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Shelter Insurance Company, Missouri Complaints & Reviews - Will not pay claim

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Shelter Insurance Company

Posted:    filo6989

Will not pay claim

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Ellerman Auto
United States
Shelter Insurance Company has been extremely unfair with my company. In May of 2009, my used car dealership was hit by a drunk driver who was insured through Shelter. The driver, age 19, hit four cars total (at 2:30am on a Thursday morning). Of those four cars, one was considered totalled by a Shelter Insurance claim adjuster. We were told by this Shelter Insurance adjuster that when they total a vehicle (pay off on it), they use examples they get from insurance salvage pools (thats what they go by-according to her). She told us they would offer us $5, 300 for our "totalled" car (at first). When we questioned it for being so low (2007 Chevy Cobalt LS with 15k miles) she came back and said, $7, 300 instead. While that seemed to be negotiating well to the average onlooker, it seems as though ALL of the "examples" from salvage pools, (you know, the ones they "go by"?) were bringing well in excess of $10k, the majority being $12k+ for the same year, similiar miles, 2 door, etc, etc...So, basically, we are being offered $5k less than every example we can find on the same auctions they are looking at to get their comparisons/examples. Funny how that works...Unfortunately there is more. These cars, after they were damaged, were taken to a tow lot and stored. Shelter Insurance adjuster, says that Shelter doesn't pay storage for vehicles...Really? I am positive that you have and that you do...so why not for us? We've had to pay the storage costs for damages that your client brought upon us. Are we honestly responsible for this? Or what is insurance for? I have police reports, you insured a drunk driver, and I have multiple, multiple examples of cars with MORE mileage, and LESS amenities than ours that were paid off much more than you are offering. I have read reviews stating that Shelter was very friendly and this and that. Well, my opinion is that it would depend on which agent, adjuster, etc you were talking to and honestly, isn't it like a waitress? Does is really matter how nice she is, if she only brings you half the food/drink than you paid for? Nice is all well and good when you're talking to the friendly secretary on the phone, but when someone does something to you that absolutely cripples an already fragile business during bad economic times, then I could not care less whether that person is cheerful that particular day or not if they are NOT paying their bills like they're supposed to...
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 25th of Jun, 2011 by   insuranceisgreat 0 Votes
Insurance is designed to return you to the state you were in prior to an accident. I find it interesting that you claim you are being offered too little, but you never mentioned what you have in the vehicle. Insurance companies should only offer you what the vehicle is worth and we all know that the vehicle's value is based on the buyer. Yes there are books, websites, and and programs that can give you an estimated value, but only the buy can tell you the value. I can ask $65, 000 for my old truck, but it doesn't make it worth that.

I also find it fascinating that you had the vehicles towed away, when they are not being driven. Common sense tells me that I should leave the vehicles where they are at, or move them to the back of the lot. In now way would I consider having the vehicles towed to a lot.

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