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XCENTRIC VENTURES LLC aka Ripoffreport.com is harboring an online terrorist who has slandered against my name and website back in april 2012. I emailed XCENTRIC VENTURES LLC and requested a removal of the slander and i received an email asking me to pay $5000+ to review my case...

their is nothing to review, an anonymous coward has posted false allegations against my family name and website with no evidence or proof. I do not practice in any criminal activities and this bastard ED who owns XCENTRIC VENTURES LLC wants to charge me $5000+ for a defamation case

Since when is extortion allowed for defamtion?

XCENTRIC VENTURES LLC needs to be hold liable for harboring online terrorist who use anonymous identities to slander against honest hard working people
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 11th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
Rip Off Report Founder Ed Magedson Internet Extortionist

PUBLIC WARNING:Ed Magedson of RipOffReport.com is a WANTED criminal that extorts individuals that have posted on RipOffReport.com and legitimate companies for money and he may be operating one of the biggest criminal enterprises ever created on the Internet and it is being perpetrated by a group of criminals with a track record of fraudulent activity. For more ground breaking information on how he operates his fraudulent scheme, please visit The Bureau of Ethical Internet Commerce, www.ezripofflawsuit.com and www.bad-business-rip-off.com

The public is being warned NOT to post anything on RipOffReport.com or BadBusinessBureau.com. Ed Magedson, founder of RipOffReport.com is a convicted criminal. DO NOT take part in his fraudulent activities. It is against the law for ANYONE to use and promote ANY company without the company's written permission. RipOffReport.com does not tell you that postings can't be deleted and YOU CAN BE SUED for doing it!!! Click here to view Ed Magedson's police photo
Click here to view a WSVN Fox Television Report exposing Ed Magedson and the Rip Off Report

RipOffReport.com has received defamatory material and fake complaints and published such slander on their site, without checking of the legitimacy of such complaints. Ed Magedson is also known for adding fake complaints on his website at /link removed/ & badbusinessbureau.com. He clearly likes to show his ways of editorial control and fraudulent activities. Consumers should not judge any company based on postings at RipOffReport.com because they are not checked for legitimacy & accuracy.

One company said in a statement last August that it sued Ed Magedson of Ripoffreport.com and obtained a $10 million default judgment against him. Ed Magedson, however, has yet to pay them any money.(see news report click here)

The public is being warned NOT to post anything on RipOffReport.com or BadBusinessBureau.com. It is against the law for ANYONE to use and promote ANY company. RipOffReport.com does not tell you that postings can't be deleted and YOU CAN BE SUED for doing it!!!

There is a BIG financial reward for information being offered on the whereabouts of Ed Magedson of /link removed/ So far, he has been impossible to trace. According to information obtained from the Florida Department of Corrections, Edward Magedson, FDC offender #865906 and founder of /link removed/ & badbusinessbureau.com has been listed as a FUGITIVE.

As per detectives hired, the following information was obtained...


Ed Magedson was previously arrested on the following charges...

- Marijuana possession & paraphernalia
- Check fraud
- Assault & Battery
- Default Judgment $30, 041.21

 12th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
Here is some proof of this exortion racket, right from the owner Ed Madgedsons own email conversation in which he extorts an honest business owner - Please see below.

“From: EDitor@/link removed/
To: seanluke@earthlink.net; Chris McFarland; Steve Miller
Cc: EDitor@/link removed/; ‘Maria Crimi Speth’
Subject: Proposed settlement offer Federated Financial… RE: as per our last conversation
Chris McFarland & Steve Miller.

SO you know, I have had no Internet for the last 2 hours.. Plus, I am running a fever and going to bed.

…If you want the Corporate Advocacy Program,

I would give you a reduced fee of $2, 500 up front and a monthly monitoring of about $125 a month.. paid every 4 months.
The normal cost for the amount of Reports you have would be about $9, 000 and much more of a monthly monitoring fee, .


An investigative Report by Rip-off. In this case, we know it would be a very positive one, turning all the negatives into a positive. Anyone would want to do business with your company. You will wish there were more Rip-off on you, …NO joke…

Monitoring and verifying FIRST all Rip-off and REBUTTALS. they would be contacted within in 30 minutes of their filing and put into a holding bin, we would also be explaining a positive view of what has happened over time and how we know, (and we do know) that you will take care of the situation, and they would be given your special contact e-mail address to take care of any issues they did not get resolved by your staff with in 14 days. AS a part of this program, Federated Financial (like all its other members) would be guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction and a refund of fees if they were not satisfied. ( if applicable) (this can vary with different businesses and can be discussed)

There is a lot more to the program, I will sent that to you if you want, it will come as an attached document….

Have a happy safe and healthy new year!


ED Magedson”
This was taken from the http://www.bad-business-rip-off.com/ website. A must read for anyone who wants to know the truth about the /link removed/ website.
It is true that many bad business are exposed on /link removed/ but the sad fact is that ripoffreport is proactive in taking money from these companies to issue BS staements about them being trustworthy when they actually are not. It appears from the response letter posted above that /link removed/;s “investigations” that are conducted after these companies shell out dough are 100% horsecrap.
This is an interesting bit of info from the /link removed/ website at /URL removed/:

# Fees for enrolling in the program are based upon the number of Reports filed, the number of offices you have, and/or the size of an average sale. Additionally, there is a flat set-up fee to offset the costs associated with programming and contract legalities. Rate sheets will be sent upon completion and verification of the intake questionnaire.
# If participation in this program would honestly create a financial hardship, but you desire to participate, we will work with you to find a way to make it work. This may require providing financial documents proving hardship. “

This looks to be in other words, “We want to extort from you whatever we can get based on how much your company is making.”

In short all the “glittering reviews” offered by the /link removed/ website toward onestopmotors.com are meaningless. It would appear to any person with half a brain that onestopmotors.com paid off ripoffreport.

Looking past the BS “investigation” of the RipOffReport into One Stop Motors it seems there is hardly anything on the internet that mentions them but complaints outside of the numerous domains that OneStopMotors.Com maintains to drown out truthful sites about them like this one.
 22nd of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
RIPOFFREPORT.COM purposefully hurts good companies
The editor of rip-off Ed Magedson purposefully turns a blind eye to people who have been criminally libeled by falee and malicious statements about hard working small
businesses and individuals. Business competitors or disgruntled employees, etc can post any lie about a company without any reprecussion. Even when the editor knows it is false
and criminal, he refuses to do anything to help those who have been libeled. Instead, he states you should just reply and defend yourself. That is not easy when a business competitor can anonymously call you a sex offender without proof or even giving their name.

I wouldn't put ANY value on the posts on ripoffreport. Before you believe information found on that site, look up the postings for prostitutes or adulterers. Why would any legitimate consumer complaint site have a prostitute complaint section? Anyone is allowed to post anything they want about anyone
or anything on ripoffreport. Don’t like your competitors? It’s ok just post a hundred complaints under false names! Did you get fired for doing drugs at work? No problem! File a ripoffreport and get your revenge! Are you a company that has been reported for something false and you want to get it removed?
All you have to do is pay ripoffreport a large sum of money to ‘review the postings’
 12th of Nov, 2008 by    +1 Votes
I don't put any value on anyone who posts on other complaint boards THAT ALSO DO NOT CHECK THE VALIDITY OF THE COMPLAINT THAT IS POSTED.

 23rd of Sep, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Are you prepared to prove that ED is a bastard? If you are unable to prove he is illegitimate you may be libel for making a false allegation.
 23rd of Sep, 2012 by    +2 Votes
Im not a business... I'm just a person with a personal blog... slander against my family name and family home address has been posted on this bastards extortion website and he won't remove it, unless i pay him $5000 to review the fake anonymous user.

The LAW is harboring an online terrorist and extortionist blackmailing me, bastard is a criminal trying to obtain money from me for a fake post.

Shame on USA government for allowing this bastard to operate from Arizona.

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