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Qazzoo Complaints & Reviews - Very frustrated

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Posted: 2013-05-23 by    benekin

Very frustrated

Complaint Rating:  94 % with 32 votes
Contact information:
United States
Phone: 1-800-230-9019
I've paid for full access at Quazoo but I have suspicion that all the info you get from them is either fake or completely incorrect. All the leads I've got from them turned out to be completely useless... Don't waste your time and find another service that will help you.I hope you will listen to me.
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Qazzoo - Bogus leads


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 14th of Jul, 2013 by   jfolds 0 Votes
I can second this complaint. I paid for full access and was given the opportunity to buy leads from Quazoo.com that were marketed as "hot" real estate leads looking to buy or sell quickly. The leads provided all have a profile type picture you can view before purchasing them. I purchased one that had a yellow 911 carerra profile picture because I have a 911 carerra and thought we might have something in common. When I spoke to the lead on the phone and told her I liked her 911 carerra picture she had no idea what I was talking about and said she never created a profile and didn't even know what a 911 carerra was. LOL, quazoo.com is randomly assigning deceptive profile picture to leads to mislead it's customers. If that's not a scam I don't know what is.

I wish I could get my $100 back and 30 hours worth of time chasing useless leads. Avoid this company at all costs
 29th of Jul, 2013 by   L Mark Campbell 0 Votes
I completely agree with the foregoing. Qazzoo uses typical bait and switch fraud tactics. When you sign up you are told "You are guaranteed 100% correct contact information or your money back." (I have that promise in writing.) Then when their leads all turn out to have absolutely no correct information and you request a refund based on their guarantee they tell you they do not give refunds. These guys have already been fined by the Maryland Attorney General for fraudulent business practices (http://www.oag.state.md.us/Press/2007/092807.htm). If you are considering signing up with them, don't. If you have already signed up with them, found their "leads" to be worthless (you will), and been refused a refund, file complaints with the Maryland Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission.

Here is contact information for Qazzoo:
Jennifer Jordon
National Manager
Direct: 443-603-1078
E-mail: JJordon@qazzoo.com

Mr. Bill Hann at 443-603-1013, Jim Buffington, identified as EVP, pitches them on YouTube, and Michael Urbanski is identified as the founder.
 13th of Oct, 2013 by   okrealtor 0 Votes
348 BS leads over 5 Months $500.00 later and a large amount of hours on the phone. This is a one of the many companies this is on the list of SCAMS, Realtor more on the side of new Realtor are getting lie to and sold leads that are not real. I have every lead that they sent and researched a large number of them. Will report back when I have a the report to file with the Oklahoma Attorney General for fraudulent business practices. Don't wast your money on this company you would have better luck knocking on doors to get business.
 10th of Jun, 2014 by   slcrealty 0 Votes
I have been a customer with Quazzoo and none of the leads worked!
Just a big SCAM!
I wont recommend this company to anybody!
they take your money and promise you leads that don't exist!!!
 3rd of Jul, 2014 by   rocdred 0 Votes
I will attest to the same issues many others have had. I talked to Jim Buffington who was very nice, in all honesty and he gave me a trial of 35 lead purchases, which i used about 20 or so. most ended up being outright fakes, although they claim they are all checked for fake issues. I'd say a fake phone # is a good marker. A few turned out to be real people, and admitted to joining sites that Qazzoo gets their leads from. One already had a realtor for several weeks, another was a doctor seething mad he was getting soooo many calls, yet Qazoo says only 4 get their leads. Another said he had no interest in buying a home.

One asian girl (sounded too young to buy anything) wanted to buy a house for investments, although none turned out to be anything more than a waste of time. Now, to be completely fair and objective, when i talked to jim, he said keep trying and if it doesn't work i'll give you a complete refund, and when the refunded 'leads' never appeared in my account and i wrote again, he simply said he'd refund my full purchase, $99, and close my account. We'll see if i get the refund. But I have a feeling they refund a lot of people!
 28th of Jul, 2014 by   Brenda Bessinger 0 Votes
Sorry, to say. I fell for the same lines!! I have contacted my credit card company and reported this scam to them. Hopefully,
they can get my money back. If not, I guess I will chalk it up as a lesson learned. I had to cancel my card as well. I called
Qazzoo today and told them I was reporting this issue to my card company and cancelled my card. When I told her about
the fake leads she just said, "oh, my, I will have to let our marketing company know that bad leads are going to your territory."
I also told her I wanted every bit of my information that is stored in their computers to be deleted. I went to that site before I
agreed to sign up, did not check out what they do with my information until today. I think they are fishing for good leads by
letting gullible Realtors like myself and evidently you all also, by letting us do their work for them. This is totally a scam. They
were telling lies from the beginning by using people who have good computer and telephone manners!! I hope they get shut
 7th of Jan, 2015 by   CT from Kw 0 Votes
I am a new real estate agent and my company does not have floor time, , so i was online and joined this site. I was all ready and happy because I had found some leads and yea...i wasted about 2 months on this site, along with numerous phone and email hours for most of the "leads" to turn out to be real estate agents, or people who have no idea they were looking at homes. It has gotten me frustrated and i spend a good chunk of my reserved real estate budget depleted that ill have to get a second job now. Thanks Qazzoo...
 18th of Feb, 2015 by   Mn Realtor 0 Votes
The phone number I got are not real along with the non existance email address. Out hours I wasted hoping something good would come out of this as well as hard earned money. Disappointed in myself for falling for this crap.
 18th of Feb, 2015 by   Mn Realtor 0 Votes
Qazzoo is a scam!!!

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