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Swift Transportation, New York Complaints & Reviews - Property Damage/Leaving Scene Of Accident

Swift Transportation Contacts & Informations

Swift Transportation

Posted:    AllRoCol

Property Damage/Leaving Scene Of Accident

Complaint Rating:  60 % with 5 votes
Contact information:
Swift Transportation
New York
United States
A tractor trailer turned up on my road one night, past 3 P.M. This is a dead end road, that few accidentally stumble upon. This was a double trailer truck, that looked very new. Due to the street light and my insomnia, I saw their logo, clear as day. This was a company I had never heard of. When I did a search for it, sure enough, the logo matches a trucking company, named Swift.

The truck attempted to turn around in our family business' parking lot and apparently backed straight into the side of the building, doing significant damage to the building, the stairs, and the parking lot. Their was no way it could have ever made it. They could have turned around two other ways, but neither involved pulling straight into our business and trying it. Both involved a bridge that has been closed for a few years and pulling down to it/backing down to it and using it to turn around. Neither was attempted.

The property damage was very significant and it only could have been them. The actual property damage was not witnessed because it happened around the corner of my viewpoint from our house. As I stated, they pulled into the parking lot, so I could no longer see it. We are located up the street.

A friend alerted us of the damage, early the next morning. We had no clue that it had happened. I knew they were down there and trying to turn around, but I could not see it happen. I hadn't even seen a tractor trailer on our street, in quite some time.

Swift was contacted that morning and basically said that if you didn't get a license plate, they would do nothing. They laughed at us, said we had no proof, and that even though they had a matching truck, in the area, they would do nothing. I swear to god, the second man who called actually mocked us, knowing we had no power in this. Why would we get a license plate if we didn't know anything had happened? Who does that?

We live out in the middle of nowhere and the police here are powerless. We are left to use our own insurance and have to pay for it all in the long run, thanks to one drunk, stoned, or moronic driver who thought he could turn around in a tiny parking lot. The company should be ashamed of themselves. Especially the way they treated us, over the phone. Many people have stated that they probably took the truck immediately off the road, fixed it, forced the driver not to talk, and hid the whole thing.

I hope this company goes under. Maybe someone respectable will buy it.
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 29th of Jul, 2013 by   swifty09 0 Votes
boo hoo your stinkin state needs to update there roads.

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