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Proxene ES Complaints & Reviews - Bogus Health Products

Proxene ES Contacts & Informations

Proxene ES

Posted: 2011-03-15 by    John Lester

Bogus Health Products

Complaint Rating:  96 % with 102 votes
Contact information:
Stafford & Spires Ltd.
This is more of a caution than a complaint. I received a brochure through the post regarding Proxene ES. It resembled one for a Product called UMAXX which also was for anti-ageing. It did nothing for me so have asked for refund. They say you can send the empty bottles back but they offer you a 50% rebate if you do not return the bottles. Will wait and see if the refund happens.
Regarding the Proxene ES. I googled the company name (Stafford & Spires Ltd.) which is supposed to be in Switzerland and got nothing. There is a return address in the UK for undelivery of brochure, which is a Box number. also has a Postcode, but it doesn't exist as I checked it out. If I order this product I am certain that it will be delivered from the united states from the same people that sent me UMAXX..
So we have 3 countries involved. An organisation in the UK probably working from their bedroom sending out the brochures from a false address, a company in USA which depatches the orders and maybe, just maybe Switzerland is the manufacturer. Or it could just be the place where the money is stashed.. Perhaps just turning a blind eye to anything to do with money as we all know about the secret Swiss Bank accounts. A good hiding place for billions of dollars of drug money and the funds that dictators steal from their citizens.
Don't think I will order this product.
Thank god for this site...everyone should have it in their favourites for reference before you ever purchase anything.
Comments Switzerland Health & Life Insurance
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 2nd of Aug, 2012 by   Warrier 0 Votes
Everyone has a different tolerance level or to put it another way, some DO find a benefit from Proxene.I am a case in point on the plus side.After less than three weeks, I experienced a great boost in my energy levels, this after 20 years of chronic fatigue and tried to reorder only to find the road blocked as witnessed by other complainers.I know enough about the corruption of Big Pharma -who are in bed with |Congress which, in turn is riddled with corrupt high court judges- to see how this ALTERNATIVE TO DRUGS presents a huge threat to the profit machine of the drug industry, which is in realityis allied to the FTC.Here's something to ponder:"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely"(Lord Acton). I do understand where the frustrated individuals, cited earlier, are coming from but can only suggest that seeing the big picture can offer some sort of reassurance.A recommended read is Kevin Trudeau's book "More Natural Cures Revealed"(a fopllow-up to his earlier work "Natural Cures'They' don't want you to know about".
 13th of Dec, 2012 by   Dr John Capey 0 Votes
I have tried for hours to Trace who makes UMAXX and where to buy it.and for independent reviews by reputed medical bodies. Found absolutely nothing! The creator is supposed to have been awarded a Nobel prize. I can find no proof of this. I stupidly bought some of these capsules and now worry about what I have been taking. I also worry about my bank details. Steer clear of this outfit!!
 7th of Feb, 2013 by   Bev Alexander 0 Votes
i am somewhat dissapointed with the reviews i have just read as they are rather negative. come on stafford and spires why are you not giving us some more information . if your product is as good as you say why are you not giving the first couple of bottles away? i would make a point of recommendimg your product and selling it to many people for you and as a therapist and teacher, it would be a lot of people.Need some positive input here, come on chaps at stafford and spires(gals aswell) lets have a response PLEASE, I really want to purchase your product! many thanks, hope to hear from you Bev Alexander
 9th of Feb, 2013 by   John Att 0 Votes
I am not yet a user of either UMAXX or of Proxene ES but I can give you the address of Stafford & Spires. IT is:
PO Box 330, Manteno, Illinois, USA 60950. They also have a phone number which may work, 1-0800-036-0350.
I obtained this information from a receipt for another product (Bacteral - a probiotic) which seems to be distributed by "Europe Wide Order Processing". They are a Swiss company whose address is : Welbrigring 42, CH-8954 Geroldswil, Switzerland. They have a phone number - 0800-036-0347. They are also distributors for another product (Actodin - for joints) supplied by Nutragenetics Europe.
I am not associated with any of these companies or their products but I hope the above sheds some light on the difficulties experienced by others on this site.
John Attkins
 15th of Feb, 2013 by   zarin19 0 Votes
My mother has ordered loads of stuff and trying to send it back is a nightmare
Nothing exists - thanks for the addresses above - am sure it will help
 20th of Feb, 2013 by   ANT80 +1 Votes
I ordered Acu-med pain patches and paid by credit card. These arrived eventually, but I have just received a second batch (a month later) which I did NOT order. On checking my credit card statement, I see that this has been debited without my authority. I've tried to phone on the 0800 number, but only get a recorded message saying agents are busy and will call me back. So far, they haven't. Googling Stafford & Spires brought me to this website, so now I am worried! I suppose the next step will be the credit card company.
 25th of Feb, 2013 by   Sharon-20 0 Votes
Just discovered my father has been receiving a regular package of Acu-med pain patches. As he is in his mid 80's and easily duped, we're unsure how they initially got his details, but unbeknownst to us, he has been receiving the packages since September and just putting them back in the post !! Without any proof of returns, or any way of getting in touch with this company we doubt very much if he will get any of his money back - They have been charging him for these patches every month, taking payment direct from his bank, so presumably he must have given his card details out to someone at some point. So far up to this month, they have taken 6 payments totaling £150.19. His bank has now been notified and although they cant do any about the previous payments, they are hopefully going to block any future payments. In the meantime we're trying to find a way of contacting this company, the number they give on invoice for their customer services 0800 036 0511 is just a recorded message asking you to leave a message with your details.
 3rd of Mar, 2013 by   Goffers 0 Votes
I suppose I am like many others who have ordered Umaax and received it together with another pill which I did not order. This was charged to my card as was the next month to which I did not agree. I sent everything back to the address in America given by the Customer Service and have proof that it was delivered. That was a month ago and still have not received refund and like others get no reply from customer services. If you have bought the trial pack I suggest that you cancel any D.D's or advise credit card company not to pay any more ( unless, of course, you are fully satisfied) I do not think it is worth sending cartons back to America, you will only lose more money
 23rd of Mar, 2013 by   Malcolm hooper 0 Votes
I have received repeat deliveries of UMAXX automatically charging to my credit card without permission found customer service number in UK via 08000360347 listed above.customer service number 08000360162. It operates mon - fri in office hours in UK. I feel I have been misled at best or the subject of ascam at worst. Malcolm Hooper
 22nd of Apr, 2013 by   diffeyj 0 Votes
My nan ordered a product from Stafford & Spires and now keeps getting sent all sorts of things which she hasn't ordered and is automatically charged for. no joy getting hold of anyone on customer service line either. going to the bank to stop payments bet they stop sending stuff then. steer well clear of them.
 8th of May, 2013 by   FunnyKim 0 Votes
I have had stuff from them before call up the customer service number then they will cancel anymore, If I find the number I will post it on here
 28th of Aug, 2013 by   Cloud9Ilusion 0 Votes
Similar situation with my inlaws. Seems they were cold called and agreed over the phone to try UMAXX, without realising they were signing up for regular monthly shipments at 23.70 a time. Once we spotted we stopped with the credit card company, and EWOP (tel 0800 036 0162 - call mid pm and expect to hold for 20-30 mins). They claim to be an outsourced order processing house, but were able to cancel the order and refund the last payment. They gave me the address of Stafford and Spires as 165 Pleasant Avenue, South Portland, ME 04106 USA and told me that shipping the unused products recorded delivery would mean we'd get a refund on unused bottles. I'll update if it works. I am also checking the phone bill to see if my inlaws called them or were called - if the latter, there is the possiblity of claiming against EWOP as an EU company for not providing clarity of the terms over the phone or providing a cooling off period.
 22nd of Sep, 2013 by   Anita Rowe 0 Votes
I've had exactly the same problem when I was persuaded to order ONE Trial Packet of Acupatch. It didn't work, so I didn't order any more but I was sent them anyway. Unfortunately I gave them a Debit Card no. If it had been a Credit Card I could have got the number changed. I phoned my bank and they agreed to stop any further payments, but wouldn't change my Debit Card number. I got them in time as the payment for the unsolicited stuff hadn't been taken, but I hope the stop works, or I shall have no option but to change my current account to a different bank.
 11th of Nov, 2013 by   Disgruntledagain 0 Votes
I have stupidly ordered Stemtrol and Prostate 9 from this outfit. When attempting to return goods they do not answer the phone. It is not clear where they are operating from, UK, Switzerland or USA.
This operation is obviously a scam. Unfortunately our authorities cannot be bothered to help to stop this nonsense.

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