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Rushcard, California Complaints & Reviews - Poor Customer Service

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Posted: 2011-02-20 by    imdirtybird@gmail.com

Poor Customer Service

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United States
Ive had my Rushcard for a couple of yrs but never used it until recently for direct deposits...tonight I go to make a payment with a finance company for $3200...declined...i call and my avail balance is more than my purchase...come to find out...Ive been depositing my $ onto a card that is not only going to charge me a fee each time I use it...but is going to limit how much I can spend a day. Talk about pissed! I call cust serv...and got even more pissed. They all say the same scripted thing & provide no solutions! I dont understand what they are even there for.I wont go into the broken English or this "convenience" fee they charge...and wont waive either! So i have to pay again...to complete my transaction...trust my last payroll went it!
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 1st of Jul, 2010 by   lcombs 0 Votes
The Rush Card authorized direct deposit without my appoval when I called to find out what happened they had no idea and couldn't give me any info. The customer service agent did not know anything that could help me.
 31st of Jan, 2011 by   UniRush,LLC/RushCard 0 Votes
lcombs- RushCard cannot authorize Direct Deposit on anyone's behalf. In our application process, we ask if you would like any government benefits to be deposited to the card, if you check yes than we follow up with you to get gather more information which you may have agreed to at the time and since forgotten as it does take some time to set-up.
 21st of Feb, 2011 by   UniRush,LLC/RushCard 0 Votes
The maximum amount that can be spent on your RushCard per day is $2, 500.00. This limit is actually higher than many debit cards. This spending limit is outlined in the Cardholder Agreement (http://www.rushcard.com/cardholder.aspx) that you agreed to when you applied for the card. A great place to go for explanations on all of the spend, load, ATM, etc.. limits is the Frequently Asked Questions ( http://www.rushcard.com/faq/search-result.aspx?key=limit&cat=0) section of the RushCard website. Please email us if you would like further explanation or if you have any other questions/concerns.
 12th of Jul, 2011 by   Nada07 0 Votes
A daily limit is fine and expected. However, a customer by law should be notified of these limits. I am a 12 year customer and found this out the hard way last year. I am finding rushcard to be nothing but ascam and an agent of theivery of people's deposits that Rush keeps claiming to not have received them, even when there is writen proof of wire receipt by both Chase Bank and the depositor.
 18th of Oct, 2011 by   RushCardPrepaid 0 Votes
well said. but again for the Nth time c'mon people get off with the fees. we're running a business here & can u name any debit cards w/out fees? Net Spend does and so GreenDot. and hell yeah RC has a high spending limit. y don't u try other debit cards? huh? y don't u just get urself a credit crd or bank account? are u afraid about ur money getting lost? or tracked by the government?
 25th of Oct, 2011 by   E. Stoddard 0 Votes
I am a member of the Rush card prepaid debit card. I started using Rush back in 2006 for my income tax. The card is not so bad until you have to speak with a rep over the phone (which is your only option to speak with a rep). Every rep you speak to you doesn't speak good English and half the time they don't have full knowledge on the rush card services. Another thing that upsets me is when you call your never calling the same location and it's never in America. So if my call is disconnected, I have to call back and start all over again with an agent in another country different from the last agent. Russell Simmons needs to place offices in each state that offer the Rush card services and also he needs to have American agents as well as other ethnic backgrounds. I will be ending my services with Rush in November because the customer service is horrible and Russell is sending jobs overseas, big hypocrite: He's protesting on wall street but he supporting over sea jobs. E. Stoddard Brooklyn New York...

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