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Riddex Plus Complaints & Reviews - They're a joke

Riddex Plus Contacts & Informations

Riddex Plus

Posted:    Valerie

They're a joke

Complaint Rating:  90 % with 314 votes
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Riddex Plus
United States
I got Riddex plus to get rid of bugs in my apartment, 2 months now and the bugs are still around. Now I have to smell the fumes of the spray. A company should not be allowed to sell a product without science proof about their claims. Instead of paid off statements from who knows who. I went to the site I paid to get the product to file a claim, there is no where to file one, tried to complain about this product to the 1-800 number I am told this number is for only ordering the product. I told them what I thought about the product anyway.
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 16th of Apr, 2008 by   Mavi 0 Votes
Don't be a victim of Riddex Plus. I ordered the product on their website and was charged more than I wanted to order. They don't have an option to make any changes in their website to correct your order. Now after days of calling CS to cancel the order before it was shipped, they still shipped my order and when I complained they only gave me the unit price without the S/H fee. You do not want the hassle to get products from them. You can call their headquarters if you want to complain 866 813-4927 or send a complain to this address DRG - Riddex Plus 17250 Dallas Parkway Dallas, TX 75248 but believe me they don't care what you have to say after they get your money. I reported this to the BBB and they did not reply to any of their questions. Take it from me ...Save yourself the headache and let it be known to others about how they mislead customers.
 16th of Jun, 2008 by   B S 0 Votes
Riddex Plus is not a spray. It is an electrical device that plugs into your household socket. While it may work, (I have used Pest Offense for several years and it works really well) Dynamic Response Group-Riddex Plus is charging way too much for S/H. I just ordered Riddex Plus (2 sets) and was only told S/H was $8.99 per unit. Since they were being sold 2 at a time - that would be $8.99 for two you'd think. BUT NO ! Since I ordered two sets, I was charged $8.99 per device (4) for a total of $35.80 just for S/H!! When I called, they were willing to deduced only $17.50 from the $95.70 bill.

The product I received from Riddex Plus was made in China, was marked with a company in Florida, has an address in Van Neys, CA and two more addresses in Texas!! Yeah, try to pin them down!

I recommend you go to a hardward store and see if they carry something else. Don't get the sonic or ultra-sonic product. They might work in an empty room but don't work otherwise.

Not a happy camper!
 9th of Jul, 2008 by   wl 0 Votes
Report them to the Better Business Bureau.
 10th of Jul, 2008 by   Grrrr 0 Votes
I just got mine in the mail today :(
I should've researched first
 1st of Sep, 2008 by   frank 0 Votes
I have Riddex Plus for some time now. I got it in winter and could not confirm whether it works. It does not work. I have roaches and mice evertime I turn on the lights. The unit that drives away pests attracts them. Roaches are always hiding behind the Riddex Plus unit. The Unit does not work. They are making tons of money through postage and ripping the consumer.
 6th of Sep, 2008 by   George Turner 0 Votes
I have 2 riddex plus units plugged in a 2 bedroom apartment. I still see bugs. Don't waste your money, keep spraying, you will have better results.
 10th of Oct, 2008 by   Ashley 0 Votes
Reddix Plus is a bogus company. I tried to order Riddex Plus some time ago. I made the purchase over the phone to get two units for the price of one. I even asked to have them rushed delivered from 7-10 weeks to 3-4 weeks. Yes. I agree that the shipping and handling price is rediculous, and for that matter, so is the rush delivery price. I gave in my credit card information and I didn't even get a confirmation number. So I called the customer service line to see if I could get a confirmation number. The guy hung up on me after asking me my name and address. I'm like "WOW!". I called back and I got a machine. I called back about 6 days later to follow up with my order. I finally got a human being on the line. I asked them if my order was processed, and that I wanted a confirmation number. They look up my information only to tell me that my order hasn't been processed yet. So they are sitting there holding my money but they haven't processed my order yet. I told them, just go ahead and cancel my order because I didn't get any good vibes from them. Now, I come across this website and see other people's comments. I'm glad I didn't waste my money on that product since so many say it doesn't work anyways...
 24th of Oct, 2008 by   frank 0 Votes
I bought 2 units and they do not work. I installed one in the kitchen and it attracts roches instead of driving them away. Anytime I pull the unit from the A.C. outlet, I see lots of life roaches hiding between the unit and the outlet. It is a scam. Unit does not work. I want ot return the units but do not know where to send them. Does anyone how to contact the manufacturer?
 24th of Oct, 2008 by   ben 0 Votes
Im glad i did my research first.
 2nd of Nov, 2008 by   Matt 0 Votes
So annoying to have to deal with companies like this. I too should have researched first but now just have to cancel my order I did online. After seeing the ridiculous final price they give you where the shipping is doubled per unit I realized it was not worth it and would find something else which I already did. I did not press the button that said "confirm order and get receipt" and tried to click on "remove product" but it would not let me. I was forced to click out of the website and just hope the product wasn't ordered since I never officially "confirmed" my order. Yet I still received an e-mail stating my "order has been received and is being processed." Lame. I got two similar plug-in devices for less than 20 bucks so now just have to deal with their customer service when the weekend ends. My card better not be charged for this I already see the transaction pending. Not worth 51.80 for 2 devices when they say one of them is "free." What a joke.
 4th of Nov, 2008 by   LeeGirl 0 Votes
Darn. I wish I had done my homework first. I am just feeling so desperate. I'm in a newly constructed home, but back up to a field. I think I'm infested and the smell when they die makes me sick to my stomach. Their droppings are everywhere. Are there any other solutions out there?
 17th of Nov, 2008 by   EOB +1 Votes
Thanks for the info here. I had tried their phone which I got at prelude to CNN News time.That did not work. It was disconnected. But thank you all for the info here, I called them today at 18668134927 to cancel my order doen over the phone. A pleasant lady graciously agreed to my request and promised my whole money will be refunded to my account in 48 hours.
 22nd of Nov, 2008 by   Cindy Saetern 0 Votes
WOW! I am so glad I came across this site. I just seen the commercial on the tv today and BOY am I glad i decided to do research and read reviews!
 25th of Nov, 2008 by   MARIBETH 0 Votes
I was going to order this but thanks to these posts I will not. Does ANYONE know how to permanently get rid of these roaches!!! without spending $500.00 for pest control in house treatments?? My ex-daughter-in law's cousin brought them to me in a diaper bag. Probably 2 at the time and now there are THOUSANDS!!!. Walls..drawers...floors...cabinets...ETC!! HELP!!!
 26th of Nov, 2008 by   Lanabird 0 Votes
I am so glad I read this too! I just saw this commercial and thought how great it sounded. This sounds like a rip off. You all who ordered this product and got ripped should report this to your news station. Fox does this investigative reporting thing where they find these kinds of business and exposes them!! The more people know the less business they get.
 28th of Nov, 2008 by   Lotta 0 Votes

Riddex Plus - Infomercial
United States

 28th of Nov, 2008 by   atmman 0 Votes
I've got THREE of these things plugged into a 1200 foot one level house. THEY DO NOT WORK! I've got just as many roaches now as I had before. I got three because their website uses force selling, asking you to buy or upgrade your order and before you know it, you've spent $100 or more. The ONLY way to get rid of roaches is with CHEMICALS!

Save your money, hire an exterminator!
 1st of Dec, 2008 by   Nancy Jo Thompson 0 Votes
I ordered on the internet, I looked at my final billing page before I pushed the confirm button and could easily calculate the S&H on each item. There were no surprises. I read complaints of all sorts. My neighbor told me about this product and she owned the older unit for over 2-3 yrs and it died. She now owns the new unit and feels that it is working well. She has neighbors with lots of mice and I am sure they have ordered the product as well. Was gold 4-6 wks. delivery. I was pleasantly surprised when my units arrived approximately 7-10 days. I have immediately plugged them in and feel hopeful from Diana's recommendations that they work. I am 62 and just do not have time to deal with mice or their destruction.
 1st of Dec, 2008 by   ana 0 Votes
am glad i did reasher i had recomd this item to my parents for our house good thing i did reshearch first
 15th of Dec, 2008 by   fellissa 0 Votes
Glad I went to the website because I was determined to have my sister and mother in-law order this product because both have roaches in their apartment.

I also know that roaches travel and I wanted to be safe that I didn't get them in my apartment (in the event bag was brought in to my place from their place)...

Now I will talk to them about the complaints I read online.

Thanks for review and research.

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