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Prestige Sales USA, Texas Complaints & Reviews - door-to-door book/magazines sales scam

Prestige Sales USA Contacts & Informations

Prestige Sales USA

Posted:    LMK

door-to-door book/magazines sales scam

Complaint Rating:  95 % with 44 votes
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Prestige Sales USA
United States
Well, I hate to admit it but I just got scammed! I was already distracted by trying to care for my severely disabled son, and a young man (approx. 20 yrs old) knocks on my door. He said he was a neighbor and pointed in the direction of a house that has sons about his age, whom I've never met. Long story, short..."Philip Fremento" said he was earning a trip to London. He looked "clean-cut" enough. I noticed tatoos on his forearm and ankle, but so many people get those these days; it's no longer just the "hoodlums". He said I could donate the books to Texas Children's Hospital and get a tax-deduction---said he tells people that because the hospital has helped his brother who has autism. I then told him that I stay home with my disabled son, so I couldn't afford much but would help him out. I really should never answer the door when I'm not expecting someone--especially when I'm already preoccupied. Luckily, he only took me for $55; I've since read stories on the web where people have gotten taken for hundreds of dollars!! The worst part is that he convinced me to send the books to Texas Children's, so now I realize that I'll really never know if the books were sent there. Likely not! This guy was a very smooth liar. I just hope someone reads this "before" they get taken.
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 18th of Feb, 2009 by   momof2 0 Votes
I got scammed too on 12/3/08 by a guy that sounds very much like the guy she mentions in this complaint and told me a similar story about living in my neighborhood. I was scammed of 49.00 that was suppose to be books for my little girl for Christmas.
Others be aware!
 8th of Mar, 2009 by   lonsgirl 0 Votes
My husband and I spent about an hour with a very "nice" girl saying she was trying to earn money for a trip to England and she, too, lived in our neighborhood. I was very choosey about the book I purchased and which hospital it would be sent to. Ha - looks like we were really taken for $100.00. I found this out now when I was online researching about Prestige Sales for my tax info. Well I guess I should be happy I didn't invest with Madoff too.
Nobody but nobody better come to our door.
 13th of Mar, 2009 by   NACHO 0 Votes
Happened to me
AZ 85021
 23rd of Apr, 2009 by   aimie lou 0 Votes
Beware. Do not open your door to peddlers. I was taken for $110 from a girl that says she was chosen out of 100 applicants to be an intern for National Geographic in Africa. Wow-they sure are crafty. You have to give em that. I should have trusted my gut on this one but the sad part is that she said part of the proceeds would go towards children at our local Children's Hospital and the other sad part is that my kids really were looking forward to the books I thought I had bought from her. I am just disgusted that these people think it is okay to treat others this way and steal which is exactly what they're doing. Our neighborhood is mainly retired folks but we are in our 30s. Regardless of age, to take advantage of anyone is despicable. Unlike honest folks who earn their living, these freaks have to make up lies and steal. It all comes back around, hopefully sooner rather than later.
 10th of May, 2009 by   nicti 0 Votes
OMG, I got taken too, not by one, but two different students. Very smooth and as of today have not received any books. The thing is they had all the printed matter, etc. for "Prestige Sales". I am not happy and they haven't seen the last of me.
 23rd of Jul, 2009 by   GibsonUSA 0 Votes
Maybe if you people weren't so trusting and stupid you wouldn't be scammed out of your money. But hey, if you're dumb enough to give to these people, you probably don't deserve the money in the first place.
 13th of Aug, 2009 by   Illinois - Taken -1 Votes
Us too. Same deal. I found this 15 minutes after I gave them my check. I called the cops to make sure nobody else in the neighorhood was taken. I will try to cancel on their site and will likely do a stop payment on the check. $49.00 8/2009
 18th of Aug, 2009 by   MMES 0 Votes
Just had a girl come to the door trying to get to London to continue her education. Selling books to be donated to childrens hospital. Very friendly very fast talker, said she was in town for the summer from Tennessee. Tried to tell me my neighbors had bought 2 to 6 books at $55.00 a pop. Told her that was a bit steep and said no...new it was a scam. Came out here to check, sure enough, everyone beware. Don't fall for it. MM Wauconda, Illinois
 4th of Oct, 2009 by   J. Williams 0 Votes

For all of those people, like us, who were bilked by these criminals, please send a complaint form to the Arizona State's Attorney General either by email or mail. The receipt said Prestige Sales, but we traced them to MFS Book Fufillment Cente in Arizona.

You can find the information and forms by checking into "azag.gov." When we asked why these people have not been prosecuted for fraud, the person at the State's Attorney Office said that they need to hear complaints from the individuals who were scammed.
 14th of Nov, 2009 by   cprevatt1017 0 Votes
Wow this is crazy. I got scammed too and they cleared out my account. I was approached by a young man who also said he was earning credit to go to london. He explained the process to me and had me write three checks for the books. He told me though that at the same time I could cancel them with and never get charged and he would still get credit. So we together filled out the cancellation forms and put them in an envelope. He claimed he lived in my apartment complex, so I believed him when he said he would put the cancellation forms in the mail...well he didnt and a month later they cleared out my account. I have then had to open a new one and thank goodness my back reimbursed me. He was a smooth talker and new everything to say. So be careful..
 31st of Dec, 2010 by   Sue McCanne 0 Votes
Prestige Sales sounds very much like the Team Extreme con which happened to me ...elderly couple in Calif
 4th of Apr, 2011 by   whitekong18 0 Votes
I disagree b/c i used to work with Phillip Fremento and we dont scam people we are simply helping kids that are refused help by the communities who think they are to good to help now im not saying that is this situation i quit b/c this job was not for me and i came back to normal society so before yall judge talk to someone who knows and understands the product and placement of everything you assume to quickly we are trying to screw you over and take your identity or some stupid crap so if you would look at it the right way this is our job we do it all around the country and you will never kjnow us from anyone else...now on the fact that they come to your door they dont just make sure you send them to the hospital and not to your house we take the books to the kids before we live town

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