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Overdraft fees

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My daughter had an account at Suntrust for over a year. Last month she thought she had a dollar in her account and charged 99 cents for something on her debit card. Turns out she only had 94 cents in the bank. She was charged 35.oo in fees for the 5 cent overcharge. She was at camp when the statement came in, and because of illness in my family I put off going to the bank to pay it for 8 days. When I got there, they had taken on another 35.00 for the late payment of the overdraft fees.

70.00 for an overdraft of 5 cents!? I closed the account that day and they were fine with that. What ripoffs.
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 1st of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
Suntrust definately has a way of manipulating transactions to secure the highest possible fees. I had a credit balance on Friday, almost enough to cover the checks and debits from the weekend I was short $200, I planned to make the deposit Monday. First they debit the highest amount then the amounts descend from there. I had a $600 balance, the first check was for $590, it was debited first, the second check was $40. the third $20, the debits were $20. $42. $19. $49. I was charged $210 in overdraft charges which took presidence over the account and were debited first thus creating a smaller balance that could not cover the first check for $590. so they tacked on another $35 fee. for a total of $245. in NSF fees which could have been only $35. had they debited the charges as they came in and not in largest value first. They are a bunch of thieving bastards.
 25th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
So what did you guys do? I am currently down -250.00 I recently lost my job and cannot pay for it. I am thinking of closing my account, I have bad credit anyway..
 30th of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
If you live in Florida, and feel that you have been victimized by Suntrust's overdraft fees, please contact J. Rex Powell, Esquire, at suntrust.overdraft@gmail.com
 18th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Indeed that is bad! How about this one? I had two accounts with SunTrust. One had an unauthorized debit and caused many overdrafts. Suntrust knew this and verified that the debit was bogus, but would not refund the overdrafts, in addition to this, they would not allow me to talk to anyone about my account. You say "they can't do that!" Yes, they can and they did. I went to great lengths to talk to someone, they would not permit it until LONG after the account was closed. The other account was charged many, many overdrafts because they delayed crediting a transfer; the money appeared in the account and was credited to the "current balance, " but not the "available balance" until almost a week later, thus causing many overdrafts. Again, no one would talk to me. I was even threatened by the police when I politely asked to make a deposit to prevent further overdrafts... I kid you not! It blew my mind. I spend hundreds of hours attempting to get this issue straightened out, to no avail, and to this day no one has looked at my account or tried to see what happened in any way, shape, form or fashion. You get overdrafts at Suntrust, you pay them; it doesn't matter whether they are legitimate or not. They'll give you the run around until you either give up (which I haven't yet) or your account is closed and sealed and nothing can be done (supposedly... although they could do something if they found out YOU owed THEM money... then it wouldn't matter if the account was closed)! They are crooks in every way and beyond what can possibly be legal. Yet, because they are a bank and we are individuals, there is no way to fight them; no matter how crooked their practices and how obvious and illegal it is!!!
 3rd of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
Hi, I've been in you shoes plenty of times and can honestly agree that these bank's software systems have some sort of intelligence that studies your spending habits and looks for the best opportunity to strike. I've seen my expenses literally change online, moving transactions around and change 'post dates'. Why you ask..because this is what 'free checking' is all about...they know that if you can't afford premier banking services, that your balances are going to be low...and what money do they make on that..nothing. If you have a premier account with a minimum of 500-1000, then that's money they can use for their own purposes. Low income families (not saying you, but most of us that use free checking) are great targets for fees..even if you don't pay, they have a temporary accounts receivable (an asset) that they can sell to collectors.
Now they're all charging fees for people to cash checks written by their own customers!!! ie paychecks. What possible reason is there for this, but to hit up some lower income individuals who, for whatever reason, can't have a checking acct. It's total BS.
I haven't had any problems with Suntrust (yet) asside from one time, my own fault, I accidentally went under my balance (due to that damn paypal, but that's another story). In any event I was shocked that they refused to 'erase' the charge..it was the only one i ever had in over a year banking with them. Anyway, it tells me what they are about (just like the others) but I'll just have to be really careful.
2 Tips:
If you owe any American bank over $100, you'd better just pay them because they will put you on a secret blacklist and you will have a really hard time getting another checking account from anyone..this has been confirmed to me by a friend that is a VP at Wachovia (THE BIGGEST THIEVES IN THE WORLD)...Their own employees call them "Watch Over Ya" ..particularity if they loan you money.
Second, if you have already been sent to a collection company, then you DO NOT PAY, it's too late. They will sell your account to some overseas (middle east) collection company with people that are really slick when they talk to you..They will promise you whatever you want, but once you pay, they will deliver on NOTHING!! They aren't American, so F U.
Bottom line is most of us aren't rich and we do sometimes make a mistake, but these banks, who want you to 'trust' them, are vipers and plan on you falling!!! They don't want your business, they just want a quick score.
Best of luck to all of you.
 23rd of Jul, 2009 by    -2 Votes
Bottom line is don't "think" you know how much is in your account. KNOW how much is in your account and don't use more then that. All banks charge overdraft fees. Regardless of how much you overdraw, weather it be one item for 5 cents, 5 dollars or 5 thousand dollars, the fee is the same. What do you want the bank to do? Base it on percentage of the item overdrafting? If you can't manage money or a bank account, maybe you shouldn't have one. The bank can only do so much, it's up to you to manage YOUR account.
 23rd of Jul, 2009 by    -1 Votes
No offense, but I agree with 'learnalesson'. There is no reason why you should have a bank account with less than $1 in it. Period. This is why, when you are an adult, there is always a minimum you must have in there.

Then, get a linked checking/savings account and keep most of your money in the savings, so that it earns more interest. If the accounts are linked and you overdraw on your checking, but you have enough in your savings, they will usually debit the amount from your savings and charge no overdraft fees. But always make sure first!
 10th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am the victim of Suntrust's Racketeering - i.e. mail and wire fraud. Suntrust claims that it credits deposits BEFORE debiting charges. That statement is fraudulent as its multi-year modus operandi shows.
The text of the complaint - likely to be changed to a class action as well as the evidence - are available at http://csi-jacksonville.com/SUNTRUST.html
also available are complaints to the Treasury Secretary and other oversight agencies.
 17th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
I am also a victim of Suntrust manipulating my transactions. What can I do?
 24th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I have also been hit with these crazy charges (though not as much as my friend here) and I've figured out their game (or should I say scam).
Allow me to explain…

I use my card a lot to make purchases for my business and many of them are under $30 (usually internet related software etc) and I monitor my account online every single day

The problem is that I might make 10 purchases one day, then a few more a week later, and when I go to check my online reports - only 3/4 of them have gone through so the balance they show me is actually much higher than what I actually have

The way they arrange it on the page makes it all seem easy to understand, but the truth is that out of 20 purchases I might make within the span of a couple of weeks, only 15-17 of them are actually processed. The rest are held until you have a low enough balance that they can bombarded you with charges. I’ve even seen charges that appeared one moment and gone the next day, only to reappear later.

SunTrust’s online systems have held reporting on purchases for as long as a week and a half! What
I notice after is that once my account is low enough - BAM - they put the rest of the original charges through.

I make very small purchases and I've been hit with fees as high as $70+ for a purchase valued under $20 (my web hosting account for instance) because they use this method. I have been trying to start up a small business for almost a year now and I don't have the money to put thousands of dollars into my account, so I try and manage it the best I can.

But with their online tools… that's impossible.

What’s even better is when they tell me “No we didn’t pay it, but you still owe the overdraft fee”.

For what? Being POOR?!

If they had paid the charge I’d almost understand the fee, but they charged me a fee because I was poor and didn’t have enough to pay it.

They charged me to decline a purchase I made. Thanks SunTrust!

This has only happened to me a couple of times (trying to be extra careful), but it JUST happened to me again last week. This makes it 3 times now in one year. This time I realized their trick though. I’m changing bank accounts after the holidays!

UPDATE: Now get this. I bring two separate client checks (a few thousand each) into my SunTrust account this week in hopes of buying a few extra Christmas gifts for my 3 boys, but they have placed a hold on them until the 7th of Jan.
Their reason?

“Because you have over drafted 3 times”!

The teller at the bank said it was because of the amounts (I’ve deposited larger checks from the same state mind you), but when I called their office I was told it was because of my overdrafts.
They’re holding it for 16 days.

This is simply no way to treat the people that help support you.

My point is that… YES… you are right and it’s the customers’ responsibility to keep a register and track everything, but we’re only human.

Just because YOU have a big brain doesn’t mean that everyone has the same advantage as you. Some people simply have trouble processing information like this, but it doesn’t mean they deserve to be ROBBED like this.

There are always two sides to every story. We’re both just looking at the same story from different perspectives
 4th of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Yeah, for sure!!! These fudgepackers at Suntrust definitely play dirty with the information they show to you online. I too, have seen charges that appear today - get taken out from your available balance - and then they disappear for like a week, while the your available balance is as if the charge never occurred. And these charges don't even show online as pending!!! Simply gone - until you think you have enough money in the account, buy something and then they charge you all these fees. These to me, are factual and intentional misrepresentations of fact by Suntrust. If they are aware of the pending charges, and then remove them from your view online to make you think you have more money in the account, what else would you call this??!!

Another trick that they do to maximize the number/amount of your NSF fees is posting debits (purchases) to your account not in the chronological order that they occurred but in the order of highest to lowest. This particular dirty trick has resulted in a lawsuit filed against Suntrust in Georgia by lawfirm Webb, Klase & Lemond. I hope these lawyers whoop some ass on this one. I'm planing to join this lawsuit as an injured party and seek monetary restitution for Suntrust's fradulent and deceptive business practices.
 12th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am a full time, unemployed college student at UT in Knoxville, TN. My account went negative by $19 and since they decided to pull their "take that largest item out first then all the small ones" I have $468 in overdraft fees. That's right. I had to pay $300 for textbooks for this semester and then I had made several small purchases for cheap lunches etc. I could handle getting an overdraft fee because I knew I was about to be getting some money from my aunt. They made sure to clear the $300 item first then 13 small items so that they could give me 13 overdraft fees instead of 1. When I contacted them they said there is nothing that they can do. I got the whole "its not a bank error" and "customer's are responsible for balancing their checkbooks" spill. The thing is I DO balance my checkbook and I do it religiously. Now I am stuck with an extremely negative bank account, which means no eating for me and no gas to get to campus. I have no where to cash checks that my family sends me nor do I have a place to cash the one that the school will cut me mid January for excess financial aid. I am very disturbed and aggravated that this has happened to me. The only time I have ever asked them to refund an overdraft fee in the past is when my account went negative by $0.16 ... I am at a loss. What do I do from here?
 17th of Mar, 2010 by    -1 Votes
federally, its now illegal for your bank to charge you overdraft fees that you don't agree to. you should have gotten your notices in the mail. just tell them you don't agree!!!
 23rd of Mar, 2010 by    +2 Votes
anonyMiss: That is absolutely completely false. I don't know where you get your info or why in the world you would believe a fee is "optional". I was just struck by Suntrust's largest-first trick and let me tell you they do indeed instantly charge NSF's. Among others, I just paid $36 for a $1 Redbox rental. It should absolutely be illegal. Their "excuse" was that if you're going to go negative they don't want you to miss your mortgage payment which is usually going to be the largest. Um, thanks but I'll worry about that, you just process the debits in chronological order like you're suppose to!
 19th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have several complaints against suntrust.. For one they keep depositing money in my account that is not mine. They have done this over 3 times. One time i knew my account was overdrawn i checked my account and it was stating that i had money in the account it wasn't overdrawn. I spoke with a representative and they also told me i wasn't overdrawn so like a dummy i went to the store spending money and turned out i was overdrawn. Now this incident took the cake. I purchased an item off Ebay and my item never came. I mentioned the incident to a branch manager they told me they would have to do an investigation and so i would have to close my account and reopen another one in case the person from ebay plan on hitting my account for more money. I stayed in that bank for over an hour changing the account and how about the bank never refunded my money. Gave me a dumb letter stating it's my responsibilty and they couldn't help me. How about that same problem happened to my roommate not getting an item but they have Wachovia and they just refunded the money.. So the Hell with Suntrust i closed my account and went with Wachovia.
 26th of May, 2010 by    -2 Votes
EnigmaV8: Actually, it is YOU who are incorrect. What anonyMiss was referring to is the new law which mandates that you cannot be enrolled in an overdraft protection program without your consent. This doesn't mean you can just spend money you don't have with no consequence, it means your card will be declined if you don't have the money... the way it should have worked from the start. If you want to opt-in to an overdraft protection plan and get charged a fee when you violate (presumably to avoid the embarassment of a declined card) you have that option
 26th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
donmanguno: check your facts. First of all the person that posted had this happen back in Dec/Jan before any laws even took affect. In fact the law doesn't even go into affect until July 1, 2010! The banks can fully charge for any overdraft even as of today, 05-26-2010. So again...you AND anonyMiss are now incorrect. Also to clarify, the denial of your card is only for ATM/check card use. If you use paper checks or the VISA method of your bank card, you can still be overdrawn regardless if you opt-in or out of the overdraft service.
 10th of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Sustrust has been stolen the people money for many time...Can you imaging how millions people have been stolen every day?
Where i$$$$$$$$$$$ this money...Our president Obama Know This VANDALISM to our propiety
 18th of Aug, 2010 by    -1 Votes
hea i just open a suntrust account about 1 week ago and they said that they would not overdraft me but today i looked at my bank account and they charged my account 65 dallors for a 2 dallor overcharge so whats up with that.
 18th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
vipsean01: that is not true. If you are going to post at least be honest. The fee for Suntrust is and has been $36 for each overdraft charge. Also they will not charge for an overdraft under $2 and I have seen this to be true first hand. We do not need lies and inaccurate facts to complicate things, the truth is bad enough.

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