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Rainbow Air Purifier Complaints & Reviews - Scam

Rainbow Air Purifier Contacts & Informations

Rainbow Air Purifier

Posted:    smartyP4nts


Complaint Rating:  13 % with 32 votes
Contact information:
United States
I filled out one of those "contest" drawing boxes calling cards.The type you see in little chick-n-wing in and outs attached to gas stations.I waited for the phone call-came about a week or so later.I won the little "mini" rainbow!I then made an appointment for two gentlemen to come and bring it to us(and to watch a demonstration on the one that is not free).When they came they were very polite and presented us with our prize!They even did a small demo about all the good things it does=very neat!I took my prize into the next room per their suggestion so they could get set up in the main room.They seemed pretty disapointed that we have no carpet and all tile.So they showed us how awesome the big one was and it was pretty awesome but could'nt do better than our floor steamer.They really wanted us to have a vacum cleaner.My wife and I both had little mini orgasms to ourselves every time a look of confusion and disapointment came across their faces.All we had to do was just say no with no explanaition.It got pretty desperate and we made it drag on and on for over three hours!This form of entertainment was way better than dinner and a movie-We got to stay home and eat an awesome dinner that I made in front of a couple of clowns trying to perform circus tricks for our enjoyment-And they bring me a free gift!I kept going in the other room to marvel my prize and eat my food.He even called back today about some names I pulled out of my ass to put on a "friends" list.I just told him dude I was drunk as hell last night I have no idea -and then came in my pants a little as I hung up.I will put my name in the box again-And see if we can do this again.
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 15th of Jan, 2011 by   klee002 0 Votes
I enjoy my air purifier, it works great. The fact that you "tortured" those guys trying to do their job shows your maturity level. Grow up, people have to earn a living some how, even at if it's not the most ideal career.
 25th of Jun, 2011 by   DrewBoy57 0 Votes
This complaint is not about a Rainbow air purifier. It is about the tactics of some vacuum cleaner salesmen. Let's be fair and file this complaint with the vacuum cleaner company.
 10th of Oct, 2011 by   maddie65 0 Votes
Wow! @ smartyp4nts' comment. I'm a single mom who's a salesperson. I don't sell vacuum cleaners but you're cruel, mean, and ugly! These people have to put food on their tables and for you to act like that is terrible. Karma is a b@#$%. God will get you. Then we'll all be laughing at you.
 25th of Sep, 2012 by   1 Concerned individual 0 Votes
Rainbow is a very good product and helps people and their families live healthier lives. My best friend is a nurse and she told me that 1 TBSP of dust, dust mite poo can literally kill you. Not only does this product help create a cleaner environment it creates jobs for people struggling in an unsteady economy. Think about this people!!! Great product to help you be more healthy and create jobs. A win-win for everybody. You buy a car and you find a selling point from this salesman...so be kind to the salesman trying to help you in your life!
 3rd of Mar, 2014 by   @BonBon 0 Votes
I agree with Concerned individual, the Rainbow is a really awesome product. It has helped me tremendously with my allergies inside my house and my car. I use to have really bad allergies during the winter months, but I don't have those issues any longer. It cleans very well, I'd say 1000x better than any air purifier/vacuum I have use in my life. The air feels definitely cleaner when I leave it on. I am really grateful I found something like this. I didn't mind the demo at all and really enjoyed watching it. It was entertaining and I bought one and my parents bought one. There is nothing like this on the market.
 8th of Jan, 2015 by   Mary Pablate 0 Votes
Well, you can read reviews on 21stReviews before you buy any product so that you can better understand the features of product.

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