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Sears A & E Factory Service Complaints & Reviews - Very poor service!

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Sears A & E Factory Service

Posted:    Keith Raggio

Very poor service!

Complaint Rating:  91 % with 113 votes
I have been without a washing machine for 64 days and counting! A & E Factory Service, a company owned by Sears, has been absolutely non-responsive and lack any form of client care and assume no responsibility for their lack of organization and incompetent technicians. They just don’t care and I wonder how the employees of this company can sleep at night knowing they are frustrating consumers that buy warranties for their appliances.

My saga with A&E Factory Service began on September 21, 2006 when I called for service repair on my Whirlpool Duet washing machine. It was fairly obvious that the water was not draining and therefore the machine would not spin. Okay so I obtain an appointment 2 weeks out for October 5th, sometime between 8 am and 12 pm. My wife is not happy but she is pliable and we now must shuffle our three loads a day to the Laundromat. At the time of setting up the appointment, I provided A&E Factory Service with two telephone numbers to contact me.

On October 4th, I receive a call that the service rep must move my call to the 12 pm - 5pm slot. Okay, thanks for the call.

October 5th arrives and I get a call around 10:15 a.m. Unfortunately I am on the telephone and cannot respond to my cell telephone fast enough. One minute late I call the last incoming number and get the A& E recorded menu. I failed to work my way through the menu but assumed they were calling to indicate they are on the way. At 12:30 pm I decide to call A&E Factory Service and they tell me the technician called but there was no answer so my appointment was canceled. What?!

Now they cannot see me until October 21, a Saturday, between 8 am to 12 pm. “Okay, please tell the technician I am here and to leave a message if I do not pick up in five rings.”

October 21 arrives and the A & E tech calls to say that now he cannot arrive until at least 2 pm. Okay, I am home already, sure, it’s Saturday. When he arrives, finally, he runs the diagnostics and asks if I use HE detergent. Well of course, see the bottle? He is kind enough to clean the machine and then indicates we need a new control panel. At the time he is ordering the control panel he indicates that when the parts arrive we are to call A & E Factory Service and they will have a tech out within few days to install the part

Two day later the part arrives. I call A& E Factory Service and they say. “ am sorry but the soonest we can be out is November 10th.” What?! So we call Whirlpool direct and they somehow get the date moved up to November 3rd.

November 3rdh arrives and the technician from A & E Factory Service arrives and runs the diagnostics and in bewilderment asks why a control panel was ordered, we have a bad water pump. And besides that, when a control panel is ordered a motherboard must ordered also. Oh by the way your control panel is fine. But just in case, I will order a new control panel, motherboard and pump. And oh, by the way, do you use HE detergent? Now the parts will be here in two days and according to the on-line calendar the first time we have open is Thursday November 16. But call when the parts arrive call the Call center for A&E Factory Service and they will will fit you in sooner. The parts arrive and I call. They cannot fit me in sooner.

I called Whirlpool again. This time however Whirlpool had no pull with A&E Factory Service All were at the mercy of A&E Factory Service incompetence.

November 16th arrives, my wife is ecstatic. We have six piles of laundry in the hallway. The A & E Factory Service tech arrives, runs the diagnostics and then installs the parts. Guess what, washer no worky again! The tech is baffled, he runs the diagnostics, makes a few calls and indicates that there is only one part left to change. “Gee it must be the “Switch”. Let me order that part and it will arrive within two business days. Now the first open calendar date is November 30th. But call when the part arrives and A & E Factory Service will work you in sooner... if there is a cancellation elsewhere.” What?! I call Whirlpool, they say their hands are tied again, “We are so sorry, the A&E technicians should not replacing parts like that” I ask, how about a new washer?” They reply, “ Sorry, all other avenues must first be exhausted.”

Okay the story will continue. I am anxiously awaiting November 30th. In the interim I am on a first name basis with all the other people that use the Laundromat and it only costs me $13 a visit plus an hour and a half of my day.
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 27th of Mar, 2008 by   Mark 0 Votes
The Maytag washing machine in the place that we're renting broke. Since we have an absentee landlord (who is really great), we arrange most of the repairs ourselves. I called A&E factory service to take a look at the unit.

Now a first point that speaks well for A&E: their repairman showed up exactly on time. Moreover, he was very friendly/helpful and pointed out that the washer needed substantial repairs. Even more, he noted that the parts were still under warantee. He'd order them for us, and someone would come back next week to fix the unit.

Then the problems start. The next repair visit is rescheduled since the parts aren't going to come in on time. Then we find out that the parts are back-ordered with a ship date 2 weeks in the future. "OK, " I think. "Even with two kids I can deal for a couple weeks." (I know, I know, as a renter, I should've just gotten a new washer at this point, but I'm an optimist.)

After two weeks, the status of the parts switches to back-ordered with an unknown ship date. I talked to numerous people at A&E, all of whom were very friendly and helpful (again, a check mark for A&E's service in my opinion.) But none of them could give me any idea about the ship date for the parts.

After six weeks (and two trips to Philly to do laundry at my sister's house), I called Maytag directly to find out if they had the parts. Again, to A&E's credit, Maytag gave the same answer - the parts weren't available and their availability date was unknown.

At this point, we ordered a new washer.

Now the fun begins. A&E ships parts directly to the person who needs service. After getting the new washer, we didn't need/want those parts, so I kept trying to cancel future shipment of the back-ordered parts. This turns out to be hard to do (and I'm still not sure that they won't show up on our doorstep sometime in the future.)

Even worse, we paid up front for future service by A&E (I'm not sure why, but I assumed that this reflected a "deposit" on future work and was their policy.) It turns out that getting that deposit back is like pulling teeth. Although everyone that I've ever talked to at A&E has been very polite and helpful, none of them have been helpful enough to get my money back to me.

Of course, I'll probably just forward that bill on to my landlord. But since I'm a nice guy, I don't like to screw my landlord when I get screwed. It's a shame that A&E puts me in a position where I have to do so.

A&E doesn't seem to be staffed with rude and/or incompetent people. But things just aren't very smooth with them.
 4th of Apr, 2008 by   George Sutton 0 Votes
I am on week 5 without a working refrigerator. I bought a Maytag, so that I would not have this problem...
The first "authorized" company came out 6 times and still no fix. They replaced a a compressor and the evaporator on the third and fourth visits. On the fifth visit, said the compressor was bad again. Sixth time, the tech said there was a blockage in the system and that it could not be fixed. Called Maytag who routed me to multiple call centers and they finally told me that they had no notes and no awareness of the issue. At that point A&E was sent out and the repairman told me that the previous tech from the other company had not done the correct repairs (dryer appeared to be blocked) and the dryer should have been replaced with the first compressor. This caused the second compressor to fail. So tech, with me standing there, orders a compressor and dryer, then scheduled a return visit to install. Tech never showed and when I call the A&E number, they said I didn't call them and that no one was coming. Tried to explain the situation and that I did have an appt. scheduled, that parts had been here. She was very rude, told me if I didn't like their service, I could use someone else. When I replied that it was under warranty, she said that I should be happy with the service I was getting and that it often takes many visits to fix an appliance. She was not very nice and threaten to hang up on me. I never cursed or was rude to her, although I did tell her that I was very frustrated with the situation.

This is crazy. I can understand two or three visits to fix an appliance when parts have to be ordered, but 7 times and refrigerator tis still down. I paid over $2000 3 yrs ago. Things break down, but it should not take 8 or more visits to get it fixed or replaced. This can't be cost effective for anyone.
 10th of Apr, 2008 by   Carl 0 Votes
Maytag Owner's Manual - side by side refrigerator page 21.

Second trough fifth year - Maytag Services will repair or replace, at its option, free of charge for parts and LABOR, any part of the sealed refrigeration system.

Isn't this false advertising by Maytag if you, the consumer are responsible for labor cost? In our situation, the A&E repairman made no mention of warranty, and in five minutes diagnosed that it was the compressor, charged us $75.00, gave us a repair cost quote and left. And, to no suprise to anyone out there, the part would have to be ordered. It was only when we called A&E the next day and discuss the estimate did they deny that they would charge us for the compressor. They do indeed fully intend on receiving an extra $177.00 from us though for installing the part.

Has anyone out there gotten a threat to be taken to collections by A&E for refusing to pay the labor?
 18th of Apr, 2008 by   Melvin Bernstein 0 Votes
Last Saturday we had a 5 year-old Jenn-Air slide-in range serviced at our Oakland, CA home by A & E Factory Service. The appointment had been setup by the Maytag Factory Service Center. When I asked Maytag how much A & E charged per hour, I was told $72. I asked if there were any other less expensive service companies in the S.F. Bay Area and was told, "We get the best pricing and service from A & E ..."

The problem requiring service was that milk had boiled over on the cooktop and dripped down into the oven door, drying on the internal glass panels. When the technician arrived, he took a look at the oven door and looked up a "job code" in his laptop computer. Instead of an hourly rate, we were told that A & E Factory Service charges not by the hour but by a "job code." To clean the glass panels in our oven door would cost $134. If we did not wish to have the job done, then we would "simply" be billed $72 for the "trip time."

Well at that point, we seemed to be a captive audience, so we said to do the "repair."
The glass panels were removed and cleaned, with our own glass cleaner spray because he didn't have any. As he was cleaning the milk stains off, using our paper towels (he didn't have any), we asked if he would mind cleaning off a few other stains. The technician obliged us but could not quite get all of the stains removed. He stated that he had seen this situation many times before and that most customers simply replaced the glass panels because baked on stains can not be removed.

So it ended up costing us $134 to have the oven door internal glass panels cleaned (mostly), which took just over 1 hour, and was probably not the proper way to do it. But we were not offered the option of replacing the glass by the Maytag Factory/Customer Service Center, who on 2 occasions stated that they had not dealt with this situation before. The A & E Factory Service appointment center stated that they had no technical knowledge, so couldn't advise me as to options.

I phoned Maytag Customer Service and spoke to a supervisor, who couldn't quite grasp why I was upset. After venting for about 10 minutes, with the supervisor intermittantly interjecting stock replies, I gave her my daytime phone number. She asked why I gave her the phone number. When I said that I would like a return call to inform me as to how my complaint was handled, she stated there would not be a return call. I then asked if I could be sent a letter, for the supervisor had dutifully asked for the appliance details and our address earlier in the conversation. I was told, no letter either. I was so enraged that while she recited, "Thank you for calling Maytag Customer Service.., " I hung up.
 23rd of Apr, 2008 by   Mary Tovar 0 Votes
I bought a Maytag stove with an electronic panel to turn on the stove and to run all the stove operations (clock and timer included).
The stove repeatedly turned off, would not keep the temp, displayed the incorrect time or just shut off clock, timer and oven. We had a GE warranty that covered labor and parts for 5 years. A&E was just one of the repair companies that tried to fix this stove. We had 9 repairs over the 4 year period, but not all were handled by A&E. Finally, after the third repair by A&E, the repairman said I should call the company and tell them to give me a new appliance. He called them in my presence and told them that the stove was defective and that I should get a new one. He cited three of the same repairs over a 12 month period of that warranty. I am getting a new stove, thanks to this repairman's analysis of the repairs. The stove was seriously flawed. He also showed me that Maytag had recalled two parts on my stove and that they should have notified me. I really cannot complain. Waiting for them to show up is a problem, as it is with a number of other service companies we used. A&E did call, on occasion to let me know that the call would be narrowed to 2-3:30p.m, for instance.
 4th of Aug, 2008 by   Jane Bucko 0 Votes
Oh my God!!! I cannot believe how many other poor souls were hoodwinked with this company!!! I can't believe how my story is so like so many other's...can't make the appointment because the guy called off sick - ordered the wrong part - rescheduled and part never arrived - UNBELIEVABLE!!! We purchased a cabrio washer and dryer from hhgregg, also the 5 year warranty for both appliances. Without going into detail, because the problem is not that the appliance malfunctioned - the problem is A&E!!! This company should be reported to the Better Business Bureau!!! They should not be allowed to deal with any human being at all. And if I would have to PAY for all their visits I would probably be insane by now. After 4 attempts (I won't even use the word tries) to fix my washer I contacted another Whirlpool repair service and can you believe...one phone call the the NEXT day my washer was fixed!!! NEVER...NEVER again will I dial their phone number for ANY reason!!!
 14th of Aug, 2008 by   Manu 0 Votes
A&E wins the All around award for worst customer service in the world. Whirlpool and A&E have taken terrible customer service and made it even worse. My dealings with them started in early April 2008 and after 4.5 months it still hasnt been resolved... Yes over 4 months and 4 trips by A&E technicians.

My saga started with a microwave from Whirlpool. My elderly mother had gotten the insurance for peace of mind. The microwave stopped working a year into the insurance. The first complaint was made on April 4th, 2008. She got scheduled for a technician to visit on April 18th. He ordered a part for the microwave after having spent 10min. The part was finally shipped 2 weeks later and then the appointment scheduled again which took another 10 days. The technician comes in and realizes that this is the wrong part and leaves telling her that he will order the right part this time. And here we go again. It takes 3 weeks to ship the part and another 2 weeks to schedule a technician. We are nearing end of June now -- about 2.5 months since the first call. The technician installs the part and it still doesnt work. He concludes that there is no issue with the microwave but with our internal electricity and tells my mom that she should look into this asap as it could have serious consequences. So she hires an electrician to come check the internal wiring. After paying $200 to the electrician we are told that this is a new house and there is nothing wrong with the wiring. He then goes on to clearly demonstrate that the issue is with the microwave. Great. Time to call the wonderful folks at A&E again. I also call Whirlpool to really get to the bottom of this. I figured they would care about how their outsourced company was dealing with their customers. I even asked that they send someone else than A&E. However, I was politely told by the supervisor that since the ticket had been opened with A&E, I have to complete it with them. There hands are tied and unfortunately they cant do anything to help. When I made the point that this insurance is not really buying any peace of mind and cant use the microwave at all, I was slyly told that it would be better if I just go buy a new microwave. Hmmm.. So why do they sell insurance in the first place. Ahhhhh. Bingo... Most customers would have given up after the second month and this is what Whirlpool and A&E counts on. It clearly improves margins for Whirlpool by screwing the customers. Get money upfront for value that is a mystery and let the customer end up holding the short end of the stick. I really wonder how are American companies are going to compete with the Asian companies. The rapid rise of companies like LG and Samsung taking away market share from Whirlpool doesnt surprise me anymore.

Well, enough about my rant on macroeconomics... I finally muster up the energy to call A&E and get an appointment for July 24th. The technician comes in and this time I am there since my Mom has been tricked by these guys 3 times already. I repeat the experiment that the independent electrician had shown us. He acknowledges and agrees that the problem is indeed with the microwave. Within 5 minutes he nails the issue to a corrupt power cord which now needs to be replaced. He calls in the part to be shipped. I had learnt about the serial nature of setting appointments and asked the next appointment to be scheduled rightaway. It got scheduled for Aug 8th as that gives enough time for the part to be shipped. I called on Aug 7th to figure out where the part is. I was told it was getting shipped on Aug 7th and that they have to now cancel the Aug 8th appointment. Well, ofcourse. What else should I have expected at this point. Now its Aug 14th and I call again. I am told that the part has still not been shipped and that it is the manufacturers fault. I asked to speak to a supervisor and spoke to Rebecca, who assured me that she will personally call the parts department and figure out why a power cord was taking so long. I now have an appointment set for Aug 22nd, 2008. Lets see if they can manage to stretch this even further.

Its been 4.5 months since this saga started. I have gone from frustration to amazement and seriously I am somewhat amused on how terrible Whirlpool's customer service is. I would love to write a business school case study on this.

btw: when I had asked to get A&E's corporate HQ phone number I was told that they didnt have it at the call center. The best she could do was to give me an address. Well, I am sharing it here if anyone feels like writing snail mail.

1300 Louis Henna blvd
Round Rock, TX 78664

Lesson learnt: NEVER buy extended insurance. Its far better to just throw the appliance and purchase a new one. This way you never have to deal with any customer service. Plus they should change the name from Customer service to Suckers beware.
 18th of Sep, 2008 by   Misty Tulp 0 Votes
Just so you know I don't work for either companies, but I do know a technician for A&E Factory services. You don't know what they have to go through in a day. Your problem could be more then one thing that they have to work through. They are human and don't get things right the first time always. Can you say that when you have some thing wrong with you and you don't know what it is. That when you go to the doctors that they don't have to run more than one test on you to find out what is going on with you.
Now for the ones who are having the problems with how long it is taking them to get to you. For your information A&E is short on technicians at this time, So the ones they do have have to work more area. So yes it is going to take longer to get to some of you.
All I have left to say is pull your heads out of your a** and grow up!
 3rd of Oct, 2008 by   sarah 0 Votes
A&E SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS. Why are they still in operation? How can we all ban together to shut them down? They are the worst company I have ever delt with in my life. Completely unprofessional, horribly ignorant and totally incompetant. If I can Help take them DOWN, please let me know. They actually came into my home to "repair" my microwave and BROKE my oven! Weeks have gone by and they acutally HUNG UP THE PHONE on me, refused to help and said the part THEY broke was on a 1 month backorder! They must be held accountable.
 30th of Oct, 2008 by   KD 0 Votes
I Completly Agree. A &E and Sears/Whirlpool are a complete disaster. We're on week four for our service request on a Whirlpool Duet dryer that is only six months old. The short story is A&E came in to fix one thing on our dryer and blew out our Heating Element and that part is six weeks away according to A&E. So between October 1st and Mid December we will be without a Dryer. (Keep these stories in mind when Whirlpool asks you if you want to extend your Warranty for $100+ a year...their service stinks and it's worth the frustration).

End Result is still to come..but we got tired of the run around and ordered the parts from Sears Direct (which is where A & E Sears gets their parts) and It should be here tomorrow not December. There is a big difference between October 30th and December 15th when you're waiting for a part to fix your Dryer.
Apparently getting a Warranty means your last in line to get parts.
Full Story: Our Dryer broke with an F 25 Thermister error and it took a week to get A & E Service (Sears and Whirlpool) to our house between 8am and 12pm (arriving at 3:30pm). They told us we needed X, Y, Z parts..The parts took a week to arrive and they were shipped from a place that was only 20 miles away (but we're not allowed to pick them up and they won't pick them up for us either). Then another week for them to comeback to fix the machine (week 3). In week three they finally showed up at 3:00pm (for a 8am-12pm window) and a different technician said "These are all the wrong parts. The person that ordered these didn't know what he was doing."

This guy said that all that was broken was a safety switch and that he could permanently bypass the switch so we never have the problem again. I asked if it was safe to bypass this and he said that as long as I keep an eye on the dryer and make sure it doesn't get too hot it would be fine. I expressed my desire to keep my house from burning down and would prefer he just fix the part. After he tried to convince (bully) me for a few minutes, he finally gave up and said he could fix it a different way and replaced our Thermal Fuse. I now know that this was a temporary fix for him to get out the door.

The Dryer worked for two loads and then died again...A & E came back a week later..Yet again a different guy and he said "the previous guy didn't ground your machine properly and blew out your Heating Element". This heating element is out of stock and won't be available until mid-December.

HERE IS THE FUN PART: After complaining to A&E (owned by SEARS) for breaking everything..we calmed down and did some research. I figured out who they order parts from SEARS Parts and SEARS Parts Direct (.com). I called SEARS and they can ship the part the same day and even overnight it to us, but A&E will only talk to FSP Appliance Parts (also owned by SEARS) and A & E says they don't have a phone number for FSP Parts. So I found the address for FSP and did some web research..figured out that the number for FSP Parts (AKA Sears Roebuck Parts Dept.) in Glen Burnie, MD and called them...The part can be shipped from Texas and arrive in 7-10 days. Still a long time, but much better than A & E six weeks + one week to get a techinician to come.

End Result is still to come..but we got tired of the run around and ordered the parts from Sears Direct..It should be here tomorrow. There is a big difference between October 30th and December 15th when you're waiting for a part to fix your Dryer. (The only difference is no one will re-imburse us for the parts..but at this point that isn't important..I just want it fixed, so I never have to deal with this company again.)
 6th of Nov, 2008 by   Bill 0 Votes
Called for an appointment, stayed home from work, no one showed up, I called back, an THEY HAD NO RECORD THAT I HAD EVER CALLED THEM.

Just stole 1/2 day of my time.

Terrible, terrible.
 15th of Apr, 2009 by   KENT 0 Votes
A&E is the worst organized company that I have dealt with. But the major companies that contract with them are just as guilty of bad service. If an appliance is under warrenty, the customer should only have to make one phone call and it should be taken care of.
Right now our washer has been setting full of water for a month and a half, and I will not make another appointment with a&e, or will they be allowed back on my property.
 22nd of Apr, 2009 by   Jason Mac 0 Votes
Horrible service, extreremly rude, and after 4 hours of arguing - he left feeling that my dishwasher had been fixed. A day later - we started to have the same problem and now they will not return my phone calls. HORRIBLE COMPANY and I dont see why GE or any affiliate uses them. - Jason, San DIego
 22nd of Apr, 2009 by   Bob Becker 0 Votes
After they left gas leak and did not call back
Bob Becker
 29th of May, 2009 by   Genie 0 Votes
I hate to read all this b*tchin and moaning, like ya'll so f*ckin entitled. I am a tech with ae and the worst part about my job is dealing with a bunch of cryin *ss babies who always want to know when you will be there or why you're late. Did it ever occur to any of you scumbags that there are 12 other b*thin little faggots on our routes besides you. Instead of cryin like the p*ssies that you are, like just cause your washer dryer fridge out you got the right to disrespect the guy trying to fix your sh*t, why don't ya'll take and go get f*cked in the *ss by mom and pop then you get a right to b*tch.
 31st of May, 2009 by   Jack Bower 0 Votes
Nice attitude Genie - that will solve a lot.. No wonder your company and reps are so horrible. If you would did YOUR JOB and fixed 'our shit' correctly the first time then you wouldnt see any complaints. NO DOUBT! And besides that - you seem like the whinning lil cry baby whaaaaaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my life sucks - your a JOKE! - Jack Bower
 17th of Jun, 2009 by   Suzanne 0 Votes
I have had Sears come and fix my dryer, my refrigertor my oven and had no problems. May have had to wait a little longer for an appointment, but the problem was resolved when the service technician came. With A & E Factory Service, it is the management that should be held accountable. They don't hire enough technicians to cover the service first off, so they can't schedule properly. They don't plan for the problem that was called in. I had a Calypso Washer...with a "CE Error". A & E Factory Service comes, but they don't have the boards on their truck or the U-Joint or the WashPlate so they can't fix the washer...order, customer, you check and be sure they arrive in good condition and nothing missing, then A & E will come back, unless you don't pick up on the first ring of the phone, then you will have to reschedule again and possibly again and possibly again...they have no concept of Customer Service. I will never buy any product that Sears or A & E Factory Service would have to repair. That wipes out most of the equipment out their in your home. They even own Magtag now...beware of what you buy or you will be stuck with that lousy SERVICE...if you can call it that.

I have been waiting almost 3 weeks and my washer still isn't operational...next date, 6/24/09 and you better be there all day and don't talk on the phone or you might not be able to transfer over on call waiting fast enough and be considered a "Customer Not Available or Home"... Maybe they just want you to purchase these warranties and then keep you waiting so long, you give up. I already told them, they will fix my washer, if I have to move it to the garage and have a new washer put in my laundry room...I can play that game too. I've already written the BBB about A & E Service and I written to the BBB about the Warranty policies too...they are part of the problem.

Check out your appliances and who owns the company...The technician told me the names of the machines that Sears owns now...even the 'dependable Maytag"...you're going to get A & E for service too...no more reliable Maytag Technician.
 16th of Jul, 2009 by   johnj56 0 Votes
stay away from these guys. I told themn my Nepwtune washer had an "lr" code. That usually means controll board and replacement motor. The motor has a five year warrantee. The texh DID NO TEST he just put his hand in drum and spun it after I told him what I saw "lr" Code. He did NOT go into svc menu to see if there were any other codes, he did not even confirm my finding. He went out to the truck and came back in with a receipt syaing iot will cost me well over $500. When I told hime it was under warrantee, he said You don't even have a receipt. I put my receipt in his face, he looked at me a nd saiid this is only your receipt it does not say anything about a warantee. I showed him the instruction manual where it does show the motor is covered, he finally caved aand said it will still cost $365 to installl and $82 for service call. I asked him why we waitied all morning for him to show up at 2 when he was supposed to be there betwen 8-12, he said that was wrong that they advised me he would be there after 1;00 PM last night. I kept the message from he night before and it clearly stated he would be there between 8-12. He actually told me I was a liar till i made him listen to the tape. Anyways this guy wants to charge me all this money to order parts and install them when he DI NO DIAG on his own, just my word. And BTW if the moror is bad the controll board could have cAUSED IT AND OR THE BQAD MOTOR COULD DAMAGE THE CONTROLL BOARD, BUT HE DID NOT CARE IT IS NOT HIS TIME OR MONEY.
P.S. b4 telling me the cost to fix it he saaid bet you paid a bundle for this mach they were over $1, 200 when new, now you can get them for $500, then he come back in with a bill for $565 to fix it and cant gaurantee that will be all that is neede. Arrogant jerk. I threw him out and requested they send me my motor since theie tech "figured that out".
 1st of Aug, 2009 by   Fed up in NJ 0 Votes
We should all get together and take out a full page AD in the NY times so that no one ever buys from Sears and they go out of business just to try and put A &E out of Service. I won't waste my breath on my story is is the same as the millions all over the web. A & E stinks!
 10th of Aug, 2009 by   Joe Salmi 0 Votes
Okay, so 3 weeks ago I had a refrigerator breakdown and my rental property, so I called around and was given the number to A&E Factory Service. I honestly have to say that was the worst mistake of my life. On top of them quoting me $566.10 to fix a $599 refrigerator, their level of service and commitment is absolutely horrible. I would never suggest this company to anyone. Plain and simple, just don't waste your time with them.

So I called and made an appointment on Wednesday, July 22nd to come out and take a look at the refrigerator. We made the appointment for Thursday which I thought was pretty good considering it was a 1 day turn around. Well Thursday came and went right on by with no call whatsoever. So I called them back on Friday to try to find WTH was going on and it turns out, the appointment was made for Thursday the 28th. I argued a bit but got nowhere with them so I had to settle with the 28th. While I was on the phone with the lady from A&E factory service, I asked if she could have the tech call me 1 hour before he shows up at the residence so I could be there to pay him. She assured me he would and that he would arrive anywhere from 8am to 5pm. Thinking to myself "man that's a large window" I said okay and got off the phone. I informed my tenants that it would be a week before we could get anyone out there.

Finally Thursday comes and I get a phone call around 5:30pm, I head out to the house where the refrigerator is, only to find out 4 minutes after he looks at it, that just about everything in there needs to be replaced. It turns out that those 4 minutes would cost me a $70 service fee and an estimate that would blow the lid off your great, great, great grandmothers casket. It turns out, they need to replace the coolant lines, the compressor and the coils because there was a "clog in the lines". He told me he couldn't just replace the lines because the problem could come back and for them to warranty the repairs they would have to replace everything.

So I say "Okay, how much to fix it?", "with us ordering the parts, and the labor, the repair costs comes to $566.10!" Well damn the refrigerator was only $599! He told me he couldn't fix it on that day anyway just because he would need to order the parts. I told him not to fix the refrigerator because that was ridiculous and I just don't see how it could cost that much.

I called Whirlpool to see if they could help out with the cost of the parts considering the problem I was having was in no way the consumers fault and WP agreed to pay the parts which was cool on their part. The way it works at this point is WP calls A&E Factory Service to let them know they will be paying for the parts and how long it should take for them to get to the house. So there isn't really anything for me to do. So I wait a couple of days to get a phone call to find out when my new appointment is going to be, NOTHING. So I call WP back and try to find out if anyone ordered the parts yet and when should I expect them. Well it turns out at there was a miss communication on A&E's part because they never sent WP the parts list. Finally after getting that worked out, the lady at WP tells me she will ship them to the house via 2 day air because of the trouble I've been though so far.

So I receive the parts on Tuesday the 4th, dispatch gives the ticket to ANOTHER tech which calls me on Wednesday the 5th to come out and look at the refrigerator all over again. Back to square 1 at this point. I asked that tech if I would have to pay the $70 again because I already paid it once and he said yes I would, after I was told I would only have to pay it once.

Finally that tech finds the information from the first tech and then calls me to tell me that it will be tomorrow before anyone can come out. So the first tech calls me back on Thursday evening on the 6th AFTER 6pm and tells me he is pretty busy but he could be out at the house later that night. I asked him if it would be better if he came in the morning instead and knocked it out first thing? He agreed and thought it would also be a better idea. Friday comes and goes, and at 6:30 Friday evening I was on my way to a birthday party the guy calls and says he'll be out within 2 hours. What the hell man? I thought you were coming in the morning? I told him I wasn't going to be able to make it out to the house and that if he fixed it Friday night I would pay him on Monday. He told me he couldn't do that and the ticket needed to be closed out at the time of service and blah blah blah.

So I called A&E this morning (Monday the 10th) to find out what the hell is going on and they actually told me that I have a scheduled service appointment on Monday the 17th. I told the lady that I would not accept that and they needed to have someone out there TODAY!!! My tenants can't have anything cold until the fridge gets fixed. Turns out the best they can do is tomorrow. I guess we'll see how that disaster goes. At this point I'm not expecting a phone call until around 8pm tomorrow night from this company.

So to make a long story longer, DO NOT USE these, lying, cheating, no good, stealing, SOB's to work on any appliance's in your house. If I wouldn't have gotten the appointment tomorrow I would already be on the phone with another company and I would be at the house tomorrow anyway.

STAY AWAY FROM A&E Factory Service, THEY SUCK!!!

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