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Posted:    strad1234

customer service

Complaint Rating:  71 % with 7 votes
Contact information:
United States
I am writing the anonymously. I happen to work for the Executive Customer Relations department of Samsung. Everyone in these forums is always complaining about how horrible our service is, but they honestly do no know how restricted we are with things we are limited to do within our power. Believe me, I take upwards of 40-50 calls a day of people who have time and time again gone through repairs on units, been waiting for callbacks, gotten the run around all the time, and I honestly do feel sorry for people when they call us. But there are several things you have to realize when you call us.
1. We work in a 3rd party call center. Samsung's name is not on my paychecks. We represent their products, but do not work for them. And there are a few different buildings that have Executive Relations Department agents in them. So just because you get ahold of a "Craig" one day or a "Barbara" the next day means that we know who that person is, because sometimes we don't. I know personally unless I know the specific agent who was in the file previously and I know how they work, I don't trust much of what is typed in a file. I always try to verify my own research to assist people.
2. When you call 1-800 Samsung, the call goes to our general service level agents. They do NOT have the ability on their level to extend warranties, or handle anything other than repairs, and personally, some of them do not even have the brain capacity to do that right. I spend many hours of my days trying to correct files that have gotten " escalated" to my department. So please, if you are sent up to ECR, we ARE trying to help you.. ( or at least I try to).
3. When you call 1800 Samsung, and request a supervisor, if it is the normal day time operating hours for our dept between 9 am and 7pm eastern time, you will be transferred to the ECR dept. We are not supervisors, we are agents that handle requests for escalations. And we DO in most cases have the authority to help someone depending on the situation. If you call during a time of the day, or on the weekend when our dept is not open, the service agent will make a VOC file (3000) which goes into the general ECR queue. Please realize, on a day to day basis there can be as many as 1000 files put into that queue. And there are only 2 agents in my dept, in my building that go through those files. So, your best bet is, trying to call us during normal operating hours if you want to speak to someone.
4. People have to realize, that if we went through and extended everyone's warranty to cover repairs, Samsung would be a bankrupt company. ECR is certainly within our ability to extend warranties for people who are slightly out (i.e. 90 days), or for those that have had multiple repairs (i.e. at least one previously within that last 6-12 months). So please, if you call up to us, and you are 3 years out of warranty, and have never had the unit repaired, spare us your cursing at us. We are not the ones who made the policies, we just enforce them, we are the messengers. If I had the authority, I would gladly cover a repair for you, but in that case, it could be my job, and I don't need to be unemployed.
5.Yes, we do get scored on call quality and call times. I don't like rushing people off the phone, but my job quality depends on it. So if I am being brief with you, its not bc I don't care, or Im being rude. It's because that if I don't meet the average handle time for my calls, that could also be my job. So please, bare with us.
6. If you have contacted Samsung within the past month, you may have been made aware that we have been having severe computer issues. That reason being, we upgraded to a new system, and believe me, that agents you are speaking to are just as frustrated as you. We had very little training on this upgraded system, and most of us, including myself had our hitches along the way. That being said, the waiting times to get through to our department have drastically increased. You usually didnt have to wait more than 5 mins to get through, and I know this bc we have a system up at all times that show how many calls are waiting and for how long. Now the waiting times can be as long as up to 20 minutes. All agents are trying to get to the cx's as quickly as possible. So please, when you get on the phone, we know how frustrated you are... we are almost at times feeling the same way.
7. We KNOW how bad some of our servicing centers are that service such things at blue ray players.. believe me. Time and time again I get calls about how people received units back damaged, or they have been waiting a month, or the service center lost their unit. BELIEVE ME, we KNOW. And I sit there and wonder most days why Samsung still continues to use their services after so many complaints. But, once again.. we don't make the contracts, we are just the messengers... don't take it out on us... Those who call us up and are nice to me.. tend to get alot further.
8. Don't get on the phone and start demanding this and demanding that, and being all over rude. I pride myself on my very very small number of supervisor calls, bc I am for the most part a very level headed person, and I know my job inside and out. I do know how to talk appropriately to people, and if you treat me with the same respect that I give you as soon as we get on a call, I can guarantee, I can most likely assist you within that time, no supervisor needed. Not everyone in my department can say that, but not everyone has a 92% call quality either. So please be kind to your ECR agent. It will get you alot further.
9. We know about all the problems with our units... Especially DLP tv's. And I get just as frustrated as you when I get a call from someone who is 2 years out of warranty, with a DLP and it has completely broken, isnt turning on...And has been diagnosed as needing a new light engine from a service center.. That is not a cheap repair... and my department is not authorized to assist. We know about all the problems with these units, .. I deal with them all day, everyday. But until Samsung decides to make a recall on them... we have to keep making people angry, and yes... it does suck. But if you are having a dark vertical band running down either the left or right side of your DLP unit and it was made 2 or more years ago... give Samsung a call. It may be a light tunnel issue, and we are doing free of charge repair for those.
10. If you are Out of warranty, do yourself a favor and avoid the lower level tiers. They can't help you. Call 1800-522 7341 to go to ECR. and please.. please... please... before you call us, find a copy of your receipt!!! And when you have an agent on the phone, ask them the steps of uploading it on the samsung website... that is the quickest way for us to view it.. Because if we don't have your receipt, we go off of the date the unit was manufactured ( which populates by the serial number). Samsung does not keep track of serial numbers and where they were sold. We do NOT have that info in our system. So the only way to verify your warranty terms are with your receipt! Keep them for everything you buy! And if you already have a service file set up, you can upload your receipt to us in a quick easy step. Scan it into your computer and save it as an image file. Go to www.samsung.com and go to Support. Under support you will find Repair Self Tracking. Click on it and go to the page. Choose option 1 to enter in your transaction number ( which will be either a 3000 or 400 number) and your phone number you provided us when you called. Click continue. This take you to the file. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click Upload Purchase Receipt. Browse your computer for the file and hit attach. There you go, its send to Samsung.

> Ok, I hope this blog helps some people. We are not the bad guys, simply the messengers. Please consider that the next time you call us..
Comments United States Consumer Electronics
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 16th of Mar, 2009 by   frustrated 0 Votes
We purchased a Samsung 50 inch plasma tv in October/08. AT the beginning of January/09 we started getting black horizontal lines across it along the bottom. We called Samsung and they sent out a repair tech for our area. Two months passed and nothing was done...and our tv now had approx 50 lines moving all the way up to the top of the tv. We called Samsung and the customer service rep was very rude to say the least. We were told that the repair company that was to fix our tv went out of business and they (Samsung) must have lost our work order so there was no way of getting a hold of us. We are now waiting for more parts because everything has to be replaced. We have been told the only thing that will be left original is the frame and the stand. HOWEVER, we are still waiting for parts. THREE months later, Samsung has advised they will replace our TV with a 2009 model; however, they will not return our phone calls.
 7th of Sep, 2009 by   Eric S. Doeden per; Diane Smith 0 Votes
My phone has not been used for some time now because it won't charge. I have sent a complaint to Centennial concerning this matter so that they can send you an activity log as to my usage of the phone which came from your company. I have had photos on this phone for some time and would like to have them downloaded but I am UNABLE to do this BECAUSE YOUR PHONE IS UNCHARGEABLE. My phone number is 260-466-4608 and is under the name Diane Smith since I am her son and live with her. I realize that she needs to send in this complaint but I am doing it for her with her permission to do so. The phone has not been able to charge for 20 months.
 30th of Sep, 2009 by   Dwibar Debbarma 0 Votes

i have purchase a samsung DVD writer in october 2007. now few days ago i facing problem with that, when i power on my pc the cd drive automatically eject and load continuously, then i i tried to stop it by holding its cover for few seconds, after this operation now it did not responding, i collect a eject pin and use to open it, it opend and i load a disk to see is the ROM working or not, i found its working, but unable to eject. in our state the samsung service center is not working properly and they are taking time for services. please help me.

 26th of May, 2011 by   Rootb1 0 Votes
Two major failings within 6 months. Netbook purchased for Christmas, faulty within 2 days. Stupidly allowed Samsung to repair instead of returning to store for a refund. No netbook for 2 months, numerous phone calls, failed deliveries, visits to courier depot. Samsung even tried to claim it was owner negligence. Eventually got it back repaired. Raised complaint with Samsung 'Exec Office'. They didn't even bother to call back.
Washer/Dryer lasted 6 months. Called Samsung Service Centre. Engineer arranged. Took day off work - no call. After making phone calls for 2 hours found engineer coming from 60 miles away but doing the call at the end of his appointments around 1800 hours. Lost a days wages for nothing and may need to lose another day for the actual repair. Called Samsung Exec Office (Janet again) and apparently I am unlucky. She can't understand why i'm unhappy as the engineer will be there later!!!
I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM SAMSUNG EVER AGAIN. I appreciate that products fail but there repairs service is diabolical and they treat their customers like ****. I also reported them to Trading Standards who are not only very helpful, but will also collate complaints and take action if needed.
 25th of Nov, 2012 by   Abass Fadhel 0 Votes
I have purchased Galaxy S3 recently and it was defected from the factory. I used it only for 2 days.I was advised to take it to Samsung workshop here in Kuwait. It took one week for diagnostics and after another week of several telephone conversations with technical support Kuwait and Dubai, to announce me that it is repaired. Do you think that is normal to wait for 2 weeks to fix it? It is not acceptable to pay 180KD and to have it opened and repaired being brand new. The correct action is to replace the device immediately! Is Samsung Scrooge?
I am very disappointed with the service.
 3rd of Dec, 2012 by   Jeff rey Wood 0 Votes
I bought Samsung Notebook for my daughter in November 2011 in October 2012 it was not charging and the jack plug had disintegrated. It was repaired under warranty by Digicare of Telford. Within 3 weeks the same fault occurred the new parts were under a 90 day warranty and the machine was still within original warranty. Samsung refused to repair under warranty and wanted £390 to fix. Alternatively the machine could be returned unrepaired for £26!!! Appalling service - will never buy Samsung again.
 16th of Mar, 2013 by   Mitch Viker 0 Votes
Warranty on products are becoming a SCAM.
It's demise and recognition are beginning publication as "SCAMSUNG".
Samsung products reflect a symbolism that their employees are "minimum wage" and ...whatever but investors will eventually see.
We (and I) believe and trust production but what is happening? Restructuring, corporate decisions, hidden agenda?
Hmmmmmm... take my advise, control the future (#1). Personally I'd "FIRE" the employees I've spoke with but that my business. Just think about it, please.
My family, business and friends simply want honesty. and we will stay loyal customers.
 6th of Aug, 2013 by   Zlatka Ormanova 0 Votes
I am also disappointed at the service and the explanations given at the workshops. My mobile is purchased in Kuwait at the price of 189 KD; After 6 months of use started the problems: time of battery charging, usually 50 % - about 10 hours or more. To manage the problem sometimes I take out the battery and fix it again. Is it normal to work like this?
Stopping work when reading a book and after certain time switching on starting from the first page;
It does not work properly in Austria- Europe?! At the workshop officially appointed as Samsung representative in Vienna even refused to check the device motivating themselves that it is purchased out of Austria.
Complaining in the workshop in Kuwait I was told that there is no international warranty. Why I was told that it has 1 year international warranty when purchasing it in Kuwait? I think that it is correct to replace such devices immediately - it is not a cheap toy.
Advice please what actions are to be taken.
 29th of Aug, 2013 by   NateW 0 Votes
The receipt policy is stupid. I own a Samsung laptop that was given to me at Christmas, thus I have no receipt. Am I therefore not entitled to warranty service because I don't possess a receipt? I know the warranty is for a year and this has been less than a year. I can't even get past the online support page without uploading one, and Samsung isn't bright enough to at least put an option of not having the thing. It's idiotic, and honestly, their whole support page is clunky and not the easiest thing to navigate.
 14th of Sep, 2013 by   BATATAT 0 Votes
I bought a SAMSUNG D6000 LED 60inches on November 2011, and less than 19 months after it just stopped working completely. Service technician said it is not repairable. I called Samsung customer service, and they said they can't help after a year from purchasing the unit. So, if you are buying a Samsung be prepared to spend more money after a year f purchasing it. No incentives or support is provided by Samsung.
 14th of Nov, 2013 by   Aleksand 0 Votes
Samsung makes bad design fridges and then, when it breaks, sell additional parts to fix that. I think it is their way to make more money. I have fridge with drain frost initially made shorter ( all fridges with bottom freezer have that problem ), and then, when leaking happens, they sell extended drain frost for 150$ to fix that. Usually it happens when warranty expires because ice builds up around that shorter piece for months, and when it happens Samsung has a piece of slightly longer pipe to fix that. Easy way to make money. Why, you guys, initially did not install that longer piece of drain in your fridge ? It looks very suspicious.
 19th of Nov, 2013 by   not exactly delighted 0 Votes
I bought a Samsung Ultrabook a year ago. After a couple of days a 2 inch band of interference began appearign on the screen. It got so bad that the laptop became unusable quite quicky. Put it in under warranty and the technicians fix the machine. Then discover when I get the computer back that c. 30 % of the time when accessing the web, that none of the formatting comes up on the web page so I end up at rows of text.
IToday I was going to buy a new Samsung S4. After reading the news of the samsung software download problems this morning i've decided to go buy an HTC ONE. Sometimes companies get too big and too arrogant. Everything I read above (particularly from the companies own CS employee) just confirms it.
 2nd of Jan, 2014 by   SAMSUNG SUCKS 0 Votes
SAMSUNG PHONE SUCKS. I have bought my phone 2 months and I have to send my phone to service centre 7 times. There is no other solution the technician do. They will only format the phone. NO point of formatting the phone. Its wasting my time and I have to take leave and send the phone and I am not using the phone. How can I work. Its a new phone samsung galaxy note 3. Even then the technician have change the parts inside the phoe become worst. HANG, HOT, AUTO SHUT POWER, BLUETOOTH NOT WORKING.
Anyone planning to buy samsung phone, please don't buy. You have to go thru a lot of in and out to the service centre.
 10th of Apr, 2014 by   car123 0 Votes
Samsung ECR lies! I bought a washer a year ago and had a Samsung repairman come out one month after the purchase for an issue where the machine was making an awful noise. Repairman came out and said nothing was wrong and that is what Samsung washers do. Lived with it for a year now and we are 3 months past the one year warranty and now it sounds like a jet engine taking off. Samsung repairman came out again and told me this issue was from the day it was built and Samsung should cover it since it should not happen until the machine is 10 years old. Called ECR and first time they lost the paperwork I faxed. Second time a woman told me she was authorizing the repair and would email me immediately. Heard nothing. Called back today and now they have no record of anyone authorizing the repair. All they will do is cover the part, not the service. So...one year with a machine that sounds like a jet engine is taking off and I have a $400 bill for a part that was defective from the get go. ECR is useless, incompetent and lied. Thanks for nothing Samsung. Will never buy their product again.
 21st of Apr, 2014 by   dr.B.C.pavan kumar singh 0 Votes
I purchased samsung 1.5 tonn AC.I requested for paid service through customer care .The service person came and cleaned indoor unit without checking outdoor unit which is at easy accessible site.I have llyod, panasonic and carrier Ac for which they check outdoor unit condensor coil and cleaned with blower.when i informed same To customer care they told me no need of it and told to dismantle it.when i asked to lodge complaint about it they told that they will sent person.what a headache that the customer should know about outdoor unit otherwise they fool us.Pls Customet while asking about service pls tell for both units becoz these people are not like other company ServiCe men as they do as routine service .

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