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Red Mountain Funding, Phoenix, Arizona Complaints & Reviews - No answer to phone

Red Mountain Funding Contacts & Informations

Red Mountain Funding

Posted:    Justin Dixon

No answer to phone

Complaint Rating:  33 % with 3 votes
Contact information:
red mountain funding
Phoenix, Arizona
United States
I got a phone call on the 25th of November asking when I was going to make a payment, they left a message. My payment was due to day earlier, I had called to make the payment but there was no answer to the phone - understood due to Thanksgiving of course. I called the same day, on the 25th to make the payment after I heard the message, it was around roughly 2:30pm, well within standard business hours for them without any answer, figured the receptionist may be busy so called back at the other desks, no answer. I figured it's possible they were let out early for Black Friday so decided to call back on the following day, the 26th. I did so several times, no answer again from any of the desks. It's now the 27th, I've tried calling a couple of times during normal business hours and again, no answer. I even left a couple of messages, one with the Boss and another with Reception who handles over the phone payments, no response and that was on the 25th!

I'm fully expecting them to try and pin me with late fees. I made it perfectly clear on a message that I have kept logs of the times I've called and the dates as well as the messages incase they do attempt to charge fees or repo my car I have from their loan agency. This company has several complaints easily found on google that relate to any number of suspicious activity with Red Mountain Funding.

Avoid at all costs! If they attempt to charge anything, I will report it to 3 on your side or any number of other News Stations as well as to the police.
Comments United States Loans
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 28th of Nov, 2010 by   Justin Dixon +1 Votes
You dont understand, I called to make the payment the day it was due, there was no answer, then every day after there was no answer. So this is NOT my fault.
 17th of Feb, 2011 by   desertemt 0 Votes
I don't like Red Mountain Funding, for a variety of reasons, but you have to use some common sense here.

They didn't answer on the 25th? Of course, it was Thanksgiving.

They didn't answer on the 26th? Most companies have the day after Thanksgiving off.

They didn't answer on the 27th? It's Saturday.

The 28th was Sunday, so what's your problem? They were closed for the holiday. Get real.
 4th of Oct, 2012 by   NuMann 0 Votes
Please, the whining here over Red Mountain Funding is just too much! So, one guy gets mad because he can't seem to make his payments on time & it's the fault of the lender? Please, this is so funny to read, except that I think he expects everyone to believe him!!! This company finances people who don't have great credit, so of course some crank like this guy is going to complain, going so far as to say he'll report them to 3 On Your Side &/ or call the police? What a drama queen!!! I've never seen 3 TV do a story on this company & calling the police, uhm, well this is a contractual issue, so maybe Mr. Drama Queen needs to out on his big boy pants & go file in Justice Court & see how well things go for him on challenging a legally binding contract?
 9th of Oct, 2012 by   Ida G 0 Votes
What a dumb complaint!!! Someone needs to man-up & grow a pair!!!

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