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Silverleaf Resorts



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Silverleaf Resorts
17446 Pintail Drive
Flint, Texas
United States
Silverleaf Resorts sends out mail incessantly saying
"You've won a free vacation!" They say all you need to do is come for a free 1.5 hour presentation on their resort. They also promise a $40 gas card from Spirit Incentives. These guys are a total scam. The presentation is a high pressure sales job preying on what appeared to be low-income families. Spirit Incentives has numerous rules you must follow in order for them to give you four $10 gas cards spread over the next several months. The vacations are also apparently worthless. For example, they are only available during off season times of the year. You have to submit 3 possible dates and it's up to them to decide when you will go. So unless you can go at any random off-season time it's not practical. In short, these guys obviously count on the redeeming of their rewards to be SO MUCH TROUBLE that few people will take them up on the offer. Furthermore, the gas card people -- Spirit Incentives -- do not even mail out the gas cards. When I called nearly 8 weeks later, they said their system was down and promised to mail out the card. The resort itself was appalling ugly. They have a large indoor swimming pool -- which costs $20 to enter. Everything there is designed to drain money out of people's wallets. The guests who were there were all low income families lured by the phony apparency of sharing some of the "good life." Silverleaf and Spirit Incentives are a nasty perversion of reality and a true example of two organizations selling s**t and calling it Shinola.
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 25th of Apr, 2008 by    +1 Votes
We have been scammed by Silverleaf Resorts as well. We purchased one of the sampler vacations. We've requested a refund. All they have been telling us is that they will honor the week vacation that we have paid for.

I called their Corporate office today. At 5:03 I was told everyone was gone for the day. I told the representative that I was not an idiot and there's no way that she was the only person left in the building. A few minutes a later a supervisor came on the phone. I requested that she direct me to the portion of the contract that stated no refund of deposit or moneys applied. No where does it state that.

The legal department is supposed to be calling me tomorrow. Maybe I can get some resolution with them tomorrow. If not I guess I will take the week vacation and for a portion of each day I will sit in the waiting room and warn everyone I can of the scam that Silverleaf Resort really and truly is.

Maybe I won't get my $1, 000 deposit back but I will force them to spend much more than that to get customers that I have just scared away. I will be sure to direct them all to this website as well.

I will inform them exactly the type of organization that Silverleaf Resort is.

I happen to be in school online right now in a Marketing class and this happens to be the week that we write about a good customer service experience and a bad customer service experience. I will certainly be writing tonight that this is bad customer service. I will be touching some people that are right here in this area, Atlanta, GA, I have classmates from Iowa, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, California, and Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.

Wow, I had no idea that there were students from so many different places. I may have to direct personal at Silverleaf to this website myself and let them know how many people I may be able to affect. Nothing like negative advertising.

Not only do I have access to the discussion board for the assignment we have a virtual commons area that I can post a warning to students. I don't know how many students attend this campus but I certainly have the ability to tell at least thousands and thousand of people in many different parts of the world. This can be seen by everyone. But school is a community and you are more apt to listen to someone who is part of your community like students at AIU.
 7th of Feb, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Quit signing up for all those sweepstakes you sign up for and the offers will stop.
 22nd of Apr, 2009 by    0 Votes
my husband and i own 2 deeds, and we are never able to get any bonus time. everytime we call we get the same answer no!! this is sad.
 9th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
I just submitted this complaint at http://www.complaintnow.com

Silverleaf told my husband that he could use the purchase as equity and could be used for an equity loan and it was real property. at the time he bought it he thought he was building equity (being young). We know that this is untrue because when we went to buy a condo after paying $10, 000 for the timeshare, the bank nearly laughed at us saying that there was absolutely no equity in the time share and it cannot be used for anything.

they stated they were in a deal with American airlines and avis so that he could get deals when he traveled. they lured him there telling him that he had a chance to win a car.

this happened in 1999. i know there is probably not much that can be done now but i just wanted this on the record. it's paid off now and we pay fees monthly that rise every year with no reason why.
 10th of Jul, 2009 by    -4 Votes
It's funny how most of the complaints, like COMP22's, are poorly written. You're probably too stupid to use your program effectively. The gifts are not the best but most of the people, like you, are not smart enough to read the odds before they attend. They are right on the back of the letter you know :) The gifts are great if you use them CORRECTLY. But you need half a brain for that as well. This program changes people's lives for the better!!! It's up to you to use it to its max potential. White week owner at Oak N' Spruce since 2007
 21st of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
We are new owners who were lied to from the start, and the more I read the madder I get! Action is what I intend to do...i am not xactly sure what I can do as of right this second :) BUt the BBB or just reporting them isnt good enough to those of us who were lied to and put in a severe financial bind because of it.

thanks for posting everyone!
 7th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
Help us if you can. We bought a time share property from Silverleaf off of lake palestine. We got into a financial bind and called and canceled the time share. They proceded to still pull money from our account so we put a stop payment on our account. Then they started calling our jobs and our home all hours of the day. Well we filed for our credit report this year and there they were stating they forclosed on us and we owed 5, 855.00. How can we owe them anything when we never used the property at all and they finance you with the money they make off other properties and they already own the vacation property. I don't understand...We could not refinance our house because of them any sugestions e-mail me please kimdivins@yahoo.com
 24th of Sep, 2009 by    -4 Votes
We signed up for the program too and have nothing but good things to say. Sure, the program cost us money, but we are all big boys and girls, right? You signed the paperwork, you knew what it was going to cost. Never have I ever been able to take some of these vacations with RCI before this program. We've been to Vegas 3 times, Cancun, on a cruise, Italy, and this coming April, we are going to Disney. Staying at the Animal Kingdom for $149! Where else can you do that??? I hear from lots of happy people every time we go up t our resort(in MASS) who say the same thing. Sure, Ive heard some negative things...and I will admit that theres been times when I have not been able to get in on Bonus Time, but guess what!!! That was in the paperwork too!!! Oh my goodness, you mean to tell me that they DO disclose everything??? WOW! Shame on you for not reading everything through. We have even upgraded our week AND bought an additional week and have never regretted it. Bottom line : Stop looking for what is wrong and start looking at what is right!!!
 18th of Nov, 2009 by    -2 Votes
First of all, Silverleaf is NOT a scam... and if you were smart people, before you travel somewhere that you don't know about wouldn't you research a little bit?? before buying I for one would look on the internet and see the pros and cons. if you buy something without realizing what it is then your the stupid one. as for the gifts they give away they do work ive taken one and known people have also taken them and i would say for an hour and a half of your time its a pretty decent gift! people use they're timeshares ALL the time! stop complaining and blaming a company for doing what they DO and realize that YOUR the one who paid for something without realizing what you were getting yourselves into!!!
 22nd of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
They called telling me that I won a luxury car, a trip to las vegas or a cruise somewhere, $400 gift and $40 american express card... I said yes to their setting appointment people( very persistent) The day before of the appointment to pick up my so called prizes, they called me again to confirm my assistance...I told them no, that I dont trust so much generosity from them and it was far away from where I live... they keep on calling and trying to lure me in... they I knew they werent honesty on their business...
 10th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
I received the $40 card. That part is real, but the trips I won seem a lil sketchy. Free is free not the bs they telling me to do ... Has anyone been on one of these so call free vacations ? If so where and how good was the room and flight?
 12th of Jan, 2013 by    +1 Votes
This company ropes you into purchasing a time share with a lot of empty promises. My husband and I supposedly received several free cruises and stays at resorts that we were never able to utilize. We sent in the required deposits and then the time expired and we were just out of money. In addition they had us to make several trips to their Galveston location, under the guise of a weekend away. Each time we were required to come to the office to speak with one of their representatives. These visits were no less than two hours each. Never were we able to stay in the type of suite we were promised. The first we stayed in, which was not even remotely close to what we had seen the first time, had construction going on until around 10pm and then it started up again at 7am. We were told they were sorry and wanted to make it up to us. Only to come out again and have to listen to another 2 hour presentation. We were told that if we upgraded we would definitely get to stay in the suite they initially showed us. However, the next time we were scheduled to go out, we ended up in a "5 star hotel" that was a bigger dump than the facility we had stayed in prior. Again we were required to come to the office for a presentation. (Mind you my husband is on disability and suffers from severe back and leg pain.) On this presentation, the power was out at the facility and my husband and I had to walk up two flights of stairs and were basically held hostage for two hours in a room that had no air conditioning and the temperature was probably 90 degrees, while they attempted to talk us into upgrading again with the promise that this time if we upgraded we would get to stay in the facility that we were initially shown, because we would have "priority". When we told them we were not interested, instead of letting us leave they kept sending in different people to talk with us, with a so called, "deal we couldn't' refuse and just for us they were giving us a deal of a life time not offered to anyone else." After finally leaving this meeting and after having to walk down two flights of stairs my husband was in a great deal of pain and sick because he had gotten overheated. (During this visit his condition was explained to the staff at Silverleaf and their response was to just open the door). Since that time they call all day, every day, first on the home and then on husband's cell trying to get us to give them the names of family members and friends that they can harass in an attempt to get them to buy into the scam. I have told them on numerous occasions that we have no desire to ever return to their facility in Galveston to which they just keep calling and saying they want us to come out again.
 29th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes

Silverleaf Resorts Inc. - scam
United States

Heres what silverleaf dosnt want you to see print these out and bring them in to your appointment you will be pushed right out the door i hope this information was helpful and please dont buy this its a scam plus the intrest rate is 17% go an tell me if im wrong.

/The documents have been removed/
 5th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
I also got their scamming phone and email. I regret to provide my information to them. Very boring and ridiculous. I know their contact is a scamming and would not answer them.
 30th of Jan, 2014 by    -1 Votes
Anyone who signs documents and after doing so claims its a scam is an idiot. You are the scam. You have scammed yourself. The rules, regulations, cost, bonus time availability, club dues and their increases, fees for extras and what room you will have access to are all in your paperwork at time of signing. Whether you agree with what the paperwork says is of no matter. That you chose to sign it is. So what's the lesson of the day here? Read, think, decide. Once your decision is made its yours. Stop blaiming others for purchasing things you can't afford.
 5th of Sep, 2014 by    0 Votes
I just came on here to see if this was a scam before I took a tour and these comments have confirmed my suspicions that it is, so I will not be wasting my time and I sincerely thank you all for the information that you have provided. As for everyone posting about how great this place is, I don't know if you actually work for them or not but considering how many of the complaints I have read also say that they people who work there are rude and obnoxious you seem to be confirming that as well. If you are an actual timeshare owner that is happy with your purchase, great-good for you. Why come on here and spew insults at strangers who are unhappy with theirs? It is exactly those types of posts that confirm the negative ones. If you really feel the need to come on the Internet and get angry and perfect strangers and call them idiots because they don't agree with you or have had a different experience then, even if you are telling the truth, I would never want to vacation where you are anyway.
 17th of Dec, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I just recieved a letter also from SilverLeaf and it did seem to good to be true .so i called my aunt and she researched them and true enough they are big liars i even asked the guywho was on line if it was a scam bc i just didnt trust this. Thanks everyone for your hinesty so i wouldnt waste my time
 16th of Jul, 2015 by    +2 Votes
It is obvious that the people like HAHA123123 and svlf4life that are calling others "Stupid" and uneducated are the employees selling these crap timeshares. Before you call people stupid learn how to spell and use correct grammar. I have yet to attend the 90 minute tour. However, based on these complaints I will not waste my family's time. Id rather pay full price for a trip to the Great Escape Lodge than put up with this nonsense any day! I will eat the 40 dollar deposit just to avoid the aggravation!
 27th of Oct, 2015 by    +1 Votes
Thank you so much for posting your experiences. We were scheduled to attend a presentation two hours away this week. Thanks to this online education of sorts, we cancelled our reservation. The poor girl seemed devastated. Poor thing. I appreciate the save! We'll vacation the old fashioned way! Many, many, many thanks!!!

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