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Prize Research Intelligence Agency, miami florida 33152-7800, Florida Complaints & Reviews - Constantly receiving letters

Prize Research Intelligence Agency Contacts & Informations

Prize Research Intelligence Agency

Posted:    LEO

Constantly receiving letters

Complaint Rating:  95 % with 315 votes
Contact information:
prize research intelligence agency
p.o. box 527800
miami florida 33152-7800, Florida
United States
Phone: none
To whom this may corcern,
Thank you for your comments i was just about to send these people $20. 00 until i read your letter. I think god for good people like you.
I agree 100% that the people behind this evil, lieing scam should be in jail for fraud. Also if i may add i'm starting my own business at home
That will pervade a service to help people receive unclaimed funds from the u. S. Government.
This kind of thing make it hard for good people like me who is honest and
Wont to help people and not hurt them.
Comments United States Lottery Scams
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 13th of Aug, 2011 by   Milvent 0 Votes
It would seem that I am the first one to receive this bogus letter in 2011. Anyway, same here. I don't have to elaborate. Same modus operandi. I wish I could have a way of having these people punished for what they are doing. I will keep the letter and find out how to retaliate. This is ridiculous!!!
 12th of Sep, 2011 by   sirota 0 Votes
actually i did not even notice that they wanted money..i am sure aLOT of people fall for this scam otherwise the scam would not exist --post office do your due dilligance and put a stop to this crap mail...
 13th of Sep, 2011 by   Whoseit 0 Votes
Every time these people mail another fraudulent piece of nonsense using the U.S. postal system, they elevate their already very serious crime to separate, costly, federal offenses punishable by hefty fines and several years in prison. Personally, I reported them to the Federal Trade Comission (my best friend in these situations). Don't mail ANYONE money in order to RECEIVE money. That's just ridiculous.
 21st of Sep, 2011 by   Citizen Kane 55 0 Votes
I received the same thing from TWO of these bogus documents. One was from (PRIA) Prize Research Intelligence Agency titled Memo No: 7362047085 Payment Pending Memorandum. This is the one w/the fake check. Then the OTHER official letter came from the (DRD) DATA RELEASE DIVISION announcement of IDENTITY I>D> 2287918789. they were a a few cents cheaper than PRIA. PRIA asked for $20, DRD oly wanted $19.99. What a SAVINGS. I do not believe there is much that can be done because of either the fine print on the document or the clearly but light print info on the back all these documents say they aren't affiliated, don't have anything to do w/awards or money given. PRIA's check reads "...PRIA has identified $xyz in non-disbursed funds ...pending payment, but still remaining unclaimed"; PRIA...informs...your name has been cleared as an eligible recipient for these funds." and "Final payment is dependent on...completion of claim requirements and...". Which is what all the original sweepstakes companies say in their direct mailings so who needs PRIA & DRD? Send complaints to:
Federal Trade Commission Bill McCollum Fraud Hotline
600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Office of Attorney General T: (305) 536-4456
Washington, DC 20580 State of Florida F: (305) 536-5765
(202) 326-2222 The Capitol PL-01
www . ftc . gov Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050
Florida Fraud Hotline
(866) 966-7226 Toll Free
(850) 414-3990

Instead of $20 everyone should spend $1.32 for 3 stamps and return these bogus documents giving these CROOKS the what for!
 21st of Sep, 2011 by   Citizen Kane 55 0 Votes
Sorry about the garbled text in last post. I'm not good w/the technology. The addresses are 1) FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, 600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW; Washington, DC 20580, T: (202) 326-2222, www . ftc . gov. FRAUD DEPT (of Fed Trade Com) T: (305) 536- 4456, F: (305) 536-5765; 2) Bill McCollum, Office of Attorney General, State of Florieda, The Capitol PL-01, Tallahassee, FL, 32399-1050; 3) FLORIDA FRAUD HOTLINE: T: (866) 966-7226, T: (850) 414-3990.

Hope this posts in a better form and helps.
 4th of Oct, 2011 by   Renella 0 Votes
I work in a Nursing home and one of our Residents brought this letter to me. She was all ready to send this company $20 to get her 2 million. I informed her that these letters are usually scams and I pulled this site up for her to see all these testimonals! Thank God for this site and all of you that have posted. She was heart broken but thankful too!
 6th of Oct, 2011 by   Julie hates scams 0 Votes
I got one too decided to look it up and found all this Sense legally there is nothing that can be done and not much is being done to protect people from these scamers im half tempted to go into my back yard & smear the thing in my dogs doo and send it back!!!
 6th of Oct, 2011 by   Julie hates scams 0 Votes
I received one today decided to look it up and found allot of these complaints. Obviously this scam system has been going on for several years. Since legally you can do nothing and it seems there is no agency out there trying to do anything about it, I'm half tempted to go into my back yard and smear this little piece of paper in my dogs doo doo put it in the envelope and send it back!!! Seems to me it would be a fair trade a little crap for crap!!!
 15th of Dec, 2011 by   faith34 +1 Votes
First giving honor to God who is ahead of my life, i will like to express my thanks as well . I have an testimony within myself, and this just proves how much closer we all need to keep God first and he will do all the rest for us, all we have to do is Pray the devil away AMEN!! The more believers there is, the more power for us taking a stand, because we all fall but we get back up again. So we need to take it to the lord in pray. Because these sinful letters are heartbreaking to an lady like me to receive an letter in my financial struggles, especially during this time of season, with two kids trying to get christmas for them and pay my bills, so this is so heartless for theses CROOK'S to do this. Let no weapon formed against us shall prosper In The Almighty Name of Jesus AMEN!!!
 17th of Dec, 2011 by   cocca 0 Votes
Let Them go to jail
 31st of Dec, 2011 by   mack vance 0 Votes
Since this is a scam let's make it a scambaroo. Send the envelope back do not sign
do not send money, somebodys got to pay for the postage. MACK VANCE
 2nd of Jan, 2012 by   LeahGates80@Gmail.com 0 Votes
12/2011 - for 2, 536, 092 from Prize Research Intelligency Agency, ID 7393004327 Connecticut... Notice no where in the "Express Notice" letter does it state "you won" but that "prize funds is now due". and the the Director of Winner Notification only illegibly signed and no where can you find the name printed. And read the fine print. On the back of my letter it states that if you send a check to pay the $20 "transfer fee", "you authorize [them to] either to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account, or to process the payment as a check transaction. When [they] use information from your check to make an electronic fund transfer, funds may be withdrawn form your account the same day [they] receive your payment... in the unlikely event that you check is returned unpaid, a state-allowable handling fee may be electrically debited from your account"
The best part is... this started with a telemarketer type phone call informing me that participating in the phone call, I will be entered into this prize "lottery". The phone call consisted of "credit card offers" and magazine subscriptions, which I denied all.
So I'm sending their "postage paid" envelope with "The Internet is Powerful... Go F*** Your Selves" written across their letter back to them.
 3rd of Jan, 2012 by   gidget99 0 Votes
I too got an official looking letter with the same amount of $2, 536, 092.23. I researched as I was attempted to send the $20 and just as I thought a scam. First of all their return address is a P.O. Box address. I had always heard if you have to pay to win then you really did not win anything. But; the elderly and disabled living on fixed incomes are wanting to win it big someday and these people are getting rich off of our benefits! Shameful and they need to be prosecuted.
 4th of Jan, 2012 by   pauline owens 0 Votes
I got a letter in the mail today saying i won $2.536, 09.23. from express notice.To send $20.00 to be processed.Those people should be put in jail.
 17th of Jan, 2012 by   misslady102 0 Votes
well im glad i got 2 check this website out b4 i sent my 20.00 dollars to some rejects... money is hard 2 come by now days n these ppl really tryin 2 get some money for scam r u serious... these people need 2 get a life... they need 2 stop playin with ppl minds dat aint cool
 26th of Jun, 2012 by   kenneth patterson 0 Votes
kenneth patterson, You sad you located an aggregate over $ 3, 000, 000.00 in pending cash disbursements offered by independent third-payees Tracking code 7446005357
 13th of Sep, 2012 by   scampbell 0 Votes
express notice has been sent to my home 09/13/12 saying i have won 2, 536, 092.23 dollors and they asked for 20 dollors check or money orders they really need to stop selling people dreams, and stop taking people hard earn f money.
 29th of Jan, 2013 by   BJ??? 0 Votes
I began receiving these "Prize Winning Notifications" after I reluctantly entered the PCH Sweepstakes. Even through my skepticism I actually sent the $20 the first two times and now the letters are coming more often and close together when not ALL together. I noticed that ALL the letters but one had the same return address and they all were for 2+million dollars and because more came after my initial fee I decided to look the address up. Like each of you I discovered that it is a scam. I am poor, unemployed and needless to say almost desperate. I can't afford to lose $1, let alone $20. This is a terrible scam that preys on the hopes and dreams of the less fortunate. There should be something we could do. After all, the P.O. Box has to be rented to an individual who must have presented a valid I.D. or something right? If anyone knows what we can and should do about this please share. Thanks!

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