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Scoresense.com Complaints & Reviews - Money taken out of my account without my permission

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Posted: 2011-01-26 by    akmn

Money taken out of my account without my permission

Complaint Rating:  96 % with 745 votes
Contact information:
United States
I was scrolling through my bank statement and discovered a charge for $29.95 on December 28, 2010. I had never ordered or authorized any one to take $29.95 or any money from my account.

I have tried to contact scoresense to return my money to no avail. I am tired of these things happening. I have had subscriptions to magazines with money taken from my account despite the fact that I had never ordered any magazines. If you don't check your account, these people get away with it. It's so frustrating.
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 9th of Dec, 2011 by   Abby_lamask 0 Votes
Good luck with that, by the time you notice it, your "so called" time runs out to cancel and they will not refund. Does no one regulate these thieves????? Should this not be against the law of some kind???? There is a law for everything else, especially anything we do to make a buck...but they can steal and steal and no one can do anything???? Whatever. Cancel your Credit Cards and get a new number and don't ever give it to them again...
 10th of Dec, 2011 by   Margodene Robinson 0 Votes
on 10/13/11 and 11/09/11 money are takenout of my account without my consent
 10th of Dec, 2011 by   DONALD DUNN 0 Votes
i had the same thing did to me
 17th of Dec, 2011 by   TwitchingSkittles -1 Votes
I am also a current score sense employee, and as such, I fully understand both sides. I do agree that everyone needs to read the Terms and Conditions whenever they decide to put their credit/debit card information on any site. As for the Scoresense.com Terms and Conditions, the fact that the service you are signing up for is listed at number 8, in BOLD CAPITALIZED LETTERS. So it IS your fault when you get charged. Next time you decide to call in and make a fool out of yourselves by yelling and claiming you never signed up for anything, think of this: IT ISN'T OUR FAULT YOU PUT YOUR CARD INFORMATION ONLINE AND DON'T READ!!! We are only doing our jobs, and we REALLY don't have any power over the refund processes. How would it be a smart business move for One Technologies to just issue a refund for everyone who claimed they didn't know anything about services? Nothing personal, but most of you people are liars. We DO get customers that call in within the 7 day trials who fully understand they will get charged because they DID read the Terms and Conditions. It also states in the Terms and Conditions that it does count down by the hour. So when you call in, be nice... Because we CAN put extensive notes on your account which MAY help you get your money back. Don't threaten us... It doesn't help your cause.
As for the people who think this is a scam, I understand how you feel also. I don't agree with the way score sense gets their customers. It is very sneaky and deceitful. I believe it should be made WAY more obvious on the site that it is a trial and of the price of the monthly membership. I understand you're angry about your money being taken out of your accounts unexpectedly, but that alone doesn't call for rudeness to other people... Personally, I have identity theft through a different company because I see what customers have to deal with in regards to refunds. They made it VERY clear on their site about the trial and the price. They even let me pick the package before I entered any of my information. There are system errors on OCCASION where it'll charge before the end of the trial period or when you're canceled. It's a computer, and computer systems aren't flawless. So before you just believe what you see other people writing on here, remember that people lie when they are mad and don't get their way right off the bat. If you don't get your refund the first time, call back and request it again. I have yet to see an account that hasn't gotten their refund the second time around. Remember, we deal with angry people all day long. It is nice to have someone who isn't screaming you the entire length of the call.
 21st of Dec, 2011 by   unemployed in pa +1 Votes
one of my kids is going to be very upset christmas morning because he didnt recieve a gift this year because daddy asked the advise from a scam company how do you people sleep at night well i just received a phone call from a lawyer who seen my problem and is going to investigate this web service for me at no cost so i can get my unemployment money back i'm also writting a letter to all three major web site service engines and request this site be removed because it's a scam and your robbing people of their money ya know where i come from someone does something like this two people go into the forrest only one comes out
 26th of Dec, 2011 by   gregory dame 0 Votes
don't even remember giving then permission to take money out on my account.
they suck you right in.it's not rite. i also ck my account and found money gone.
 29th of Dec, 2011 by   Lilyh 0 Votes
Hello everyone. I'm writing to complain about the service provided by Scoresense. The company is cheating people, while the customer service is very rude to client. I can't imagine that this kind of terrible business exist in the United States. The United States should not allow this biz to exist at all. Recently, i made a complaint to the customer service of charging me $29.95 every month, without my awareness & consent, and at the same time, i also requested the refund. They rejected and even shouted at me. How can a customer service shout at client??? It's ridiculous! You should practice your customer service skill before taking that job. It's really shameful to your company, you know?

 3rd of Jan, 2012 by   JOE REYNOLDS +1 Votes
 5th of Jan, 2012 by   Misty123 0 Votes
I agree with Abby call your bank and ask them to change your debit card # or do the same if a credit card was used. They did that to me too and that is what I did..my bank is doing an investigation to get my money refunded credit card will do the same
 6th of Jan, 2012 by   SharonCin 0 Votes
I never signed up for this transaction to be taken out of my account. Therefore,
I will be contacting The Wisconsin Consumer Protection Agency to refund my money and have no further dealings with scoresense.
Sharon Cin
 8th of Jan, 2012 by   firemanjimmy 0 Votes
I was also scammed into this membership by an e-mail saying for a $1 refundable fee I could get my credit score from the three credit bureaus and now I have in pending in my bank account $29.95 twice, under two different names: WC *SAVINGS and OTL*SCORE-SENSE.COM
Their contact info is: The Score-Sense team is available to answer your questions via phone seven days a week.
Live representatives are available at 800-972-7204 during the following hours:
Monday through Friday, 8AM to 8PM CST
Saturday, 8AM to 5PM CST
Sunday, 12PM to 6PM CST
By Mail
Score-Sense, a Product of One Technologies LP
4447 North Central Expressway
Suite 110 PMB 406, Dallas, Texas 75205
 10th of Jan, 2012 by   katherine horton 0 Votes
ordered from scoresense a spangish introductory kit was sent the second one which i returned, was charged, then recievied another on sent back. How can I get my money back?
I want to take action what can I do?
 10th of Jan, 2012 by   katherine horton 0 Votes
sent back two spanish courses I didn't order and have recieved a bill on my credit card. How do I take it off my credit card I have an insured statemet from 2nd one I sent back. I DONT WANT any more sent to me
 11th of Jan, 2012 by   hezer123 0 Votes
this company is bull shit. i had money taken out of my account and never filled out any thing for score sense .com yet i got charged 29.95 . called the company at 800 972 7204 . some how she had all my information on file and in hand.. i never filled out anything for this or anything close to it. nothing than will do . i think the only way to stop this b.s is to do the extreme and start contacting the local news . and getting this information out to people so no one else gets screwed over. need to get this website shut down for GOOD!!!
 11th of Jan, 2012 by   hezer123 0 Votes
i found a great website called ic3.gov fill a complaint and with in hours they will help you !!! lets get these people shut down for good!!!
 11th of Jan, 2012 by   jobina davis 0 Votes

Scoresense.com - unauthorized charge to debit card
United States

i was unaware that these charges were made on a debit card that i never use on the internet. someone else must have filled out the information for this company site back in november but IT WAS NOT ME! please be aware that i have contacted the company to fix the problem.
 20th of Jan, 2012 by   Marlene Kirby 0 Votes
tO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN; Please cancell me and put the funds back into my account. I have not used your service and do not plan to. Thank you. my e-mail is mkirbymic@gmail.com password is leachenchen
 20th of Jan, 2012 by   Marlene Kirby 0 Votes
Please cancel my order and put the funds back into my account. I have not used your service and do not plan to.
 23rd of Jan, 2012 by   coequetta riggs 0 Votes
I am not to educated on my lap top I thought that this was a freee service now I owe my bank $28.94
 23rd of Jan, 2012 by   kwityn 0 Votes
While going on my online banker, a screen popped up saying there were fraudulent charges on several credit cards, one of which was mine. Believing this was from my bank, I entered the information requested. Who checks what website you're on. You get it from your bank, you believe it's your bank. They took $30.95 out of my account. I notified my bank as I believe this is a scam and they should be aware of it. I don't want to cancel my cards, as I have reoccurring charges monthly.
Plus I have cataracts and do not see that well!

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