 0 Votes
I happen to be a person that worked collections for four years, and tonight I received a call from an India call center on behalf of Tate and Kirlin. I was told that an account was opened on 2000, I made payments until 2005 and the account was charged in 2003. If that was not strange enough, when I questioned that detail, I was told "I never said you made regularly scheduled payments on this account". It so happens that I keep all my documents from all bills, however, I am moving. I asked for a couple of days to look for my documents. A couple of things I want to leave here:

1) I did not use any offensive language nor did I deny the bill, however, I was yelled at twice, and in both occasions, had to ask the agent to calm down.
2) As far as I know, if the account was charged off in 2003, that makes this a seven year issue, not liable on my part. Not only that, but in seven years now is the first time they call me on a cell phone number I've had since 1998?
3) Assuming the last payment was made in 2005, who was making said payments on an account that was charged off? I make payment arrangements only with original creditors.
4) I just got my credit report a few months back and this bill was not in it. Can a company legally put a bill back after said bill was taken off your credit report?

My advice for anyone reading this is simple: if you believe you owe, pay the original creditor. If you don't believe you owe, remember, in a recession, everyone is looking to make money.
Reputable or not, third party collection agencies usually buy old accounts for cents on the dollar. If you owe, keep that in mind when you are negotiating. The typical $1000 bill probably cost them $50.
If you get your credit report and find something fishy, report it immediately. You are entitled for a minimum two free credit reports a year. Verify every last bit of info on that report.
Treat people nicely. Remember, they are just doing their job. If you have a legitimate grievance, that is what the Better Business Bureau is for.
 10th of Sep, 2010 by   CindyMG 0 Votes
I just filed a complaint with the BBB against this company. After reading all of these complaints its funny that according to their website they have no complaints on file. I just want to leave my short story.
-I am unemployed (not by my own doing, had a government job and the government cut back)
-I am looking for work but only doing odd jobs here and there at the moment.
-Have 1 kid in college and between us and her we are paying the college tuition.
-Live pretty much pay check to pay check and have skimmed by out of 5 or 6 foreclosure notices over the last 2 years.
I pay my bills as I can and I work pretty darn hard to try and live with in a means that gets shorter and shorter. About a year ago I started getting phone calls on my caller ID from a "800 Service". I am on the Do Not Call List and for numbers like this I just don't answer. There were never any messages left. About 6 months ago (just about the time I got my severance notice) I received a bill in the mail from "Allied Interstate" for a Sears Premier Card that I owed over $400. I haven't had a Sears Card in probably 4-5 years and I am sure I paid the bill but I place the bill in my "owe" pile as I was also in a foreclosure process at the time. Last month I received a letter from Tate & Kirlin stating they have taken over my "Citibank" account and have been authorized to offer a settlement amount of $240. I also started seeing their number appear on my caller ID but never any messages. Today I answered that "800 Service" number and found it is actually someone from this Tate company calling all along. The first person actually transfered me to a Supervisor when I told him I had just printed a copy of my 3 credit compnay credit report and there is no such deliquent debit. The "Supervisor" on the other hand was quit rude. He kept insisting that I owed this money from a Sear's Credit Card that I had had from 1993 until 2007 and that I owed over $400. I said I have "ticks" on my credit report from the "80's" (from when I was young and dumb) "you're telling me that a $400 "tick" from 3 years ago would not show up?" He told me he was not allowed to answer that.
I think I have to agree that this might just be a company that finds people that they think don't remember that they already paid and just bill them. Becareful. Also agree with Roxana. If you think you might owe, contact the original company and pay them. Avoid the middle man.

 17th of Sep, 2010 by   DEAN WITTER -1 Votes



 17th of Oct, 2010 by   Ilovebeingmyselfonly!! 0 Votes
I worked for tate and kirlin assoc and as i tried to be a good collector .while i had tried to be commpassionate about the consumers who were in debt i was told i did not succeed .I showed up everyday and committed myself while the own bossess and higher up collectors had not and only i know what they were doing instead of working and obviously what they think is or was more important.if anything that i love more is someone who gives you advise on how to do your job .when they can not even do theirs probally.The workers do drugs on the premises and the men sexually harass women coworkers as myself so to all you debtors as a previous employee i understand completely your lack of respect for this scum of a company! and to all you out there I wish i could disclose my name and i guarantee there is no complaint if you were ever contacted by me.. thank you and good luck and to the boss of south jersey to not have tried to even help a good honest woman you are scum as well I feel sorry for your excellent wife.
 2nd of Feb, 2011 by   Hardly a deadbeat 0 Votes
How many sane individuals would give credit card information over the phone to pay a dubious and doubtful debt? If monies are in fact owed, why isn't documentation sent through normal channels? No sane person would ever accept a debt without proper paperwork. Would you pay your grocery bill without a receipt?
 8th of Feb, 2011 by   D.W. Washburn +1 Votes
Apparently, employees of this organization are ignorant of laws governing fair debt collection. They have ignored "Cease and Desist" notifications, and have called in attempts to collect non-existant debts literally YEARS after the statute of limitations for substantiation of a legal debt has passed.
I don't really mind, though. I'm going to enjoy the punitive damages that result from my suit against them.
 22nd of Mar, 2011 by   unhappytaxpayer 0 Votes
They woke up my very ill son at 8 am and then called almost every hour until about 1 pm until I googled the location found out who it was called back. A woman (I won't say the race/ethnicity for reasons for others who believe like I do). Barely could understand any of her job, had to ask a billion questions to her 'manager'. She spoke english, she was american and still couldn't even barely answer the simplest question. She asked if my husbands last 4 of his social was ****, and i said, "No, its ****" and she replied "Oh yea, that is the one we have on file, I appologize, I had pulled up the wrong account." Funny thing is, I lied about the social security numbers! Shows who is lying. And for all of you debt collectors on here, I understand you are supposed to do your job, but when you take it home, or take out your "job time" to even come on these sites, you want to say you even have a job? We are meager and unemployed? I have more money, credit, and my own business, I make more in a day than you do in a year and I still don't go out of my way to do the things you do. What an embarassment to the humankind, nevertheless, our country! hahah Whoever said "Good Day" Isn't american or at least not a smart one. Sorry had to say that, too tempted!
 8th of Apr, 2011 by   disturbed4ever 0 Votes
had a debt with GMAC over a lease Car we returned, GMAC sold it at Auction for hardly anything ...so I owed the rest of the Car(typical lease scam)...went from GMAC to 1 debt collector to another for seems like years, then NOTHING...now T&K is collecting for GMAC the remaining debt at 150.00 a month!...WORD OF WARNING= NEVER!!! buy anything or Lease anything you CAN`T afford, no matter if they say you can...paid on this 2001 grand-am for 10 years now!(what I could pay)and never even had the car since 2003!
 19th of Apr, 2011 by   momoftwinsplus1 0 Votes
I don't owe anything to anyone except my mortgage at a local bank and it is up-to-date but this company calls me at least twice every day and I've told them at least 1000 times that I don't know the person they are calling! They are so rude and nasty and accuse me of lying about who I am! Assholes work there!
 18th of May, 2011 by   Princess Mia +1 Votes
This company calls me everyday. They are trying to collect a debt from my Mom's estate. My Mom died of a long costly battle with cancer. She had no estate when she died. She lived with me. Now, four years later they want me to pay her credit card bill. The woman on the phone told me I was shamefull for letting my Mom's credit rating go down. That she worked so hard to keep her rating good. It was awful of me. I told her that where my Mom is now, I am pretty sure it doesn't matter what her credit rating is. These people make me sick!
 4th of Jun, 2011 by   fattrick +1 Votes
T&K are crooks
I had a second mortgage that was charged off to them and now they are trying to collect. The amount was for 40, o00 dollars. Their first offer was 15, 000 then 8, 000 and then i said i would give them 3, 000 and they want me to send them W2 and tax returns and all kinds of shit. Any suggestions?

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