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RedBox, Newbury Park, California Complaints & Reviews - charged me for a movie that I returned

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Posted:    Pat Milman

charged me for a movie that I returned

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 11 votes
Contact information:
Pat Milman
Newbury Park, California
United States
This company looked like it had a great idea - movies at the grocery store for only $1.00 a night. I have used it many times this past year, they had a customer for life! However, one day I noticed Redbox charged me $26.00 on my credit card; when I called, they said I had not returned a movie I had rented. Problem was, I definitely returned that movie - I remember very clearly. Also, I returned another movie at the same time and the other one showed as returned. When I called to complain, I was told that it would take between 10-14 days for someone to go and look in the machine to find the movie, and that they would credit me back the money when they found the movie. If they didn't find it, I was out of luck! I don't know what happened, but I was notified that $10.00 hd been credited to my account. $10.00!!?? For what? I will not be using this company again - I'll just join Netflix or buy movies from the cable company. $1.00 sounds like a great deal - until the decide to rip you off and you have NO appeal! DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!
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 26th of May, 2009 by   Pat Milman 0 Votes
Also - just as troubling is the fact that you cannot close your account! Your only option is to not use them again. They keep your credit card info in their system; if it gets charged again - there is no way to prove you did not use their service. Judging by some of the complaints on this board, there have been instances of them repeatedly charging fees to credit cards for no rentals! Scary...
 13th of Jun, 2009 by   KKPrincess9 0 Votes
The same exact thing happened to my boyfriend...we won't be using Redbox again
 30th of Aug, 2009 by   hopep1974 0 Votes
You do have an appeal. Complain to your credit card company. I did these people are a scam! RED BOX SUCKS!
 31st of Aug, 2009 by   Risco 0 Votes
I just found on my bank statement that Redbox charged me to for 2 rentals last week and I have not rented anything from them in weeks. I've tried calling customer svc for RB and hold times are through the roof, in excess to 20 min's. So have yet to complain to them, but will dispute the charges on my card through my bank. But this could have overdrew my account, etc perhaps caused more problems. Luckily it didn't.
 8th of Sep, 2009 by   Sybot +1 Votes
This just happened to me as well. We have been enjoying Redbox for the last 2 months, but I ntoiced a $26 charge on my CC. I am waiting to hear back from Redbox, but these errors should not happen. I suspect that its because I returned the DVD to a different kiosk than the one I originally rented it from. I hope they immediately credit my card, otherwise they will be dealing with a very pissed off customer.
 28th of Sep, 2009 by   wlee 0 Votes
Yes this happened to me too with the movie "Fighting." I always wait for the movie to state successfully returned, then a couple weeks later I get charged for the movie. I liked the redbox, but now its unsafe and not reliable. I am not using redbox anymore. Hastings is more safe.
 21st of May, 2010 by   pizza face bob -1 Votes
I returned a DVD and did not get credit. Since they don't print out a proof of return, I can't prove I returned the product. It is a rarely used DVD, so they don't show any action.

I would say it is a risk of redbox, that might be worth it, as if this happened to a lot of people, then they would be out of business. I have retuned 10 with no issue.

Redbox offered me a credit for 50% of the value of the DVD and my credit card company instantly wrote off the rest with I complained, so I suggest challenging it and dealing with it. I will still use redbox as the cost savings versus blockbuster and others is worth it, unless this happens again...
 6th of Jul, 2010 by   movershaker 0 Votes
I have also had this very problem with Red Box, they are a nightmare to try to deal with. I've talked with my bank and the fraud dept., I can only cancel my debit card and get a new one. It's a shame that I'm inconvenienced for their problems. I predict a class action law suit is coming. I will NOT be using them again, and I've told everyone one I know about them, including people I see using it. (and I see people all the time, since it's so "conveniently" located at my groc store)
 23rd of Jan, 2011 by   dorisqyz 0 Votes
This happened to us too. We were charged 25.86 for an returned DVD. Shame! We are sure that we returned it the very next day. Called the customer service, said that they are going to credit 10. I don't think that we are going to use redbox anymore.
 27th of Nov, 2011 by   B G S 0 Votes
same thing i was charged 26.00 and i know i returned it the next day they said i didn't. Bill S.
 4th of Jan, 2012 by   guina +1 Votes
I returned two video and the machine registered one and i Know I returned two because I stood there and waited for the slow process of feeding it through. charged me 24 dollars and change. I wish I could sue them because its so wrong.
 15th of Feb, 2013 by   chrissyally 0 Votes
I just got charged for a movie they r saying I never returned I have the email confirmation for it they are saying that I rented it twice once on the 25th n again on the 27th n only returned it one (now how stupid does that sound) they offered to credit me $10 said they cant do anything I am so pissed I rented that movie once n returned it once told them I dont want any charge how r u gonna return me 10 for a movie they r charging me 25 for that I never even had to begin with yeah never using redbox again frauds!
 15th of Mar, 2014 by   ThomasJB 0 Votes
I just found a $25 charge on my card for a disc I returned. Last time I use Redbox. They should be sued.

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